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Specialty Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring
We offer many types of rubber flooring options, including rubber rolls, rubber tiles, rubber mats, playground tiles, and outdoor floor tiles.

Rubber rolls are our most popular type of rubber flooring. These durable rolls are large, heavy, and great for covering big and irregularly shaped rooms. Rubber rolls are common in commercial gym applications since they can be cheaper in cost and adhered to the floor for a more permanent solution.

Rubber tiles are designed to be interlocked together similar to how a jigsaw puzzle would be put together. Rubber gym tiles are the easiest rubber floor to install, making them perfect for any DIY skill level. Since installation is so easy, rubber tiles are most popular in home gyms and don’t require the help of a professional or contractor.

Rubber mats are a great option in residential or commercial applications for high impact workouts. Mats are the perfect middle ground between rolls and tiles. This versatile size makes it great to be pulled out when needed and stored when not in use.


foam flooring

Foam Flooring
We offer a wide variety of Foam Flooring to help provide our customers with a little extra cushion. Our foam floors come in tiles and mats and are perfect for a variety of people and situations, including children, the elderly, working out, trade shows and as antifatigue mats.

Foam tiles are lightweight and super easy to install. Foam tile installation is easy breezy! Tiles are basically gigantic puzzle pieces that interlock with surrounding pieces. A child can put the tiles together, and we actually get a lot of feedback saying that children helped to install the floor in basements, play rooms, and more. Tiles are increasingly popular for use as exercise flooring, trade show flooring, kids playroom flooring, and many other activities that require padding underfoot.

Foam mats provide large areas of padding and protection for tumbling, playing, practicing MMA, and more. Perfect for your little gymnast of child learning their ABC-123’s, we are sure to have something for you. For those more experienced, we offer fitness mats for plyometrics, landing mats for takedowns, and even portable exercise mats for low impact ground exercises.


garage flooring

Garage Flooring
If you’ve got a badass car but you’re parking on cold concrete or chipped paint, we feel your pain. Also, you need to look at our garage flooring options! Covering up your nasty old garage floor while accentuating your vehicle or bike is just the enhancement that you need in your life. We offer garage tiles and rolls to help ease your pain and also pimp out your garage.

Garage tiles are easy to install and click together like a puzzle piece. The interlocking design makes installation easy enough for anyone and provides a floor that can be customized in colors and unique patterns using our Flooring Designer tool. Tiles come in 2 materials: hard plastic or soft, more flexible plastic. Our Nitro garage rolls are lower cost per square foot than other garage floor options, cover large spaces, and come in diamond or coin pattern surface.

With endless options available of rolls, tiles, pattern, and color options, we are sure to have the perfect solution for you.


outdoor flooring

Outdoor Flooring
Does your backyard need a face lift? You should consider outdoor flooring! We have a variety of options, including playground flooring, swing and slide mats, rubber mulch, court tiles, and paver tiles.

Playground tiles, swing mats, and slide mats are designed to keep your precious little ones safe while playing and horsing around. They are thick, durable, and provide shock absorbency for jumps and falls.

Rubber mulch is an awesome alternative to those painful wood chips that hurt underfoot and are used in landscaping as well as underneath play sets. Rubber doesn’t attract bugs, so you will have less little critters to worry about outside with your children.

Court tiles are designed to offer a colorful and comfortable surface underfoot for basketball and other sports. They are vented so that when it rains, the water will drain and go underneath the tiles rather than sit on top and wreak havoc on your intense game.

Paver tiles are an awesome alternative to brick and natural stone. They provide a cool, comfort underfoot and look great with any landscape. Individual rubber pavers come in a variety of colors and can be mixed and matched to create neat patterns.


mat flooring

Mats, mats, get your mats!! Whether you need a quality anti fatigue mat, weight room mat, kitchen mat, entrance mat, or yoga mat - we’ve got what you need!

Anti fatigue mats are really important for providing cushiony comfort underfoot in areas where you may be standing for long periods of time. We offer commercial style anti fatigue floor mats that are perfect for restaurant kitchens, car shops, pharmacies, and more. We also have a stylish line of anti fatigue mats for the home that are perfect in the kitchen, garage, or in a fun area like say, a painting studio.

Our weight room mats are designed to absorb light shock and movement in low impact floor exercises. The FitnessMat is perfect for providing cushion on your back when doing crunches, leg lifts, and even yoga. Treadmill mats help to absorb bounce, impact, and control sound underneath your machine.
Kitchen mats are made to be used in the kitchen! (obviously) but they have a special construction that does not allow liquids to penetrate through the surface and into the mat, keeping it looking beautiful longer. Kitchen mats also provide relief from pain that is all too common with standing long periods in the kitchen.

Entrance mats can add a warm, inviting vibe to any home, office, or restaurant. More importantly, it functions to remove and scrape the dust, dirt, and crap off of everyone’s shoes on their way in the building! This can save a lot of time in cleaning and potential damage to the floor by collecting and keeping the junk at the door. When a noticeable amount of debris has collected on the mat, simply take it outside to shake it off and you can put it right back to continue saving the day.

Yoga mats add comfort and stability underneath your body when you are practicing your yoga poses and meditating. These low cost mats come in a variety of colors and are super lightweight, making them easy to transport to the yoga studio, the waterfront, or just into the other room.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Product Heroes at (866) 416-6388.