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Looking for premium vulcanized rubber? Order our 1/2" Premium Mega Mats.

1/2" Mega Mats

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Product Highlights

  • Great for home or commercial gym use.
  • Great for high-impact workouts.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Great for home or commercial gym use.
  • Great for high-impact workouts.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • Great as singular mat or as a full floor.
  • Can be used indoors and out.
Description - Calling all weightlifters and clumsy folk! Our mega mats are here to save the day (and your floors). Made from recycled rubber that's tougher than the Hulk and more shock absorbent than a bouncy castle, these mats will handle even the heaviest of barbells and weights with ease. They're heavy enough to create a permanent flooring solution, but light enough to take on the go (because gains never take a day off). Plus, you can use them inside, outside, or even in outer space (we won't tell NASA), and they're guaranteed to last longer than a meme. Protect your floors and lift on!
Material – Recycled rubber and colored EPDM virgin rubber flecks.
Size – 4' x 6'
Thickness – 1/2 Inch
Weight – Each 4' x 6' rubber mega mat weighs approximately 72 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Has been used successfully in weight rooms, Ice Rinks, as commercial and home gym mats, in locker rooms, in golf course traffic areas, any place where spike protection is needed, in baseball dugouts, in high impact cardio areas for shock absorption, and any place where a low priced durable mat solution would be useful.

Available For Order - Ships between Jul 26 - Aug 2

1/2" Mega Mats are very easy to clean. Maintenance for these rubber mats typically includes:
  • Vacuuming any loose dust, dirt, or debris from the rubber surface when necessary.
  • Occasional damp mopping of the rubber mats with a mild soap and water mixture. Some soaps commonly used include Dawn dish detergent and/or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Do not use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.

For more detailed cleaning instructions and commercial cleaning instructions, Click Here.
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I am looking for a rubber mat for inside snowmobile trailer. Will this work? Thanks.
Our 1/2" Mega Mats would work for this application. These tiles are very durable and are typically used for ice skating rinks and horse stables. These mats do have an unfinished bottom, which gives the mats extra slip resistance. Because of this unfinished bottom, there could be a variance in height between the mats. To alleviate this, we recommend shaving down the bottoms of the mats with a cheese grater to even the floor out.
I am getting a commercial grade Elliptical machine for our basement currently with a low pile Berber carpeting. I am planning on putting a mat beneath the machine for hygienic purposes, which should I get and what thickness? Thanks.
Our 1/2" Mega Mats would work perfectly under a commercial grade elliptical. It will help to reduce vibration and noise transfer between floors.
Will this slip on tile floors? I have a gym in my basement but other mats I have used slip and slide on the tile floors. Will this work for me?
Our 4' x 6' 1/2" Mega Mats have a textured bottom that helps to give them extra traction over slick surfaces. So these rubber mats should not slip on tile flooring. If for some reason they do move when doing certain exercises, we recommend using a little double-sided tape under the mats.
I don't have a gym area, and I would like to put and remove mats whenever and wherever I pleased. Is this mat suitable for this task? If not what would you recommend?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are meant to be used as a permanent or temporary gym floor in both commercial and residential spaces. To use as a temporary floor, you can place the mats where needed and then when finished, roll them back up and place in any area desired for storage.
Looking for something to put on stairs from house to basement. May you cut these mats to fit with razor knife? Looking for suggestions.
These mats can be cut with a fresh utility knife, changing the blades and using several passes each time.
I want a mat for a work out room for aerobics. What should I get to absorb the shock of cardio workouts, but be strong enough to put a smith machine, treadmill and spinning bike?
Erin Monahan
Our Mega Mats would are perfect as a shock absorbent mat for cardio workouts and are durable enough for a smith machine to be placed on them or any other fitness equipment. These mats were originally designed to be used in barns and stables as flooring for horses which can be quite heavy and large. Since these mats were designed with durability and shock absorption in mind, these mats have been the perfect flooring option for any home or commercial gym.
I am installing a home basement gym over a highly finished porcelain tile floor. Will these mats protect the floor for hand weights up to 50 lbs and a weight rack and benches and for a treadmill and an elliptical trainer?
You can use our Mega Mats as protectant flooring over a tile floor. These mats are very thick and are shock absorbent, allowing you to drop weights on them without breaking the tile underneath. You can also place any fitness equipment on the mats that you like. The equipment will not affect the tiles under the mats.
