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3/8" Home Dance Subfloor Tiles

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Black3/8" Home Dance Subfloor Tiles
Black 3/8" Home Dance Subfloor Tiles Black
Product Highlights
  • Easy to install foam tile subfloor provides a dense cushion underfoot for dancers.
  • Lightweight and easily portable for travelling dance practices.
  • Can be easily set up and broken down.

  • Easy to install foam tile subfloor provides a dense cushion underfoot for dancers.
  • Lightweight and easily portable for travelling dance practices.
  • Can be easily set up and broken down.
  • Affordable subfloor option for the home dance studio.
  • Perfect for use underneath any rolled Marley floor.
  • Not for advanced ballet (pointe), flamenco, or irish dance as it may be too soft.
Description - Our Home Dance Subfloor tiles are a lightweight yet durable subflooring option that is perfect for use in the home. These easy to install tiles can be put up anywhere in the home, providing the perfect cushion underfoot for any practicing dance. Portable dance subfloors add cushion for the dancer, without losing the support that is needed for balance and landings. While this budget friendly dance flooring subfloor is NOT recommended for use with pointe, it can be used for introductory/beginner ballet, jazz, modern dance styles, and tap if used with Adagio floor. Pairs perfectly with any Marley dance floor rolls, such as Adagio, Adagio Tour, and reversible Dance Floor Rolls.
Material – High density closed cell EVA foam.
Size – 2' x 2'.
Thickness – ~10 mm (3/8")
Weight – Tiles weigh approximately 2.08 Lbs. each.
Recommended Uses – Home Dance Subfloor Tiles are recommended for use anywhere a cushioned yet durable subfloor is necessary for home practice of beginner ballet (not for pointe), jazz, modern, and tap with Adagio floors.

In Stock - Ships between Nov 2 - 6

When installing your dance subfloor, please follow these simple steps:

  • First you will want to clean your main sub floor so that it is free of all dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Install the subfloor tiles by interlocking them together to form a rectangle space upon which your Marley dance floor will go.
  • Laying the vinyl dance floor roll on top of the foam tile subfloor, you may have excess roll material surrounding the tiles. If so, this perimeter is to be taped down to your main floor using Mat Tape, creating a 'ramp' or 'tapered' installation.
  • If you do not have excess roll material surrounding the tiles, you will do something a little bit different. You will need to tape down the perimeter of your dance floor roll directly to the subfloor tiles using Mat Tape. This will create a flat surface and you will see the edges of your subfloor tiles.
  • For installations with multiple rolls, you may also tape together the seams where the rolls touch, ensuring a flat transition where the rolls meet.
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Certified: No Pro Needed

  • A DIY'ers Dream

Around here, we like DIY (do it yourself) projects. It's important to us that we offer products that we can get behind. When you see our Certified: No Pro Needed stamp of approval, you can rest assured that the product is tried and true, a product that you can install - no need to hire a professional. In this case, YOU'RE the professional. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for that!

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does the roll marley floor install directly on to of this sub floor?
donald jeans
Yes, you can put the Marley roll directly over these tiles. We recommend taping the perimeter in place as to avoid movement.
If we have concrete floors in a new dance studio and we use the 3/8" Sub floor tiles and the Marley Adagio rolls is that sufficient sub flooring for the dancers?
Debbie Evans
Our 3/8" Home Dance Subfloor Tiles are a great subfloor option with the Adagio rolls.
I live in a small apartment and work out at home, and am including interval training, but I feel I need more support than just my rug (over a fake hard wood floor) to protect my joints, etc. If I just purchased the sub floor (not the dance floor to put over it) and put my rug over the sub floor do you think it would shift around or would I need to secure it some how? Thanks, Jane
This will depend on what exercises you are doing on the floor. You can certainly try it and if you have movement you can use double sided carpet tape to keep the tiles in place.
is this floor good for tap shoes?
Without a roll/top on the tiles, tap shoes may tear these tiles up since they are made from foam.
Are these tiles recommended for use on a second story wood subfloor? Installing dance room upstairs.
You can install our dance subfloor tiles on any level of the home, on any subfloor.

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Average Rating

  Great subfloor
Self-installed in Garage
Chris S from North Carolina wrote...
Installed just as described. Pleased with the result.
  Love this product—subfloor tiles
Anonymous from Willow Street Pa wrote...
We bought these tiles for two in home projects. A dance floor so my daughter could start college virtually and a workout area. Great product!
Customer review image of  in
Larger Image
  Works well over hardwood floor and under marley
Anonymous from CA wrote...
I installed the subfloor tiles under the marley and over hardwood floor and it was easy to do. I bought extra subfloor tiles more than the marley so I just added them to give me a bigger area to move. I like the 3/8″ depth which is not too high to notice when walking cross the floor. I danced on the new floors and really enjoyed it. It gives me the feeling of studio with enough support. I would probably not dance on pointe as I would add plastic tiles on top of the subfloor.
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