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Pacific Artificial Ivy Wall Panel

This product has been discontinued.
Please see comparable products below.
  • Assembly required.
  • Good for residential and commercial applications.
  • Won't attract deer, rabbits, or other outdoor pests.
  • Maintenance-free.
Description - Pacific Artificial Ivy Wall Panel is the perfect ivy for any space! These panels offer a realistic plant-look and are great for areas that need some added beauty.
Plant Variety –Moss.
Material – Polyurethane.
Size – Each panel is 19.68" wide x 19.68" long x 1.5" high.
Total area covered – Each panel covers 2.78 sq ft.
Weight – ~1.4 lbs per panel.
Recommended Uses – Coastal Artificial Ivy Wall Panels are perfect for building living walls, hedges, privacy fences, disguising unsightly areas or as a backdrop for special events such as weddings.

In Stock - Ships between Jul 22 - 24

These artificial plant decor panels are very easy to clean and maintain. Please follow the below steps to keep your panels clean and beautiful.
  • Hose or wipe ivy with water to clean as needed.
  • Use soap or detergent to clean stubborn dirt or stains.
  • Use paint thinner as needed for graffiti.
  • Use a CLR cleaner if ivy has white calcium stains from water overspray.
Installation Instructions are below. You may also check out our installation video on this page for detailed installation instructions.
  • Determine how much surface area needs to be covered.
  • Use scissors or a carpet knife to trim the panel to fit the surface area as needed.
  • Installation Instructions for Chain Link Fence:
  • Use green or black zip ties to attach the panels every 4" around the perimeter and every 4" throughout the complete surface area of the panel.
  • Cut off excess zip tie overage.
  • Installation Instructions for Wood Fence:
  • Use wood screws and a washer to attach the panels to the wood fence every 4" around the perimeter and every 4" throughout the complete surface area of the panel.
  • Make sure to not use wood screws longer than the thickness of the wood fence.
  • Installation Instructions for Concrete, Cinder Block or Stucco:
  • Use a hammer drill to drill a hole for the screw using a carbide or titanium drill bit.
  • Use a screw designed for concrete, cinder block or stucco.
  • Put a washer on the screw to hold the panel against the surface every 4" around the perimeter and every 4" throughout the complete surface area of the panel.
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