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Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles

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  • 1/4" is ideal for residential spaces.
  • 8mm is perfect for commercial spaces.
  • Removable edges included for easy an install.


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$239.99 ea.
$239.99 ea.
  • 1/4" is ideal for residential spaces.
  • 8mm is perfect for commercial spaces.
  • Removable edges included for easy an install.
  • High-quality die-cut tile made in the USA.
  • 5-year warranty.
Description - Hey there fitness fanatics, are you tired of breaking the bank for commercial grade gym tiles? Well, you're in luck! Our Eco-Lock rubber tiles are not only low-cost, but they also come with detachable border pieces so each tile can be a corner, center, or even a border! That's right, these tiles are so versatile, they can even moonlight as a triple threat in a community theater production. And with 10 color options, you can choose the perfect hue to match your favorite workout outfit. Plus, with a 5-year warranty, you can rest assured that these tiles will outlast even your longest plank hold. So why wait? Get your hands on our Eco-Lock rubber tiles and start building your dream gym today!
Material – Recycled SBR rubber and colored EPDM virgin rubber flecks.
Size – 24” x 24” (25" x 25" if detachable edge pieces are included).
Thickness – 1/4" and 8 mm thick (approx. 5/16")
Weight – 1/4" ~ 5.2 Lbs, 8mm tile ~ 8 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Looking for a flooring solution that can do it all? Look no further than Eco-Lock rubber tiles! With their superior anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties, these tiles have been successfully used in a wide range of settings, from home gyms and commercial weight rooms to dog kennel facilities, basements, and even outdoor storage sheds. And that's not all - they're also great for locker rooms, baseball dugouts, ski lodges, golf course clubhouses, boathouses, and more! Whether you're looking to protect your floors from heavy equipment or provide a safe and comfortable surface for your furry friend to run around on, Eco-Lock rubber tiles are the perfect solution. So why wait? Get yours today and experience the ultimate in versatile and durable flooring!

Available For Order - Ships between Oct 6 - 13

If ordering 100 tiles or more of quick ship colors, the lead time is 7-10 business days.
Maintaining your Eco-Lock rubber tiles is a breeze, thanks to their durable and easy-to-clean surface. Here are a few tips for keeping your gym flooring in top condition:
  • Regularly vacuum any loose debris, crumbs, or dust from the flooring surface.
  • Occasionally damp mop the tiles using a mild soap and water solution. We recommend using Dawn dish detergent or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Avoid using solvent or oil-based cleaners like Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy's Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, or any similar products, as they can break down the flooring over time.

If you need more detailed instructions on cleaning and maintaining your rubber tiles, check out our comprehensive guide.

Installation of Eco-Lock rubber tiles is simple and can usually be done by the consumer. Here are the typical steps for installation:
  1. Clean your subfloor so that it is free of all dirt, grease, or debris.
  2. Start in one corner of the room with a corner tile and add border tiles outward along the adjacent walls.
  3. Leave the other two edges of the room open and fill in the rest of the room, adding center, corner, and border tiles where you see fit.
  4. After the open floor is covered, go back and cut in tiles along the opposite walls in the room. We recommend leaving a gap along the walls roughly the thickness of the tiles being used to account for expansion and contraction of the floor in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives aren’t usually needed since the weight of the product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, you can use some double-sided tape or mat tape around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.

