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12mm Black Forest Oak Waterproof Laminate Reviews

12mm Black Forest Oak Waterproof Laminate
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$76.39 Case
reg: $5.85 sqft
case $101.85
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Average Rating 5.0/5
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  Water fighter for the win
Brian from New Mexico wrote...
It's nice that there is a bit of padding with the floors so I am not as worried if something is spilled. I still clean it up immediately, but I am not as worried as I would be with a regular laminate. I've had those floors in the past and they are a b**** to keep clean and stable without swelling
  Worth it
Bob and Holly from Westminster CO wrote...
The floors are pretty and stand out, while not being too much of a stand out if you know what I mean. We ordered samples first and it took a few weeks to make the final decision but at the end of the day it was well worth it.
Installed in Kitchen
Heather from Colorado wrote...
I love my updated wood floor kitchen and I feel comforted knowing that it is waterproof in case the worst case scenario were to happen.
  Nice floor
Self-installed in kitchen
Amanda from Bellevue, WA wrote...
Laminate was a good choice! I love the look in our kitchen.
results 1-4 of 4
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