I have a ?sensitivity to rubber smells. Are your mats rubber smelly?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats do have a slight odor to them, and if you are sensitive you will definitely notice it. The best way to mitigate the smell is to clean the rubber mats with a mild soap and water solution and allow the mats to dry outside so they can air properly.
I am looking for a temp floor to go outside my racing trailer 10x30 (motorcycles). how heavy are they? can they be layed over dirt?
Henry Ford
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are 72 lbs. and can be laid over dirt.
I need a mat that is partly 1/2" and partly 1". I was thinking of gluing part of one mat to another. What glue would you recommend?
Charlie Mitchell
If you are going to glue our Mega Mats together, we recommend using our 5900 Series adhesive or our Polyurethane adhesive. Our Polyurethane Adhesive will give you the strongest bond.
I have an aluminum trailer enclosed 24x8.5 with aluminum ribbed flooring. Wanted an insulator and noise control type flooring but wanted a coin roll type. My thought would be to use the mats as an underlayer with the vinyl coined commercial grade you offer over the top of an underlayer. Is this possible or any other suggestions to this?
You can use our Mega Mats as an insulator with our Coin Nitro Rolls on top. The only thing that we would suggest is that you place a piece of plastic between the tiles and the mats. Rubber and vinyl don't mix very well, so, as to not have a nasty stain in your floor years later, we recommend just putting a plastic sheet between the two materials to prevent this.
Are these mats precision cut so they will fit together without any gapping?
Our Mega Mats are not trued / precision cut. When placing several mats together, there is potential for there to be gapping. We recommend when installing these mats for a full room that you install them in a brick pattern. This will minimize the gapping visual.
Would rubber mats be appropriate to cover a space (20 by 40 ft) suitable to drive a vehicle on it occasionally?
Don Whyde
We don't recommend driving over our Mega Mats, but you can drive over them with a vehicle. These mats are made of rubber and would be able to handle the weight of a car. There are a couple of issues that could arise if you were to drive over them. If you don't glue them down, there is potential for the mats to move when turning your wheel. The other issue that you may run into is that any oils that fall on the mats will over time break down the mats.
How flexible are the 1/2" mats? What is the tightest radius they can be bent without breaking?
Our Mega Mats are flexible enough to be rolled up. We do not have any testing around how tight the mats can be rolled, but they can be rolled fairly tight.
Putting a gym in our garage (concrete). Which is best and safest for weight training 1/2" or 3/4"?
Both our 1/2" 4' x 6' Mega Mats and our 3/4" 4' x 6' Extreme Mats are great for weight training. The reason one goes with one over the other is more do to preference than to the actual performance of the two. They both are great for dropping heavy weights on and will help to deaden the impact of the falling weight. The 3/4" mat does deaden the impact more as it is thicker, but the difference is not substantially different.
Do these hold up in direct sunlight, outside, exposed to the elements? What are the specs on using them outdoors to cover a grated staircase and landing for footing and stability? Also, do they become slippery when wet, i.e. rain?
Barrett O'Donnell
Our 1/2" 4' x 6' Mega Mats can be used outdoors and will perform just fine in the elements. Since these mats are made from the same material as your tires, they won't be affected by rain, snow, or ice. The only thing you will notice with the mats is that over time they will fade in direct sunlight. These mats can be used as flooring over staircases. Since these mats are made from rubber, they are very slip resistant and are more slip-resistant even when wet.
Can these mats withstand cardio workouts like HIIT without flaking? The gym mat we have now is starting to show signs of abrasion and is flaking.
Our 1/2" Mega Mat s can withstand cardio workouts. These mats are very durable and won't flake when used. The most durable mats are our Black and Colored mats. Over time, depending on how much the mat is used, our Natural mats can start to show signs of wear and tear.
I would like a study mat for outdoor use to protect my jump rope for double-unders. Will these withstand a high-speed cable rope and be slip-resistant?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are great as a mat for plyometric exercises like jump roping. These mats are very shock and impact absorbent. Being made of rubber, these mats are very slip resistant and even more so when wet and are extremely durable.
Is this made in the US?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are made right here in the USA.