For printable installation instructions, please Click Here.
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I want to use this product in an enclosed trailer, can these tiles be glued to the wood flooring?
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles can be glued to a wood floor. The glue you will want to use is our Polyurethane Glue. This glue ensures a tight bond between the rubber flooring and the wood flooring.
If you are ordering say 20 tiles does each tile come with edge pieces or do you have to cut each one?
Every Eco-Lock Rubber Tile comes with two removable edge piece.
I want to use these for an outdoor (uncovered) gym floor on my patio. I live in a very moderate climate with no snow and little rain. Will these be ok for this use?
You can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles outdoors. These tiles are resistant to mold and mildew growth and are very easy to clean and maintain. Since these tiles are not UV stable, they will fade in direct sunlight over time.
The eco-lock tiles say the size is 24x24, but 25x25 if you count the edge pieces. Does that mean that each edge piece adds a half inch? In other words, if I am only using the edge on one side, would the tile measure 24.5 inches across?
The edge pieces actually are an inch thick. The edging is only on two sides of the tile. So when they are added to the tiles, they will add an inch to two sides of the tile making the tiles 25" x 25".
I am placing rubber tiles over a newly installed laminate floor in the basement - will the rubber tile ruin the finish on the laminate? Should I use any type of barrier between laminate and tiles to protect the new floor?
You can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles over laminate flooring without it staining or ruining the finish to your laminate flooring. No barrier is required.
How hard are these to clean? How do you clean them?
James Rutledge
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. To clean any large dirt or debris, you can sweep them or use a vacuum without the brush attachment. For cleaning stuck on dirt and debris, we recommend mopping the flooring with a synthetic mop with a mild soap and water solution or using our Rubber Floor Cleaner and Degreaser. After the flooring has been mopped, all you would need to do is let the flooring air dry.
Can rubber tiles be placed over carpet?
You can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles over a low pile commercial carpet very easily. If you have high pile carpet with a thick pad, these tiles will not perform as well. This is due to the pad under the carpet getting depressed. This can cause the tiles to separate a bit causing a potential tripping hazard.
How bad is the smell with these tiles? Is the smell a toxic release of VOC in the air? I am wanting to install in a basement gym with no windows and poor ventilation. Will this cause an odor throughout my basement and house?
Our Eco-Loc Rubber Tiles will have a slight rubber smell when you first receive them. The rubber smell is not toxic and can be mitigated pretty easily. We recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mophead and letting the flooring air dry. You will want to make sure that the room where the flooring will be installed is well ventilated. If you have no windows, fans are a great alternative. If you are very sensitive to smells, you may have to repeat this process a few times.
How do I order the borders for rubber interlocking tiles? One side is straight and the other has the interlocking cut-outs.
You don't have to order any corner or border tiles with our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles as these tiles come with removable edges that allow you to turn any tile into a corner, border, or center tile. You will just need to order the number of tiles you will need to cover you space.
If installed over hardwood floors will it mark the floors.
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles will not mark up wood floors. If you are concerned that they will, you can place a plastic sheet between the wood and rubber flooring to ensure it won't.
Can you put the tiles on top of a damp cement garage floor?
Our Eco-Loc Rubber Tiles can be installed over a damp cement garage floor. The moisture will not damage the tiles at all. The only thing you will notice is that a white material will collect under the tiles when the water drys. This is not mold but salts from the concrete. This is easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.
What's the difference between the Eco Lock and Dura Lock?
The main difference between the Eco-Lock and Dura Lock Rubber Tiles are how the corner, border, and center tiles are created. With our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles, two edges come with each tile to create your corner, border, or center tile. The Dura Lock Rubber Tiles are made in corner, border, or center tiles. Other minor differences are where the tiles ship from, the Eco-Lock ship from the West Coast, whereas the Dura Lock Rubber Tiles ship from the East Coast and their color offerings. Outside those things, the tiles are made from the same material.
I will be installing this floor on a below-grade (basement) concrete slab. Is any sort if underlayment recommended? If so, what type?
Todd Battaglia
For our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles, and underlayment is not required. You can add an underlay if you like. You can use rubber underlayment, foam underlayment, or cork underlay.
Will these work as well for gym flooring in terms of heavy compound lifting, traction, etc, as normal rubber flooring?
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles have been installed in both commercial and home gyms. These tiles are very durable and can withstand any normal lifting exercises.
How many tiles are in a case?
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles are not sold by the case, so you can order as many tiles as are needed to cover your space.
Is this tile cuttable so that I can form them around stationery items?
