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5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles

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Product Highlights

  • Order more and save.
  • Padded carpet tile.
  • Discount carpet tile floor system.

  • Order more and save.
  • Padded carpet tile.
  • Discount carpet tile floor system.
  • Helps provide anti-fatigue relief.
  • Detachable border pieces make this modular carpet tile system easy to install.
  • Foam construction helps insulate against sound and cold subfloors.
Description - Our interlocking economy soft carpet tiles are an ideal choice for a low-cost carpet tile. These discount tiles are lightweight, easy to install, and portable. Even better, each carpet tile has a high-density EVA foam backing to provide comfort and cushion while standing for a long time.
Even though these carpet tiles aren’t as firm as others, they still come loaded with durable features which provide a waterproof, sound-absorbent, insulated flooring solution all at a lower price point. Each economy soft carpet tile also comes with detachable border pieces. This means that each carpet floor tile can be a border, center, or corner tile.
Note: Our Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles have been updated as of January 2021 and have a new backing and carpet covering. If you are ordering to match a previous order the surface color may not match. If you are trying to match an existing carpet tile, please contact our service team to assist you.
Material – Polyester carpet fibers adhered to closed cell EVA foam rubber.
Size – 2' x 2'
Thickness – ~14mm
Weight – Each tile weighs approximately 1.76 Lbs.
Spec Sheet - Printable Spec Sheet.
Recommended Uses – Economy soft carpet tiles work well as an inexpensive trade show flooring solution, a low-cost basement flooring, a temporary home gym flooring, an exhibit booth flooring for conferences, and in any other location where a low-cost anti fatigue carpet tile solution would be useful.

In Stock - Ships between Jun 18 - 19

Economy soft carpet tiles can be maintained just like your carpet at home.
The recommended cleaning instructions typically include:
  1. Vacuuming the tiles on a medium setting to remove any loose or dry crumbs, dust, or debris.
  2. Using a damp rag to lift harder, set-in stains.
  3. Temporarily removing the tile to clean under warm running water in a sink or tub.

