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Tumbling Mats by Tumbl Trak

This product has been discontinued.
Please see comparable products below.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Velcro flaps are provided on each to connect mats end-to-end to create longer mats.
Description - Tumbling Mats by Tumbl Trak are undoubtedly among the highest-quality tumbling mats available on the market today, trusted by thousands of coaches and schools around the world. These mats are extremely popular because of their vibrant colors and durability. The Tumbling mats are perfect for a variety of activities like gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, martial arts, special needs, yoga, pilates to name a few. Each mat is foldable, making them easy to carry, transport and store at home or at the gym. These mats are also called Panel mats because they easily fold into panels. Parents please note: these tumbling mats are firm to help kids practice surefooted tumbling and are not appropriate for cushioning falls or landings..
Material – 18oz knife-coated vinyl and high-quality crosslink foam.
Available sizes – 4' wide x 6' long x 1-3/8" high, 4' wide x 8' long x 1-3/8" high, 5' wide x 10' long x 1-3/8" high, 4' wide x 6' long x 2" high, 4' wide x 8' long x 2" high, 5' wide x 10' long x 2" high. Folding panels are each 2' wide.
Weight – 4'x 6'x 1-3/8" weighs 15lbs, 4'x 6'x 2" weighs 17lbs, 4'x 8'x 1-3/8" weighs 19lbs, 4'x 8'x 2" is 22lbs, 5'x 10'x 1-3/8" weighs 28lbs, 5'x 10'x 2" weighs 34lbs.
Recommended Uses – Best for a variety of activities except cushiong falls or landings .

Available For Order - Ships between Aug 28 - Sep 6

  • These mats are super-easy to clean. Just use soap and water. Do not use bleach or bleach-based cleaning products.
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