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12 Creative Basement Ideas

We know basements are the spaces that are often forgotten, but they can add so much personality to your home, so we have put together 12 creative basement ideas to inspire you to create your dream space!

{Collage photos via Spot of Tea Designs & Home Tree Atlas}

1. This Movie & Game Room from Boxy Colonial:

Gretchen shows the whole transformation in her basement, and it’s pretty incredible! This looks like the perfect hang out room for friends and family.

2. This Heineken Man Cave from Upcycled Treasures:

Okay, so this may not be the basement I would choose for me personally, but the idea is so cool and can easily be translated to anything you love! And if you have a man in your life that loves beer? I’m pretty sure they’d love you forever if you made them a beer cave. Just sayin’.

3. This Family Room Basement from Finding Home Online:

This is so cute and the perfect hangout nook. Using your basement as a family room give you lots of options for your upstairs space, and also just creates a cozier feel.

4. This WINE CELLAR BASEMENT from Home Tree Atlas:

Yes, those caps were intentional because I was SO EXCITED! A wine cellar basement? And it’s so gorgeous. Uggghhh, I want to be there.

5. These updated DIY painted steps with added runners from Southern Hospitality:

The staircase is an area people often forget about, and there’s no point in updating your whole basement, but leaving the stairs out! This option seems simple and fun!

6. This Kid Space from Holly Mathis Interiors:

Oh my gosh, how adorable is this basement idea for the kiddos? Talk about fun!

7. These cute DIY numbered stairs from Cynthia Weber:

Okay, and this isn’t just because I am dying over the dachshund, but these are adorable, and such a cute, easy addition to your basement staircase.

8. This Classy Take on the Man Cave Basement Bar from Spot of Tea Designs:

Now this is a basement man cave I can get behind! Although in my house it might turn into the woman cave because I love sitting at the bar for a good cocktail with friends. Either way, it’s super fun and classy at the same time. It makes me wish I had a basement!

9. This basement playroom from A Girl Named PJ:

How fun!! I love this adorable basement playroom, and it’s the perfect spot to keep all of those toys where they can (hopefully) stay out of the way. Not to mention, the kiddos will love having their own space!

10. This Walkout Basement from Nalle’s House:

What, what, what??? An add-on walk-out basement. So ridiculously cool. Want. Need? Need.

11. This Basement Closet Renovation from Old House New Tricks:

Whoaaa! Check out that gorgeous workspace, and it actually looks pretty simple to replicate. So cool!

12. This modern vintage bathroom from Rambling Renovators:

What a cool bathroom for your basement! Especially nice if there are a lot of people vying for one upstairs. I would much rather scrub up in this cute basement space!

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