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3/4" EcoRX Rubber Mats

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Sale price: $79.99 each
Available For Order - Ships between Aug 16 - Sep 6
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Natural3/4" EcoRX Rubber Mats

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Product Highlights

  • Color flec and density will vary per mat.
  • Slip-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Great for CrossFit and other high-impact workouts.

  • Color flec and density will vary per mat.
  • Slip-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Great for CrossFit and other high-impact workouts.
  • Easy to install and sanitize.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Great as a full floor or stand-alone mat.
Description - At RubberFlooringInc, we've seen our fair share of CrossFit gym fails, and it's usually the floor that takes the brunt of the beating. That's why we developed our EcoRX Mats, so you can focus on getting to RX and not slipping and sliding around like a newborn giraffe. These vulcanized rubber mats are so durable, you'll be doing snatches and cleans for years to come, without worrying about breaking the bank or your back. Plus, with their non-porous surface, cleaning up sweat and blood is a breeze. A 5-year warranty is just the cherry on top of this RX cake.
Note: - Due to the manufacturing process and nature of recycled rubber, some surface variations such as color distribution or shadowing may exist.
Material - Made from 100% recycled rubber tires vulcanized into premium high density mats.
Size - Trued 47.5" x 71.5". 25 Mats covers approximately 600 square feet.
Thickness - 3/4".
Weight - Each 47.5" x 71.5" mat weighs 100 lbs. Full pallet weight is 2,500 lbs.
Recommended Uses - The EcoRX Rubber Mats have been meticulously crafted with CrossFit enthusiasts in mind, and are exceptionally versatile for both personal and commercial settings. These premium rubber mats are utilized as robust flooring for high-impact workouts, as flooring in commercial and CrossFit gyms, as durable matting for home gyms, and beyond.

Available For Order - Ships between Aug 16 - Sep 6

Keeping your EcoRX Rubber Mats clean and looking like new is a breeze with these simple maintenance tips:
  • Vacuum your rubber mats as needed to remove loose dust, dirt, or debris from the surface.
  • For a deeper clean, damp mop your rubber mats using a mild soap and water mixture, with commonly used soaps like Dawn dish detergent and Tide laundry detergent.
Please note: Avoid using any solvent or oil-based cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. These cleaners can cause damage to your rubber mats over time.

For more detailed instructions on cleaning and maintaining your rubber mats, including commercial cleaning recommendations, visit our Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions.
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Is each sheet exactly 4' by 6'?
Joe DeCicco
Our 3/4" EcoRX Rubber Mats are trued. The trued size for these rubber mats is 47-1/2" x 71-1/2".
The heavy rubber smell what can be done? It makes my wife sick.
Heavy Odor
To help mitigate the rubber smell from our EcoRX Rubber Mats, we recommend cleaning them with a mild soap and water solution and letting them air dry. You will also want to make sure you have as much ventilation in the space where the flooring will be installed. You will have to repeat the cleaning process as many times necessary to get rid of the smell. After cleaning the flooring, you will just let it air dry.
I have a cleaning question regarding the 3/4" EcoRX Rubber Mats - 25 Mats. We have these in our CrossFit gym, and chalk powder goes in the cracks of the design (because the surface is composed of many little-raised tortoise shell-like patterns). I was wondering if you knew of a good way to clean the chalk powder out of those little cracks.
The best way to get stuck on chalk or dirt off of our EcoRX Rubber Mats is to use a power washer on the floor. This will help to loosen up anything that is stuck in the cracks truly.
Are these used for horse stall mats as well?
You can use our 3/4" EcoRX Rubber Mats as horse stall matting. These mats were originally constructed for that use.
How are these installed?
Ally Titsworth
You can loose lay our EcoRX Rubber Mats, use double-sided tape, or glue. When installing the mats across a whole room, we suggest staggering the mats in a brick pattern to help minimize any imperfections that can be found with the mats.
Can these mats be easily cut with a utility knife (or similar) to fit around any odd room shapes?
Rick F
Our EcoRX Rubber Mats can be cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge, but we wouldn't say it is easy. These mats are very thick, so you will have to make a few passing cuts to cut through the mat. You can also use a large bread knife or a bandsaw to cut these mats as well. Always make sure to measure twice, cut once.
Can you place these on carpet without much power dissipation or instability?
Bhumik Shah
Our 3/4" EcoRX Rubber Mats can be installed over any type of carpet with ease. If installing over light-colored carpet, we recommend using a plastic sheet under the mats to protect the carpet from any potential staining.
are the edges tapered/finished?
The edges are not tapered but it is a straight cut edge.
Would these be good to place under an electronic drum kit? I'm looking for something to suppress the vibration of the pads and stands on my hardwood floor.
Daniel Aguirre
Our EcoRX Rubber Mats can be installed under an electronic drum kit. These mats are great for reducing vibration and will help to protect your subfloor.
Can these mats be rolled up and stored each day?
Our 3/4" EcoRX Rubber Mats are a little difficult to roll up and store, but it can be done.
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Average Rating
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  Sturdy mats — slight smell
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Joe from Mesa, AZ wrote...
The good: Almost exactly true to size — mine were a half inch shy on both sides compared to what was listed. They were exactly 3/4” thick too. No slippery surface. Sometimes these types of mats have a film that makes them slippery until they break in. Not these ones though. Very subtle raised bump design on top. Looks cool in my opinion. I don’t know if it “helps” with grip though. The coloring on the 4 mats I got are exactly the same. They look great butted up against each other on the floor. Nice 90 degree edges. Makes seeking them together easy and smooth. Heavy duty — these should last for years. Very thick. The bad: Experienced some odd shipping delays (2 weeks past due), but likely due to the shipping company. I don’t think Rubber Flooring Inc. could do much about it. Might have been due to the holidays. Customer service wait times were crazy long — 30 minutes or more on several days/attempts. Once you got someone though, they were very personal and sincere overall. The mats have a distinct, chemical (bordering cat pee) smell to them. It’s been about 3 weeks now and the smell continues, but at about 50% what it was originally. To be fair though, I’ve only mopped them once, and they are sitting inside an enclosed garage so there isn’t much air movement. If you mopped them several times I bet the smell would dissipate faster.
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Self-installed in Gym
Ted from Columbus, OH wrote...
Best deal for good mats I have found. Definitely will order more soon.
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  Best floors ever!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Tony from Salem,Or wrote...
These completed my home gym. I put them down on plywood over carpet. I used wood screws to attach the mats to the plywood. Wood screws work perfect for these, just drill right through. I bought 4. It created the perfect space for yoga and lifting. So much better than the stall mats my friend used for his gym. Don’t rush and buy stall mats, these are almost the same price but 100% better. The smell that some people talk about was not an issue for me. I aired them outside for only a day then brought them in and cleaned them. Smell never became a thing. They arrived a week after ordering. The entire experience was great.
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