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles are very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Are the Eco-Lock Rubber tiles vulcanized or non-vulcanized?
John O'Neil
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles are not vulcanized.
Can these tiles be installed in a sauna? As we live in New England, the concrete floor conducts cold from the ground and outside and can be extremely cold in the winter.
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles can be installed in a sauna. Since these tiles are made from rubber, they are very slip-resistant and even more so when wet. These tiles are also resistant to mold and mildew and are very easy to clean. When installing these tiles, you will want to leave about a 1/4" perimeter gap around the floor for expansion and contraction.
Are they phthalate-free?
Phthalates or any other hazardous metals or chemicals are not used to make our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles.
I have been given conflicting information from two of your customer service people. I would like to use this in an enclosed and finished garage area as a shock absorbing dog training and human exercise floor. Additionally, the room would occasionally be used as a bonus/game room, and I will want to pull my late model car into the area a few times a year in hurricane season. The car shouldn't drip anything but water. One person said I can drive on it, another said I will ruin the tiles if I do. Can you please advise? Person # 2 is suggesting a garage tile that is a rubber/plastic combo, but it is only 1/4" and I am concerned about shock absorption and slippage.
You can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles in a garage. We typically don't recommend using them in an area where cars will go in and out on a daily basis, but in instances where a car will go in and out occasionally, they will work just fine. As long as no oil hits the flooring, there would be no issues with parking or driving a car over them. Since these are interlocking tiles and are a floating floor, there is potential for the tiles to move and come up when a car drives over them especially when the wheels are turned.
Can I install these in a commercial gym?
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles can be installed in a commercial gym.
I'm interested in putting these tiles in my garage for a home gym. I saw a comment about the 1/4" size is best for residential use. Does that include the garage as well? Thanks for the clarification.
Yes, our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles would be good for a garage gym. It all just depends on what types of exercises you are performing as to what type of product and thickness would work best.
If I cut all the tabs off of all sides of a tile, what is the size of the remaining tile? Is it 22” x 22” or 23” x 23”? Thank you
If you cut the tabs off of our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles, the size of the tile would be 23" x 23".
I'd like to install rubber over PVC tiles in my garage gym. I will use it for a kickboxing bag. The mats wouldn't be installed floor-to-floor. How grippy is the rubber - would the mats furl/slip over the PVC tiles when I'm kickboxing? (Even if weighted with the boxing bag)?
You can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles over an existing PVC Tile floor in a garage gym. The tiles will not slip around when being used if installed wall-to-wall. There is potential for tiles to move with certain lateral exercises if not installed wall-to-wall. In these instances, we recommend using some double-sided tape or glue to keep the tiles in place.
Can a patio be made on ground in a yard, and if so, what kind of prep would be needed?
We recommend installing our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles over a hard flat surface, so you will want to make sure to make the ground flat and compacted. To do this, you would strip the existing grass and then add in crushed granite. You will then want to compact this crushed granite layer. Once compacted, you would then be able to install our interlocking rubber tiles over that surface, creating your new patio.
Can a stationary rowing machine be used on top of the Eco-Lock tile?
Yes, that would be fine
I am installing the tiles on a painted concrete floor in the basement. Do you recommend using the Polyurethane Adhesive that you would use when installing on wood flooring?
Even though we don't recommend gluing our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles, if you were to, we would recommend using a polyurethane adhesive over any substrate. You just want to make sure the subfloor is free and clear of any large dirt and debris.
Do you recommend a coating of some kind to seal the tiles? I am getting some fine rubber dust inside of my table tennis ball machine. The balls pick up the rubber dust from the floor, and then it gets into the machine.
With our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles and any of our rubber flooring, there is potential for a little flaking when first receiving your flooring. This is due to the making and cutting of the material at our production facility. We recommend cleaning the rubber flooring when receiving it. You will want to vacuum or sweep up any dirt and debris and then mop the flooring with a mild soap and water solution. There is still potential for some slight flaking; to help mitigate this, you can use our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. This will help to encapsulate any remaining material.
Are Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles recommended for a laundry room / workshop?
John T Steadman
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles can be used as flooring in a laundry room or workshop. These tiles are very easy to clean and maintain and can hold and withstand the weight of a washer and dryer or any worktops.
Why is this product called "Eco-Lock"? Is the material 100% recycled?
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles and all of our recycled rubber flooring are made with recycled materials. The black rubber in these tiles is made from the treads of commercial truck tires and helps to keep rubber from ending up in landfills.
