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5/8" Premium Soft Tiles

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Select a Color
Black5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Black 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Black
Grey5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Grey 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Grey
Royal Blue5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Royal Blue 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Royal Blue
Baby Blue5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Baby Blue 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Baby Blue
Canary5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Canary 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Canary
Olive5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Olive 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Olive
Chocolate5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Chocolate 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Chocolate
Orange5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Orange 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Orange
Lime Green5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Lime Green 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Lime Green
Purple5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Purple 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Purple
Pink5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
Pink 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Pink
Product Highlights
  • "Soft to the touch" foam tile product.
  • Available in several bright, fun colors.
  • High density foam rubber interlocking floor tile system.

Soft Cases
Soft Cases
Holds up to 25 tiles
26" x 26" x 17"
$49.99 ea.
$49.99 ea.
Wheeled Soft Cases
Wheeled Soft Cases
Holds up to 25 tiles
53" x 26" x 9"
$79.99 ea.
$79.99 ea.
  • "Soft to the touch" foam tile product.
  • Available in several bright, fun colors.
  • High density foam rubber interlocking floor tile system.
  • Each tile includes 2 detachable edge pieces allowing any tile to be a border, corner, or center tile.
  • Note: Removable corner can become a choking hazard.
Description - Our Premium Soft Tiles are an excellent choice for a light weight and portable tile solution. Available in several fun and bright colors, these foam tiles have been designed for areas where a soft flooring solution is desired. Water resistant, shock absorbent, and insulating makes these tiles the perfect flooring option for any playroom, day care, or bedroom. Each soft tile comes with two detachable edge pieces and are free of any allergens or latex making them safe for young and old alike.
Note: There may be some surface imperfections and color variation. Also, our Foam products can be punctured by sharp animal nails, rough use, high heels, and moving furniture.
Material – Closed cell EVA foam rubber
Size – 2' x 2'.
Thickness – ~13 mm
Weight – Tiles weigh approximately 1.25 Lbs. each.
Spec Sheet - Printable Spec Sheet.
Recommended Uses – Soft Tiles have been used successfully in home exercise or fitness rooms, as pilates and yoga mats, as kid’s play room flooring, and any other area where long periods of standing occur and/or a cushioned flooring system would be useful.

In Stock - Ships between Oct 22 - 28

  • Soft tiles are very easy to maintain. Due to the tiles being constructed of durable closed cell foam, no liquids can penetrate the surface of the tiles.
  • If the tiles do get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all that is required to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the tiles with a damp cloth and your soft tiles will look like new.

Installation of interlocking tiles is very simple and typically done by the consumer. Typical installation of these tiles is as follows:
  • First, clean your sub floor so it is free of all dirt, grease or debris.
  • Start in one corner of the room with a corner tile and add border tiles outward along the adjacent walls. Add center, corner, and border tiles where you see fit.
  • When coming up to an opposite wall, make sure you cut the tiles to fit the area leaving a gap that’s roughly the thickness of the tiles being used to account for expansion and contraction of the floor tiles in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives are usually not used since the weight of the locked together product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double-sided tape or mat tape can be used around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.
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How can the soft tiles be disinfected if in a child care center?
Carl Schmuland
You can disinfect our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles with any disinfectant found on the market. Commonly used ones are Lysol Wipes, Clorox Wipes, and the like.
Do these interlock snuggly with the abc mats?
Our Premium Soft Tiles will not interlock with our ABC Mats.
What is the fire rating of these mats?
Since our Premium Soft Tiles are considered a toy, these tiles do not have a fire rating like our other flooring products. For fire testing on these tiles, please feel free to contact one our Flooring Heroes and they will be more than happy to send you our testing docs.
Is there a way to get sloped tiles for an entryway?
Apurva Doshi
Currently, we don't have any beveled edging for our Premium Soft Tiles. For any entryway, we would recommend using any standard flooring transition you can find. We offer a wide range of trims and moldings on our Trims and Moldings page.
Will these tiles (Premium Soft Tiles) work well on top of carpet?
Our Premium Soft Tiles can be places over carpet. These tiles perform best over a commercial carpet, but can be used as a playmat over plush carpet. The only issue you will have when placed over a plush carpet is that the tiles may separate when walked on.

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Customer review image of  in Play Area
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  Play Area
Self-installed in Play Area
Marie J. from Elmhurst, NY wrote...
Here is a picture of how I used the gray tiles for my little girl's play area.
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  Kids New Playroom
Self-installed in Kids Playroom
Brandon K. from Heath, OH wrote...
Happy Customer
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Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Des Moines, iA wrote...
The tiles worked out perfect for our new home gym. The delivery was very quick. Image sent in by customer
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