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Nitro Tile Expansion Joints Questions & Answers

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Nitro Tile Expansion Joints
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Customer Questions

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I see you have expansion joints. If you have already laid a floor just how do you open the floor out to install. It seems to be a very difficult, time-consuming a likely to break the tabs if trying to install this way.
Installing our Nitro Tile Expansion Joints is straightforward. What you will need to do first is to separate the floor down the middle. You can do this by pulling on the tiles at the entrance. No matter how you install your flooring, you will want to pull up the flooring at the point where the Male Pegs meet the Female Loops. Once you have the floor separated, you more than likely will also need to remove the row of tiles next to your walls. If you wanted to replace these tiles, you will more than likely need to cut the tiles to fit your space. Once you have your floor separated, you will now want to install the expansion joints. Once they are in place, you will then connect the two halves of your floor, and now your garage floor is protected from buckling.
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