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Solid Color Epoxy Flooring Kit

This product has been discontinued.
Please see comparable products below.
  • Indoor/garage use only.
  • High gloss & high color stability.
  • Chemically resistant & VOC compliant.
  • Withstands medium traffic as thin as 12 mil.
  • Can be applied as a 20-30 mil coating system.
  • Self-priming over properly prepared substrate.
  • No amine blush.
Description - This 100% solids epoxy kit is a two component modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete flooring system that is high performance for your needs. This epoxy floor coating is finished with a high gloss, is low in odor, and solvent free for a durable floor that is chemical resistant. Chips or silica sand can be used with this epoxy to create your own custom look.
Kit Contents - 225 sq ft kit contains: 0.5 gallon Etch & Clean, 1 gallon Primer, 1.5 gallon 2-Part Epoxy, & 1 gallon Topcoat Waterbased Urethane. Covers up to 225 sq ft. The 450 sq ft kit contains: 1 gallon Etch & Clean, 2 gallon Primer, 3 gallon 2-Part Epoxy, & 2 gallon Topcoat Waterbased Urethane. Covers up to 450 sq ft.
Abrasion Resistance - 32 (mg loss)
Kit Weight - ~40lbx for 225 sq ft and ~80lbs for 450 sq ft kit
Recommended Uses - Solid Color Epoxy flooring kit is designed for use in the highest industrial and commercial spaces, such as in labs, commercial kitchens, garages, restrooms, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, schools and more.
Installation of various Garage Floor Coatings is easy to do and can be accomplished by a DIYer or a professional. Below are the spec sheets with included subfloor prep and installation instructions of your new garage floor coating.

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