Looking for a multi-purpose surface that is smooth and allows for lateral dance moves and high impact cardio/ light-weight work. Will this product meet those needs?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are one of our most versatile mats we offer. This mat is great for doing high impact workouts, to doing some Zumba moves, and everything in between. These rubber mats are also great for Olympic lifts.
Are these made out of recycled rubber?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are made from recycled rubber.
I have a few questions: Are they squared, so the seams don't have gaps? Can I park a car on top if necessary? How long does the odor last? Will they slide or buckle doing burpees?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are not trued, meaning that there is potential there could be gapping if you put multiple mats together. We recommend when installing multiple mats, that you install them in a brick pattern. You can park a car on top of our Mega Mats. The only thing you will want to be aware of is if any oil falls on these mats that there could be damage to the mats. The oil from cars can break down the binder in the rubber making it flake. These mats do have an odor to them, so if you are sensitive we recommend mopping the mats with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mop head. You will want to make sure that where these mats are installed has plenty of ventilation as well. You may have to repeat this process a few times to truly get the smell to dissipate. These mats are very slip-resistant, so they won't move when doing burpees on them.
Does liquid seep through the mat or are they waterproof from top to bottom?
Water will initially pool on top of our Mega Mats before seeping into the pores in the floor. Typically any liquids will pool on the surface for a few hours before starting to seep into the floor. The pores on the surface typically don't go all the way through the floor, so you typically won't see any liquid under the mat.
Can it be purchased in a 7’ length?
Our Mega Mats come in 3' x 4' and 4' x 6' sizes currently. If you want to create a custom mat, we recommend going to our 1/2" Mega Rubber Roll listing and ordering the minimum cut and then cutting that down to the desired size. Our rubber flooring can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife and straight edge.
I live in a 3rd-floor apartment and need a good thick mat for my elliptical machine. Yeah, I got a complaint from my neighbor downstairs. She said she felt like the floor would fall down on her. My machine will be on the carpet. If I order 3ft x 4ft size with 1/2 inch thickness, will it do the job to prevent noises and protect my carpet?
Chalinee Tritipeskul
Our Mega Mats will help to absorb the noise and vibration generated by an elliptical. These rubber mats will not eliminate it, but they will help to mitigate a great deal.
Do these Matt’s have any give for jumping rope?
Our Mega Mats do have some give for plyometric exercises. The Natural colored mat is the most shock absorbent and would be the best option for jump training.
I am looking for something that I can put on top of carpet that will protect the carpet and carpet pad from a treadmill. Is there anything in this mat that could discolor carpet? Will these mats handle the weight of a treadmill with a thick carpet under them?
You can use our 1/2" Mega Mats over carpet. These mats will help to protect your carpet and are durable enough to have a treadmill on them or any other fitness equipment. If you have light-colored carpet, there is potential for the mat to stain the carpet. To prevent this, we recommend placing a plastic sheet under the mat.
We'd like to use this for our indoor spinner bike on a hardwood floor. Will this do any damage to the hardwood floor?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats can be used under an indoor spin bike over hardwood flooring without damaging the hardwood flooring. If there was concern about the rubber damaging the hardwood flooring, we recommend placing a plastic sheet between the mat and the hardwood floor.
I am allergic to latex. Which of your products would be best to situate under a stationary bike and for yoga and other floor exercises?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats and our recycled rubber flooring can't be considered latex-free but is typically free of latex due to the type of materials used. If you are looking for 100% latex-free products, we would recommend purchasing our virgin rubber tiles.
Can these be used in horse stalls?
Yes, these mats are very durable and are commonly used in horse stables.
I noticed the confetti color is significantly cheaper than the other color choices. Could you explain why? Thank you!
Our Confetti and Natural colored mats use scrap material, keeping the cost of those mats down. This doesn't mean that they are inferior products; it just means that they are essentially recycled, recycled products. So not only are you getting a quality mat at a great price, but you are also helping us keep our manufacturing waste from ending up in the landfill!
Are the mats just like horse stall mats, wanting to cover the rest of my garage, but getting locally is near impossible? I'm just looking to lay them flat down but needing 1/2 inch thickness.
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are also called horse stall mats. These mats are similar to the ones that are sold at local farm and home stores.
