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Airdrain Turf Drainage Tile (Case of 114 tiles)

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Sale price: $3.00 /sqft
Covers 798.00 sqft
In Stock - Ships between Jun 26 - Jul 1

Product Highlights

  • Great for odor control and drainage.
  • Allows air to circulate and water to pass through rapidly.
  • Directs waste to pre-determined drainage.
  • Great for odor control and drainage.
  • Allows air to circulate and water to pass through rapidly.
  • Directs waste to pre-determined drainage.
  • If you need a smaller quantity, they are individually sold here
Description - Airdrain is a geocell drainage grid tile that elevates the turf above the subfloor to allow air to circulate and water to pass through rapidly. This tile creates a 1 inch 92% air void underneath your artificial turf and helps to keep the surface temperature at lower levels due to its ability to allow a continuous movement of air. AirDrain works perfectly for pets as well because separates artificial grass from the subfloor such as concrete and directs the waste to predetermined drainage to allow the urine and waste to reduce odors and prevents bacterial buildup.
Material – 100% recycled copolymer.
Size – Each sheet is 32" wide x 32" long x 1" high. Each case is 33" wide x 33" long x 120" high.
Tiles per case – 114.
Weight – 2 Lbs. per tile & 278 lbs per case.
Area covered – Each case (114 tiles) covers 798 sq ft.
Recommended Uses - Airdrain can be used in any residential or commercial space and is also widely used in homes, pet day care centers and commercial kennels.

In Stock - Ships between Jun 26 - Jul 1

To view printable installation instructions, please Click Here.
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How long does it last under turf at a dog daycare
The Airdrain Turf Drainage Tile will raise the entire profile off the subfloor, creating a 1” air void and bringing gravity into play this allows the area to dry quickly and efficiently for as long as it is placed under the turf. AirDrain’s strength and durability allow it to be used under multiple turf replacements as well.
Does the turf drainage tile make the artificial turf place on top of it possibly feel too firm for some people?
This may make the surface feel slightly firm.
how do we install the turf on top of airdrain when its on concrete> Glue?
mitch katz
You may either use glue or seam tape along the perimeter of the turf when installing over Airdrain turf drainage tiles.
I have soft turf tiles on top of a rubber membrane roof deck. Would this be a good subfloor to allow better drying action, or are these tiles hard plastic that might penetrate the rubber?
Our Airdrain Turf Drainage Tiles can be used under turf over a rubber roof. These tiles don't have any small pegs that would cause damage to the roof.
What if I only have 250 sq.ft. for my terrace application?
We have a single version of this product available. You can search "Airdrain Turf Drainage Tile" in the search bar to get to this product page.
Can you install these tiles on slanted concrete? How do you ensure the tiles stay in place?
Yes, this can be installed on a slant and will also drain towards the slant. The tiles stay in place with their locking mechanism.
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