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FANMATS MLB Carpet Tiles

This product has been discontinued.
Please see comparable products below.
Pinnacle Rubber Wall Base
Pinnacle Rubber Wall Base
4" x 1/8" x 120 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
$171.17 ea.
$171.17 ea.
Pinnacle 1/8" x 120' Rubber Wall Base
Pinnacle 1/8" x 120' Rubber Wall Base
6" x 1/8" x 120 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
$265.39 ea.
$265.39 ea.
Duracove 2.5" x 3.2mm x 120' Rubber Wall Base
Duracove 2.5" x 3.2mm x 120' Rubber Wall Base
2.5" x 3.2mm x 120 ln ft - Straight (toeless)
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
$198.99 ea.
$198.99 ea.
Duracove 6" x 3.2mm x 100' Rubber Wall Base
Duracove 6" x 3.2mm x 100' Rubber Wall Base
6" x 3.2mm x 100 ln ft - Straight (toeless)
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
$267.99 ea.
$267.99 ea.
  • Officially Licensed MLB Carpet Tiles.
  • Easy Install with "included" Double-Sided Adhesive Pads.
  • Tiles have pad/underlay attached.
  • 10 logo and 10 solid colored tiles included.
  • Made in the USA.
Description - FANMATS MLB Major League Baseball Carpet Tiles are Officially licensed by the MLB. These carpet tile squares are constructed with a hand made fiber carpet face and vinyl backing. Support your favorite major league baseball team with FANMATS' Team carpet tiles. These tiles come in the exact MLB League Team colors and licensed logos. These carpet tile squares are very easy to install since all you have to do is tape them down. Best of all each box of 20 tiles comes with carpet tile tape to adhere it to the floor. Each box of 20 tiles comes with 10 logo tiles and 10 solid tiles. No under padding needed as every tile comes with a vinyl backing for added durability and comfort. If you're ready to take your game room, kids room or basement to the next level, then FANMATS team carpet tile squares are perfect for you.
Material - Nylon
Size - 18" x 18"
Thickness - 3/8"
Weight - 0.78 LBS per square foot
Recommended Uses - Our FANMATS MLB Carpet Tile squares have been used in both commercial and residential applications because of their durability, versatility and ease of installation. Because of these facts, carpet tiles are quickly replacing broadloom carpet and have been installed in home gyms, game rooms, basements, kids rooms, and man caves just to name a few.

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FANMATS Carpet Tile squares do not require special equipment or cleaning products.
  • To keep your rooms clean and inviting, carpet tiles should be vacuumed frequently.
  • Spills should be removed immediately with an absorbent cotton cloth and clean water. You can also easily remove the floor carpet tile, clean it and replace it.
  • Periodic maintenance can be performed as needed using a hot water extraction-cleaning machine (i.e. carpet cleaner). Carpet tiles have a backing that prevents water from penetrating or harming the tiles.
Carpet Tiles are easy to install. Installation of FANMATS Carpet Tiles typically includes:
  • In wall to wall installations, tiles can be loose laid and cut into place with a straight edge and a utility knife. If you do experience some movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double sided carpet tape can be used around the perimeter of the room and directly under the seams of the tiles to prevent any movement. (All FANMATS carpet tiles come with carpet tile tape in each box)
  • If the tiles are not installed wall to wall double sided carpet tape is usually all that is required to keep the tiles in place.
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  Great product
Oksana K. from Clinton two, MI wrote...
We purchased Tigers baseball tiles for our son's room. I was worried that floor would be too hard for him but finished floor looks great and feels very soft when you walk on. Tiles are easy to put together and colors are very bright just what we wanted. My son gets a lot of compliments from friends on his room. Now my husband wants similar carpet tiles for his basement office. Price was right for the product I would recommend to buy it.
Customer review image of  in basement
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  Cubs tiles for mancave
Self-installed in basement
Tim from Macomb, IL wrote...
I was looking to make my flooring stand out in my man cave. I am a hardcore cubs fan so this was an excellent product. Easy install and easy upkeep. Recommend this to anybody.
  Love/Hate this purchase
Self-installed in Basement rec room
Keith from Bay View, WI wrote...
Ok as Brewer fans, my fiance and I love our baseball team. As Brewer fans this year, we hate being reminded every day about how bad our starting pitching is. I really can't walk in the basement and not be frustrated. Aghhhh, Milwaukee Brewers, get some pitching next year...PLEASE!!!! Ok Rant over. We do love the tiles. They look good although it is an older Brewer logo found on the tiles so we wish that would be updated. We have a basement rec room where we watch all the games that we don't attend and it does tie it all together as our ″Brewers/Man″ cave. When we started the project, we found out you could purchase these tiles from all over the place. We bought from since we found them on Google and they seemed to have a lot of positive reviews. We did our whole purchase online and everything went great.
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