Can I drop dumbells and barbells with a lot of weight and have the weights bounce back?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are very popular for Olympic lifting and heavy dumbbell use. So if you were to drop a heavy dumbbell on one of these rubber mats, they would bounce on the floor before finally resting on the mat surface.
I need to cover an area approx 20 feet by 8 feet. How do you recommend installing these, so they all stay together? Is there some sort of tape to achieve this?
You don't have to glue or tape our mats together for them to stay in place, but if you wanted you can use some double-sided tape along the seams, or you could do a full spread glue install. The mats themselves are very heavy and will be tough to move when performing most exercises.
What type of rubber is used to make your mats?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are made from recycled rubber. The natural color is made from recycled car tires. All other colors are made from the recycled treads of commercial truck tires.
Looking for something 8x8 total size to place under our hot tub (Softub) and motor on a covered concrete patio. Will be exposed to water obviously and want something to help reduce motor/pump vibration and protect the bottom of spa from the rough concrete finish - thoughts?
Jim Kane
Our 1/2" Mega Mats can be installed under a hot tub to reduce motor/pump vibration. Water is not an issue for rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is very slip-resistant and even more so when wet. Since these rubber mats are somewhat porous, the only thing you may notice over time is a slight whitening of the mat. This is due to the solids found in the water drying out and getting stuck in the mat's small pores. This doesn't affect the performance of the mat in any way. If you wanted to prevent this, we would recommend sealing the exposed matting with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. This will fill in the pores.
Can the 1/2" Mega Mats safe for cats?
Our 1/2" Mega Mats are safe for cats or any other pets. We don't recommend them eating the mat, but walking and playing on the mats will not cause them any harm. These rubber mats are commonly used as flooring in horse stalls and kennels.
How can I taper the mat edges? Worried about tripping.
Vaughn Clement
If you want to add a ramp to your 1/2" Mega Mats, you can use our 1/2" Rubber Floor Ramps.
Does the dark (black) color mat bleed onto other surfaces from footprints, etc., when damp or wet?
mark Schrader
The color of our 1/2" Mega Mats and most of our rubber products is due to the material. We used recycled tires, which are black. This color will not bleed and thus would not be tracked throughout an area when wet or dry. The only thing you may notice is that some rubber crumb may get tracked as some excess rubber material from the manufacturing process may still be present on the mat. This material can be easily vacuumed or swept up.
Is the confetti a multiple color mat?? It seems to me that it would be, but the sales rep I’m speaking to now says no, it will come with just one color, but it would be a surprise color that we don’t know what color it would be until it is received.
Jason Barrera
The Confetti color is very similar to Confetti cake. There will be a number of colors in the mat; we just can't control what colors will be in the mat and in what concentration, just like in Confetti cake. Are you hungry now?! I know I am!
Can your rubber mats be used in the bed of a truck?
Roland Behunin
Our 1/2" Mega Mats can be used as a truck bed mat.
Looking for a mat to put under treadmill to protect wood flooring. Would this mat protect the floor and not scratch the wood floor?
Yes, our 1/2" Mega Mats would be a great solution. This will not scratch the wood underneath.
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  Weighlifting platform
Self-installed in Gym
Paul Berkowitz from New York wrote...
I built a 4-layer sandwich: 3/4 Plywood, 3/4 EVA Foam (tatami mat), 3/4 Plywood, 3/4 Hard rubber mat. All this is so as to drop olympic barbell weights. Works Great! Used urethane mastic to glue layers together. Images sent in by happy customer
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  Solid Product
Self-installed in K-9 Cage
Anonymous from Atlantic County, NJ wrote...
My Police K-9 Dog kept destroying that mat for his cage in the rear of my patrol car. I purchased this product as a replacement because it was thicker than the old mat. It was easy to cut using a utility blade and is definitely serving its purchase. The best part is this flooring is less expensive and better quality than the standard mat that comes with the cage. Highly recommended for an K-9 handlers having a similar issue.
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  What I expected
Self-installed in Home Gym
Rob W. from Lake Orion, MI wrote...
Was delivered in a reasonable timeframe, about a week if I recall correctly. It does not come in a box or any protective covering, so if it is left outside from delivery you do have the potential of getting it ruined. The unwrapping was a little messy with all the rubber particles, but comes right up with a vacuum. The mat is thick and durable, and is cheaper than their competitors. Highly satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend and purchase from them again.
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