Can these Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles be used directly on vinyl plank flooring without concern of staining or should something be placed between them to protect it?
Richard Miska
If you have LVT, WPC, or SPC, then you can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles without any issues. If you have any other type of vinyl flooring, we would suggest placing a plastic sheet between the rubber flooring and vinyl. This will help prevent damage to the vinyl under the rubber.
Is there a way to order extra edge pieces?
There isn't a way to order more edge pieces.
Would this be safe to install around a pool? (on concrete)
You can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles around a pool safely. Our rubber tiles are very slip-resistant and more so when wet. They also are very easy to clean and maintain. There are a few things to keep in mind when using these interlocking rubber tiles in these situations. Rubber can get hot in direct sunlight, so you will want to spray it constantly with water to keep it cool. The rubber floor tiles are not UV stable, so they will fade in direct sunlight over time. Lastly, if the water has any salts, there is potential for those small salts to get stuff in the minute pores in the tile. This will make the tiles appear almost grayish. We recommend reducing this effect by purchasing a tile with color flec in it.
Our floor is uneven due to a patch in the concrete. Will this floor lay smoothly on top of an uneven surface? We will use the 8mm. Thanks.
You can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles over a slightly uneven surface. These tiles are interlocking, so the tiles will not interlock properly if the subfloor is very uneven. Typically, the amount of unevenness that is tolerable is around an 1/8".
Would this tile be recommended for a church nursery/toddler playroom?
Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles and many of our rubber products do have a rubber smell to them, but they are not toxic. You can use these in a nursery/toddler playroom, but we would recommend using one of our foam tiles in those areas. These products are non-porous, which the Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles are not. So any spills or messes are easier to clean.
I'm planning to install the 8mm rubber floor over a tiled floor. Will this product work? If not, what are the other products you have that can work on top of tile?
Timo Alexander Geiger
Yes, you can install our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles over an existing tiled floor. Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles can be installed over any hard flat surface like concrete, plywood, OSB, or any hard flat existing floor, like tile, laminate, engineered wood, luxury vinyl, commercial carpet, etc. If installing over a high pile carpet with a plush pad, we recommend placing a 1/4" plywood board over the carpet to prevent the tiles from separating when walked over.
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Customer review image of  in Fitness Room
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  Fitness Room
Self-installed in Fitness Room
Julie A. from Albuquerque, NM wrote...
We replaced carpet with your Eco-Lock Rubber Tile in our fitness room.
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  Great for hardwood floors and elderly dogs
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Living room
Karen from Marina del Rey, CA wrote...
I installed this throughout my living room and dining room over our hardwood floor because we have an elderly dog who can no long walk on the hardwood. This has helped tremendously...AND it actually looks GREAT. I got the black with red specks....and I was thinking I would just have to deal with horrible rubber flooring in my home to help my dog, but I actually am SUPER PLEASED, not only with the appearance (which it looks great, and you cannot see the seams) but it has helped my dog from slipping on the hardwood, and she has built up more strength because she can now walk so much better. I am really surprised how much I like this in my living room!
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Make Your Home Gym look Professional
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Becky from Orlando, Fl wrote...
Prior to moving into my new home, I spent a couple months researching for flooring for a home gym. I wanted to convert one of the extra bedrooms into a workout room. I was hoping to find durable mats that I could place on top of my laminate floor to protect them. I knew I wanted interlocking tiles for easy installment and removal for the future. I came across this website and found exactly what I was looking for. I ordered a sample to figure out the thickness and color I wanted. I ordered the Eco-Lock Rubber tiles (1/4”) with blue and eggshell flecks. The fact that all the tiles came with edges sold me on these. I ordered the thinner ones mainly due to shipping cost. With all the costs of moving to a new home I didn't want to break the budget with the home gym. Installation: I took about 5 hours to install in a 11x14 bedroom by myself. I started on one corner and worked my way down. The hardest and most time-consuming part was cutting the edges to fit. I triple measured and used a razor blade (5-10 passes per cut). I probably had to change the blade 3-4 times. The actual laying of tiles that didn't need cuts only took 30-45 minutes. I have had this product installed for 7 months and it is amazing. It looks amazing and feels great. I have received a countless number of compliments from my family and friends. The floors make my small home gym look professional and more expensive than what it really cost. The tiles did make my closed room smell like rubber for 2 months. But it wasn’t very strong and didn’t bother me at all. I recommend these tiles to anyone looking to make a home gym at their house.
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