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Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles

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$2.69 /sqft
Covers 72.00 sqft
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Available For Order - Ships between Jun 1 - 8
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JuncturePentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Juncture Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Juncture
ParcelPentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Parcel Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Parcel
QuarterPentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Quarter Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Quarter
DivisionPentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Division Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Division
RampartPentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Rampart Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Rampart
SectorPentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Sector Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Sector
ZonePentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Zone Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Zone
GridlockPentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
Gridlock Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles Gridlock
DistrictPentz Blockade Carpet Tiles
District Pentz Blockade Carpet Tiles District
Product Highlights
  • Class 1 Fire Rating.
  • Durable nylon carpet.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Pinnacle Rubber Wall Base
Pinnacle Rubber Wall Base
4" x 1/8" x 120 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
$171.17 ea.
$171.17 ea.
Pinnacle 1/8" x 120' Rubber Wall Base
Pinnacle 1/8" x 120' Rubber Wall Base
6" x 1/8" x 120 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
$265.39 ea.
$265.39 ea.
  • Class 1 Fire Rating.
  • Durable nylon carpet.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Lifetime stain removal, performance for wear, and delamination warranties.
  • Attractive, low cost carpeting.
Description - Blockade carpet tiles by Pentz have a neat and modern pattern in every tile, great for use in commercial spaces and schools. Available in several colors that are sure to match any decor, these tiles can be easily replaced if any become damaged. Simply pop the tile up and put a new one in it's place and voila! Backed by a lifetime wear, performance, and stain removal warranty, your new tiles are sure to look great for years to come.
Recommended Installation Pattern - Monolithic, Quarter Turn, Ashlar Brick, non-directional
Material - Patterned loop construction using Encore® SD Ultima® Nylon with Nexus backing
Size - 24" x 24"
Thickness - ~1/4"
Weight - Each carpet tile weighs ~4 lbs
Traffic Type - Severe (3.5 TARR rating or less: For rigorous foot traffic situations such as public areas, lobbies, and dining facilities.)
Recommended Uses - Pentz Blockade carpet tiles have been successfully installed in several high traffic spaces, such as corridors, clinical waiting areas, banks, pediatric clinics, theaters, sales areas, classrooms, youth centers, restaurants and more.

Available For Order - Ships between Jun 1 - 8

Carpet Tile squares do not require special equipment or cleaning products. Maintaining your carpet tiles is as easy as follows:
  • To keep your rooms clean and inviting, carpet tiles should be vacuumed frequently.
  • Spills should be removed immediately with an absorbent cotton cloth and clean water. You can also easily remove the floor carpet tile, clean individual tile and replace it.
  • Periodic maintenance can be performed as needed using a hot water extraction-cleaning machine (i.e. carpet cleaner). Carpet tiles have a backing that prevents water from penetrating or harming the tiles.

For detailed cleaning instructions and commercial cleaning instructions, please Click Here.
Carpet Tiles are easy to install. Installation of carpet tiles typically includes:
  • In wall to wall installations, tiles can be adhered with double-sided tape or you can use a pressure sensitive adhesive for a more permanent hold. You would apply the adhesive with 1/16" V-Notch trowel.
  • If you are using the tiles to create a rug, then double-sided carpet tape is all that is required to keep the tiles in place.
  • For commercial or permanent installations, the use of a pressure sensitive adhesive or acrylic adhesive would be recommended to keep the tiles in place. Again, you would use a 1/16" V-Notch trowel or a 3/8" foam paint roller if needed.
For more detailed carpet tile installation instructions, please Click Here.

For detailed warranty information, please Click Here.
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