Installing these carpet interlocking tiles is very simple and usually done by the consumer. Typical installation of these tiles is as follows:
  1. First, clean your subfloor so it is free of all dirt, grease, or debris.
  2. Start in one corner of the room with a corner tile and add border tiles outward along the adjacent walls. Add center, corner, and border tiles where you see fit.
  3. When coming up to an opposite wall, make sure you cut the tiles to fit the area leaving a gap that’s roughly the thickness of the tiles being used to account for expansion and contraction of the floor tiles in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives aren’t usually needed since the weight of the product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, you can use some double-sided tape or mat tape around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
Can you explain to me the difference between the Eco soft carpet tiles and the premium soft carpet tiles.
The difference between the 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles and the Premium Soft Carpet Tiles is the quality. The Premium Soft Carpet Tiles are made with a nylon fiber with a stain defender blended into the fiber. Nylon is a very strong fiber, so the carpet will stand up to more abuse and with the stain fighter blended in will look great for a long time to come. The Premium Soft Carpet Tiles do have a rougher texture to them, so they are not always the best for areas where children will be on the floor constantly. The 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles are made with a polyester fiber which is softer but doesn't last as long. This softer fiber is great for areas where children will be on the floor constantly, but will not stand up to the constant abuse for very long.
Will these interlock with the soft foam tiles? I would like to use carpet tiles in an area for rolling chairs, and then transition them to soft foam tiles.
Our Eco-Soft Carpet will interlock with our Premium Soft Tiles.
Do these tiles do well in outside patio and in hot/cold weather.
Lorraine Powers
These tiles are recommended for indoor use only.
Do I have to glue them to the basement concrete self-stick isn't going to work?
michael c dunleavy
You do not have to glue our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles. These tiles are interlocking tiles and once installed will stay in place due to the weight of the collective group.
Does it hold up well with dogs?
Our Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles can be punctured by dog nails, but are still a great choice for any room in your home. For floors that hold up better to dogs, we do offer a wide range of carpet tiles that will still give you the soft feel with the durability that you need. Please feel free to check out our carpet tiles page.
How does your flooring hold up to basement floods? Is it mold resistance?
Our Eco-Soft Carpet tiles are water resistant, but are not waterproof. These tiles can handle a great deal of water, but may not hold up as well as our other foam tiles. This is due to the tiles having a carpet top. If your basement were to become flooded, we would recommend removing the flooring as soon as possible. The tiles are very light, so they will float in the water. Once you have the flooring removed, we recommend placing the tiles outdoors to air dry. There you can assess the amount of damage that has occurred to your flooring. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant, so any staining that occurs on the tiles is usually due to alkali coming up from the concrete.
I'm building a golf simulator room and was planning to use carpet and padding attached to OSB covering the walls and ceiling. Is it possible to use the interlocking rubber tiles or carpet tiles instead? Thanks!
Our Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles would be the same as using the carpet and padding on the OSB board. You would just glue the carpet tiles to the OSB and install on your walls and ceiling like you were going to with the standard carpet.
Can these be used outdoors to cover a cement patio?
Our Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles are not made to be used outdoors. If they were to be used outdoors, the carpet may fade and the foam made degrade due to the elements.
Would this carpet help to reduce noise? I have a quite heavy dog, and i live in the second floor. i have already received complains from my downstairs neighbors.
Our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles will help to reduce the noise cause by your dog. This may not eliminate all the noise that is created, but it will greatly reduce it. These tiles feature a very thick, high density EVA foam that helps to insulate both sound and warmth. If you still have issues with noise after installing these tiles, we would recommend placing another layer of underlayment underneath the tiles.
I'm looking for an outdoor carpet for my Sunroom. What do you guys recommend? Thanks.
We don't recommend installing our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles outdoors, but they can and have been used outdoors successfully. These tiles are easy to clean and maintain, and if a tile does become damaged, just simply replace it with a new one.
How exactly are they waterproof? What happens when they get wet from basement moisture? Like after a heavy rain?
Our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles are not waterproof, but they are water resistant. If there is a minor flooding event, all you have to do is remove the tiles and place them outside so that they can air dry. If there is a major flooring event with sitting water over several days, the tiles may get damaged beyond repair. These tiles are made of foam, so they will float and could be salvaged by allowing the tiles to air dry and cleaning them properly. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant.
The Eco Soft Carpet tiles do not indicate they are non-toxic but the Premium Soft Carpet tiles do state that in the highlights. Are the Eco Soft Carpet tiles also non-toxic?
Our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles are non-toxic and are tested on a regular basis to ensure this. These tiles are phthalate free and are free of formamide and other allergens and hazardous materials.
How stain resistant are these? Can they be vacuumed or steam-cleaned like regular carpet?
The recommended cleaning instructions typically include vacuuming the tiles on a medium setting to remove any loose or dry crumbs, dust, or debris. To clean harder set in stains or liquids off the low cost carpet tile, the tiles can be wiped off with a damp rag or can be temporarily lifted and cleaned under warm running water in a sink or tub. Do not steam clean the tiles.
Do these tiles come with finishing edges? Most I see, say they come with 2 finishing edges, but I can't find that remark on your site.
Our Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles come with two removable edge pieces that will allow you to create a corner, border, or center tile. You will be able to create a finished floor with these edges.
I am trying to calculate how many tiles I will need for my project. The size of Eco-soft carpet tiles is specified as 24x24; however, each tile includes border pieces which will be discarded in the field area. Does the measurement include the border or is it taken from peak to opposite valley? What is the tile size without border pieces? Thank you.
The Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles are 2' x 2' with the border pieces attached. When measured from peak to valley without the border pieces, the size of a tile is 23.12" x 23.12".
Can you use these as a type of rug or do you have to run from wall to wall. I have dogs that I want to give a walk way to but don't want to do the entire floor. Will they move under your feet when you walk or do they grip to the floor?
You can install our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles as a custom rug or as full room flooring. As a rug, the tiles will not move under foot under normal walking conditions.
Does this flooring have a rubber backing to provide grip to a concrete floor? I am looking for a material that could be used in place of a rubber backed turf rug for softball/baseball?
Our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles have a foam backing and would provide ample grip on a concrete floor.
I am renting with carpet in the apartment. Is it fit to install this over the old carpet? Thanks.
You can install our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles over existing carpet. Since this is a temporary floor, you can pick them up and install them in your new space.
Would your product work by a bedside in case of falling out of bed to prevent some impact from a wood floor?
Our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles can be installed around a bed to help deaden a fall from the bed. These tiles feature a thick and impact resistant foam that is perfect for this type of installation.
Will the Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles placed over wood floorboards in a cold 3-season room make it warmer? The room is fully enclosed with vinyl windows and uses a split air/heater but is still cold in the winter. I need flooring that will make the room warmer for sure.
Our Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles will help to keep your room warmer. If the room itself is drafty, you still will have that, but at least the cold won't come up from the subfloor below. Our foam carpet tiles are constructed with closed-cell EVA foam that helps to prevent the temperature transference.
Is there a beveled edge available? I am in need of a smooth transition from current flooring to this soft tile?
William Krah
Currently, we do not have a beveled edge for our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles. We recommend using standard transition pieces for flooring when going from one room to the other.
Can standard double-sided carpet tape be used with these tiles without damaging the foam backing? They will be used in a trade show and will need to be taped down in the configuration we have planned and reused repeatedly.
If you use our double-sided tape under our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles, it can damage the foam backing. We do offer a less aggressive tape in our Mat Tape, that you could use under the tiles that will not damage the tiles. You would just fold it over as you would do with Scotch tape.
I need the tiles to be in an L shaped area. Do you have edge pieces for inside corners?
Jim Kiernan
Since the border pieces on our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles are removable, you could place the borders where needed to create an inside or outside corner.
What glue do I use to glue to plywood walls and ceiling for golf simulators?
robert walsh
To put our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles on a wall or any of our foam tiles, we would recommend using our SprayTac Adhesive. This spray adhesive has a very strong and quick bond.
For the eco or premium carpet tiles: Would we have to fill cracks in our concrete garage floor? Does the floor need to be completely level?
Your concrete doesn't have to be totally level or flat to install our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles. If the cracks are pretty small width wise and height wise, the tiles will install just fine without being damaged. If the cracks are large and are large height-wise, then we would recommend purchasing a leveling compound for your concrete.
Can the tiles be cut to size?
Our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife and straight edge.
Hello. Do the Eco-Soft carpet tiles have a stain repellent on them? If so, what kind? Thanks.
Our 5/8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles are not treated with a stain repellent.
I want to attach these to a wall and a ceiling for a golf simulator. What type of glue do you recommend?
Choosing an adhesive that works for these surface that you are attaching the tiles to is important. If your walls are standard painted drywall, any polyurethane adhesive should work fine, such as Sika adhesive products or Polyurethane Sausage which we carry. It is important to test a small piece to make sure that the adhesive you are using doesn't react with your paint or the foam before applying larger sections.
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Average Rating
Visual representation of average product rating from all associated reviews using stars

Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  Great product, great price, easy installation once
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Putnam County, NY wrote...
Needed low cost, easy-to-install/maintain flooring for our basement. These carpet tiles fit the bill, and were very easy to order, shipped quickly, and arrived within a few days. I am a handy 59 year-old woman, and it took me a total of about 10 hours to install over a few days, including moving furniture out of the way. A few important pointers below: 1. No instructions included, and nothing but a short tutorial on the website, so it took a few tries to get it right - I was having trouble matching the nap of the carpet before I noticed the directional arrows on the bottom (they are very hard to see). I got some pointers about this issue from other reviewers, and have some additional suggestions. I highly recommend marking the pieces with a Sharpie (including edge pieces BEFORE you remove them), and if you have to cut some smaller pieces, make sure to mark each of them, too. Then lay everything pointing in the same direction and the color/nap will match. Or, if you want a checkerboard pattern, you can alternate at right angles, but this will show the interlocks more clearly, and may make it harder to vacuum. 2. If you are doing a wall-to-wall installation, the tiles depend upon a perfectly square room (mine was not), so it's best to start in a corner and lay out both adjoining walls before working towards the middle, otherwise they will buckle when they meet. Leaving a small gap at the edge is important for expansion/contraction. Any large gaps can be filled with scrap pieces, just be aware of the nap. 3. If you can empty the room of furniture before you start, it will go much faster. I didn't have that luxury, so it cost me some extra time jockeying things around, especially in the beginning when I had a couple of false starts. Other than that, once you get the knack, they are pretty easy to install, and the finished product looks great. I highly recommend this company and their product!
Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  Warm and comfy
Self-installed in basement room for living and sleeping in
T. Zellinka from Minneapolis, MN wrote...
My daughter and I finished off a basement room under the garage. The floor was cement and had to be leveled with an epoxy type leveler, which was not recommended for anything that needed to be glued down. We ordered the tiles and installed them ourselves. Very easy to install, only needed to cut on outer walls, and the wood trim was installed on top of them. The floors are very warm and comfy to walk on. There is a lot of lint that vacuums off the first time, but now you can hardly see the seams. It is perfect for this room. We had electric baseboard heaters installed in 3 places also, on top of the tiles, and everything is great. If a tile should get something spilled on it, we would still be able to lift it up, spray or wash it clean, and push it down back in place. Worth the price. Great product.
Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
Self-installed in Enclosed porch in home
Ray from Illinois wrote...
Not especially happy with the durability as far as furniture marks. If you sit a chair on the carpet for any length of time, be aware it will leave the leg marks in the carpet forever. After moving the chair around three or four times you will have a multitude of indentations where each leg sat. They will never go away no matter what you do. As far as the durability, I vacuumed the carpet several times and filled my sweeper with carpet fibers each time. Don't know how much carpet will be left if I keep vacuuming it. Everything sticks to the fibers and it is difficult to get particles up. Looks nice and easy to install. Laid it about three weeks ago. Still looks good, except for the dents from chairs.
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