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Cheer Kits

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6' Gym Wall Padding Corner
6' Gym Wall Padding Corner
6' x 6" x 6" Nail Margin Wall Pad Corner
6' x 6" x 6" Nail Margin Corner
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$246.65 ea.
$246.65 ea.
2' x 6' Wall Pads
2' x 6' Wall Pads
Nail Margin
2' x 6' x 2-1/2" thick
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$99.99 ea.
$99.99 ea.
  • Great for all skill levels.
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Great for teaching tumbling, basic rolls, balance and more.
  • All Kits contain the following. A home cheer mat, an incline mat, and a balance beam. Check details for specific sizes and colors.
Description - Cheer kits feature all of the tool necessary to properly learn the basics of your favorite sport. Whether your child is just starting out or has a few years of experience, we are certain to have the perfect kit. Our Beginner Kits are for those who are just getting into cheering and contain a 4'x6'x1-3/8” Home Cheer Mat, a Balance Beam, and a 14” Incline Mat. These mats will help with learning the basics to tumbling, handstands, and the like. Our Intermediate kit is for students are a little beyond the basics, but want to try and improve their skills. This kit contains a 4'x6'x2” Home Cheer Mat, a balance beam, and a 15” Incline Mat. Our Advanced kit contains a 5'x10'x1-3/8” Home Cheer Mat, a balance beam, and a 16” Incline Mat and is geared towards those students that are getting ready for the big time. With the larger mats, your little tike can further improve their skills.
Kit Contents
Beginner Kits
Blue Beginner Kit - Blue - 4'x6'x1-3/8" Home Cheer Mat, Blue - 14" Incline Mat, and a Blue - Balance Beam.
Pink & Purple Beginner Kit - Purple - 4'x6'x1-3/8" Home Cheer Mat, Pink - 14" Incline Mat, and a Pink - Balance Beam.
Black & Rainbow Beginner Kit - Black 4'x6'x1-3/8" Folding Mat, Rainbow - 14" Incline Mat, and a Blue - Balance Beam
Intermediate Kits
Blue Intermediate Kit - Blue - 4'x6'x2" Home Cheer Mat, Blue - 15" Incline Mat, and a Blue - Balance Beam.
Pink & Purple Intermediate Kit - Purple - 4'x6'x2" Home Cheer Mat, Pink - 15" Incline Mat, and a Pink - Balance Beam.
Black & Rainbow Intermediate Kit - Black - 4'x6'x2" Home Cheer Mat, Rainbow - 15" Incline Mat, and a Blue - Balance Beam.
Advanced Kits
Blue Advanced Kit - Blue - 5'x10'x1-3/8" Home Cheer Mat, Blue - 16" Incline Mat, and a Blue - Balance Beam.
Pink & Purple Advanced Kit - Purple - 5'x10'x1-3/8" Home Cheer Mat, Pink - 16" Incline Mat, and a Pink - Balance Beam.
Black & Rainbow Advanced Kit - Black - 5'x10'x1-3/8" Folding Mat, Rainbow - 16" Incline Mat, and a Blue - Balance Beam.
Material – Our Home Cheer Mats are construced with Crosslink Polyethylene Foam bonded to a Tough 26oz Needle-Point Carpet top. Our Incline Mats, and Balance Beams are constructed with crosslink polyethylene foam encased in 18 oz vinyl fabric.
Weight – Our 4'x6'x1-3/8" and 4'x6'x2" Home Cheer Mats weigh 12 Lbs, our 5'x10'x1-3/8" Home Cheer Mats weigh 23 Lbs, our Balance Beams weigh 5 Lbs, our 14" Incline Mats weigh 13 Lbs, our 15" Incline Mats weigh 27 Lbs, and our 16" Incline Mats weigh 43 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Get all the tools for your little tike to properly learn all the skill for cheerleading. With this kit, they will be able to learn the basics to handstands, walk-throughs, tumbling, balance, and much more.

In Stock - Ships between Jun 25 - 26

  • Our Cheer Kits are very easy to clean. Unlike many other cheap incline mats available, our mats are constructed of durable 18 oz vinyl fabric. This means that no liquids can penetrate the surface of the mat and that the folding mat will be extremely resistant to punctures and tears.
  • If the foam does get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all that is needed to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the tumbling mats with a damp cloth and your gym mat will look like new.
  • Cheer Mats are very easy to install. The built-in flex rolling system makes it easy & quick to roll each mat out for use and then roll it back up when finished for convenient storage.
  • These portable and lightweight Cheer Mats can be rolled up and easily transported, making them suitable to be installed in virtually any room or practice space quickly and without fuss.
  • Velcro strips are included with all orders of two or more mats to allow for joining the mats together. Two or more mats can be arranged to make a larger gymnastics mat area.
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