2019 Holiday Gift Guide: The Manly Man

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: The Manly Man

We have the perfect holiday gift guide for the manly man in your life. For your father, best friend, or partner in your life, we’ve gathered different types of manly men and found the gifts they love.

I have a confession to make: I am great at giving gifts. I am, humbleness be damned, the best gift-giver you’ll ever meet. However, I also have another confession to make:

Shopping for men is hard.

“Why is that, oh great gift-giver,” you may ask. Well, because researching gift guides for men sucks. I get my inspiration by searching around the internet, and the internet is not helpful when it comes to men. I dare you to find a gift guide that doesn’t have a bacon-flavored-whatever on the list. Personally, I don’t know any man that actually wants anything flavored with bacon that isn’t bacon.

But this gift-giver did not give up, and I have done my manly man research and talked to my manly man friends and manly man partner and have put together a great gift guide.

I’m sorry, it doesn’t feature bacon toothpaste.

The Fitness Guy

We all know a sweaty man in our lives. He is a classic gym rat, or maybe just loves the high he gets from a nice, long run. However he gets his sweat on, we’ve got some must-have gifts for the fitness guy in your life.

Body-Solid Dual Dumbbell & Kettlebell Rack

dumbbell rack gift guide

Stop him from stubbing a toe on weights thrown about his gym. It’s inconvenient and is dangerous. For the person with a weight set, it’s time for them to rack it up. This rack supports both dumbbells and kettlebells for easy storage.

Body-Solid Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

rubber coated weights gift guide

These dumbbells come in basically every weight. With a hexagonal design, they won’t roll away from anybody. Not only that, but these dumbbells are encased in rubber, making them extra durable.  

Fitbit Ionic

fitbit iconic gift guide

The Fitbit Iconic is the latest in Fitbit technology. It’s packed full of features, including fitness guidance, health insights, and music apps. It also has GPS so you can track your runs and is even water-resistant. Basically, this watch can do it all. 

8mm Strong Rubber Tiles

rubber tiles gift guide

If your fitness guy is ready to finish decking out his home or garage gym, give him the perfect flooring for his fitness goals. These tiles are easy to put together and can be placed on virtually any surface. He won’t have to worry about dropping weights on this floor.


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The Garage Guy

Some people just have a knack with power-tools and DIY projects (you’re looking at her). If you know a man who hangs out in the garage and builds shelves on the fly, we’ve got the gift list for you. Consider this the garage guy’s dream list.

Ulti-MATE Storage 3-Drawer Base Cabinet

garage storage unit

For someone that keeps their tools in the garage, storage cabinets are a must. They’re the best way to keep tools organized and protected. This storage cabinet features three drawers and can hold up to 300lbs.

Ulti-MATE Garage Pro 2-Door Tall Cabinet

garage cabinet

Everybody needs good storage, and if you want to get him the whole package, a big storage cabinet is the way to go. He’ll appreciate the clean, organized space he has to work.

Tacklife SC-L03 Professional Cross Line Laser Level

laser level

Okay, so laser levels are the best, and quite honestly my dream tool. Regular levels can be a pain to adjust, and sometimes you want to make sure everything in your room is on the same level. How might you do that? Well, this is where a laser level comes in. It projects a line across the entire room. Basically, it’s magic.

Nitro Tile Kits 

nitro tiles

A lot of handy men live in their garages, and because of that, why not deck out their garage? Surprise them with a Nitro Tile Kit to provide a swank place to work on their next project. They’re super easy to install and have impact resistant plastic. Trust me, the handy guy in your life will thank you.


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The Great Outdoors Guy

If you know a man that dreams of being a bear, you probably have someone who loves the outdoors on your hands. Outdoorsy men love to hike, trek, camp, play outdoors sports, and do whatever they can outside no matter what time of day it is. They can withstand the heat, and withstand the cold. Here are a few gifts that’ll help them on their journey to the top.

Outdoor Sports Tiles

outdoor sports tiles

For the outdoor sports guy, get him a new court. I remember drawing the lines on a backyard court, only for them to fade in about a week. It’s totally lame. With these sports tiles, the court stays.

goTenna Mesh

gps tracker

This is a pretty cool outdoorsy gadget. If you know a guy that likes long hikes and camping trips, get him a pair of these so he can keep in touch with his friends. goTenna gives you text and GPS with no service required. He can download maps to his phone and let people know his location.

Elite Putting Green Mats

putting green mats

Got a golf pro in your life? If they want to practice their best swings, this putting green mat is the way to go. This is the perfect gift for the backyard or indoor golfer.

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Pack

ospery hiking bag

Anybody that does overnight camping needs a great pack, and Osprey is one of the best. This pack is built to last a lifetime and can handle just about any condition. With plenty of compartments and pockets, it’s built for efficient packing for a great hike.


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The Tech Guy

Tech guys are all about the gadgets. They are cutting edge and always tell you about the latest technology to help you in your daily life. They also love tech that helps them in their daily life as well, or tech that is just cool to have. Give them the gift of awesome-sauce gadgets to satisfy their techy-side.

X5C Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

flying drone

Drones are like, really cool. And this drone is easy for beginners, which is extra cool. Not only that, but this drone comes with an HD camera for stunning photos from the sky. Your tech guy will be flying high with this gift (pun intended.)

Garmin Forerunner 735XT Watch

garmin watch

Garmin has been a leader of tech watches for a long while. They’re durable and high quality, making them one of the best. This watch is extra special because it tracks basically everything, even laps in a pool. Yes, it’s waterproof.

HERO 7 White

gopro camera gift guide

GoPros continue to be one of the best gifts for tech guys. It’s a gadget he can use to be creative or use for fun. This GoPro is sleek and compact, perfect for beginners.

2nd Generation Echo

amazon alexa

Tech guys also want to tech out their house. Echo is here to help with that. Amazon Echo is a speaker that you control with your voice. It can play music, answer questions, and even make calls. Just say the word, and it’s done.

The Creative Guy

The creative manly man likes to, well, create. If you know a man that enjoys learning about his favorite topics, and implementing them in real life, you might just know a creative type. Creative men have a DIY attitude and want to make their mark on the world. Whether you know a reader, writer, builder, or amateur chef, we’ve got the gifts that’ll unlock their creative side.

Art of Manliness Collection Boxed Set Signed

book set

The Art of Manliness is a cool blog centered on the modern day man. It’s where men go for practical advice on fatherhood, dressing, dating, and other topics. This boxed set features two of their books, as well as 6 drink coasters. For the man that likes to read and be introduced to new ideas, this is a fun boxed set for him.

Whisky Stones & Gift Set

whisky stone set

For the writer that likes to pretend he’s Hemingway, brooding in a snowy cabin, whiskey stones are a great gift set. You can purchase the stones, or stones with the glasses. Either way, the whiskey drinker in your life will appreciate a non-watered down drink.

Ricki’s Basic Cheese Making Kit

cheese making kit

To be honest, I’m eyeing this for my partner because he loves cheese and loves cooking. These people have been making cheese since the 70s, and now package a variety of cheese making kits for you to use at home. It combines science and creativity.

Moleskine Notebooks


Whether an artist or a writer, Moleskine has a notebook for your manly man. Moleskine is basically a leader when it comes to quality notebooks. Buying your creative guy a sketchbook, music notebook, or a writer’s notebook is a gift he’ll definitely get use out of. Plus they have cool new editions all the time, including the Super Mario one above.

Happy Shopping!

Hopefully, now you’ve found the perfect gift for the manly men in your life. Without a gimmicky bacon-flavor in sight, your manly man will be sure to thank you.


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