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Legacy Carpet Tiles - Overstock

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In Stock - Ships between Sep 30 - Oct 6
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Product Highlights
  • Peel & stick carpet tile.
  • Mix & match colors.
  • Great option for basements, garages, home offices and more.

  • Peel & stick carpet tile.
  • Mix & match colors.
  • Great option for basements, garages, home offices and more.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
Description - Legacy carpet tiles are a wonderful low cost flooring solution for virtually any space in the home. These are the carpet tiles your basements, utility closets, sheds, garage man caves, and spare rooms have been begging you for. The peel and stick backing on these modular tiles makes installation a breeze. Mix and match colors to create a checkered pattern or create your own unique design using our flooring designer tool. Upgrade your current floors with a modern twist to dated carpeting. Legacy carpet tiles are stylish, comfortable, easy to install, and budget friendly - what more could you want?
Recommended Installation Pattern - 1/4 Turn.
Material - Needle-punch non-woven 100% polyester
Size - 18" x 18"
Thickness - 0.25"
Weight - 0.3 Lbs. per tile.
Traffic Type - Low- (This Traffic type works well for the home but not suitable for commercial spaces)
Recommended Uses - Legacy carpet tiles are a great solution for low to moderate traffic spaces, including bedrooms, spare bedrooms, as garage flooring, game room floors, in home offices, and more.

In Stock - Ships between Sep 30 - Oct 6

Maintaining your economy carpet tiles is as easy as follows:
  • Spills should be removed immediately with an absorbent cotton cloth and clean water.
  • For tough stains, you can remove any floor carpet tile to replace it with a leftover tile from installation.
  • If you choose to vacuum your economy tiles, we recommend using a vacuum without a beater bar as to not damage the fibers.
Carpet Tiles are easy to install. Installation of our Carpet Tiles is as follows:
  • Thoroughly clean subfloor. It must be clean, dry, smooth and dust free.
  • Find the center point between the two longest wall, mark near each end of the room. Connect center points with the chalkline. Using carpenter's square, draw a perpendicular line crossing the first line at the center point. Extend the perpendicular line to the walls by striking a chalkline.
  • In one swift motion, remove protective backing and place first tile in the junction of the two lines at the center of the room. Lay tiles with ribs 90 degrees to each other working from the center of the room out. Continue installation to the walls until you are unable to lay a full tile.
  • Next lay a full tile upside down, with the pattern in the proper direction, and overlap the last tile installed near the wall. Mark a straight line on the bottom of the tile where the tiles overlap. Cut the bottom of the tile along the line. After cutting, lay the tile with cut edge to the wall.
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What is the backing material?
Legacy carpet tiles are peel and stick, and do not have a true 'backing' material. Instead, the fibers are bound together then finished with an adhesive backing.
Can I use these in an office building?
These tiles are not commercially rated and would not be recommended for use in high traffic spaces like an office building.
Can I use this in my home office under my chair?
You can use this in a home office, we would recommend using a chair mat to protect the floor from damage.
Can these be laid over existing carpet? Would they be suitable for a living room space?
No these should not be installed over existing carpet.
Do these carpet tiles have attached padding?
Tricia Krabill
No it does not.
Average Rating

  Not exactly what I expected
Self-installed in drumset cart
Lisa from Philadelphia PA wrote...
I thought from the pictures that this was going to have actual yarn pile, but in actuality it is more like a thicker version of the soft fuzzy side of velcro. In fact, the scratchy side of velcro sticks to it quite well which has turned out to be kind of handy for my purposes. But it is definitely more like thick fuzzy velcro than anything resembling actual carpet. That said, it is soft and thicker than I thought it would be. The adhesive didn't always seem to cover the whole tile (some didn't seem to have adhesive on the edges) but even so, it does seem to stick very well - we haven't had any issues with tiles lifting. We are using this to cover an old plywood drumset cart used by a marching band and it has provided the traction needed to keep the drum set from sliding around. Cutting it was relatively easy with a utility knife and scissors, but it did tend to gum up the blades quickly so keep some solvent handy to clean the blades off as you go (we used goof off). Be careful to lay them all in the same direction or you will definitely see color differences. For the price, I think these were a great solution to our needs.
Self-installed in Home
Anonymous from Kansas wrote...
These tiles look and feel nice. I think they're a great short-term solution to gross flooring.
  Looks good
Anonymous from New Jersey wrote...
Thin tiles, but they look nice.
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