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3/8" Soft Wood Tiles

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In Stock - Ships between May 30 - 31
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Gray3/8" Soft Wood Tiles
Maple 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles
Product Highlights
  • Designer wood appearance.
  • Perfect for light traffic areas.
  • Detachable edge pieces make installation easy.

  • Designer wood appearance.
  • Perfect for light traffic areas.
  • Detachable edge pieces make installation easy.
  • Low profile 3/8" thickness.
  • Wood pattern is not guaranteed to line up between tiles.
Description - Our 3/8" soft wood tiles offer a low cost foam flooring surface with the attractive textured appearance of a wood floor combined with the softness and cushion of a foam tile. These tiles interlock to make for an easy DIY installation and include detachable edge pieces so that each tile has the ability to be a center, corner, or border tile. Soft wood tiles are also water resistant, easy to clean, and act as an excellent insulator against sound and temperature transmission. Smaller numbers of tiles can be used to make portable and quick to assemble exercise mats.
Note: This product is not designed for medium to high traffic areas. The wooden design can be punctured under sharp animal nails, rough use, high heels, and the wooden pattern is not guaranteed to always line up between interlocking tiles.
Material – 3/8" Soft wood tiles are constructed of closed cell EVA foam that helps ensure they are water resistant, odor free, light weight yet durable and insulating.
Size – 2' x 2'.
Thickness – 3/8 Inch nominal (~9mm)
Weight – Each tile weighs approximately 0.625 Lbs.
Spec Sheet - Printable Spec Sheet.
Recommended Uses – 3/8" Soft wood tiles have been used successfully as light duty home gym flooring, exercise mats, trade show flooring, exhibit flooring, retail display flooring, living areas, conventions, or any other location where an elegant yet cushioning flooring surface would be useful.

In Stock - Ships between May 30 - 31

  • 3/8” thick soft wood tiles can be maintained just like your wood flooring at home.
  • The recommended cleaning instructions typically include sweeping the tiles to remove any loose or dry dirt, crumbs, dust, or debris.
  • To clean harder stains or liquids off of the soft wood tiles, the tiles should be wiped off with a damp rag or temporarily lifted and cleaned under warm running water in a sink or bath tub.

Installation of interlocking tiles is very simple and typically done by the consumer. Typical installation of these tiles is as follows:
  • First, clean your sub floor so it is free of all dirt, grease or debris.
  • Start in one corner of the room with a corner tile and add border tiles outward along the adjacent walls. Add center, corner, and border tiles where you see fit.
  • When coming up to an opposite wall, make sure you cut the tiles to fit the area leaving a gap that’s roughly the thickness of the tiles being used to account for expansion and contraction of the floor tiles in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives are usually not used since the weight of the locked together product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double-sided tape or mat tape can be used around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.
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While I was reading your reviews, one stated that the shrink wrap around the tiles warped the tiles making it hard for them to lay flat. Is this true?
After receiving some complaints about this issue, we decided to not shrink wrap our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles going forward. This will not be an issue with either our Textured Mocha or Textured Maple colors.
Do you have any foam mats that have ramped edges to prevent tripping?
For our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles, we do not have a beveled ramp. We are currently working on adding beveled ramps to our all of our soft tile options so be on the look out for this option in the near future.
Are the Soft Wood Tiles waterproof? I am putting them in a dogs playroom. Thanks.
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles are water resistant, not waterproof. They would work just fine in a dog's playroom. The only issue you will run into is that the tiles may get damaged by the dog's nails.
I have your soft wood tiles in my gym and I'm having issues with tile expansion because there is heavy equipment on both sides negating the expansion gap. Can we use polyurethane or other floor adhesive to hold the tiles down?
You can use a pressure sensitive or polyurethane adhesive to hold our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles down. If you use an adhesive, the tiles would become damaged when removed. You can also use double sided tape which will allow you to move the tiles if need be.
Hello. we are looking into redoing our Group Fitness Studio floors at our gyms. Currently they are hard wood, and I am curious about vinyl wood floor. Do you have a wood looking rubber option we could use in our studio? We do have high traffic, and the classes include Zumba, Kick Boxing with lots of lateral movement, SilverSneaker classes in which we use chairs and strength classes. Thank you for your time.
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles cannot be used in a gym of any kind. These tiles were made for light traffic playrooms or spare rooms. For a gym environment, we would recommend our Impact Rolls - Wood Series or our Eco Impact Rolls - Wood Series. Both of these have wood looks with cushion backings and can handle heavy traffic and daily use in a gym.
Hello there, which size the tile in meters?
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles are .61 meters by .61 meters.
I'm looking for rubber tiles or a mat that can be put over the hardwood flooring in my home playroom. I'm looking for something that won't leave a stain or residue on the wood flooring. Any suggestions?
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles can be used for this application and will not leave a residue on your hardwood flooring.
What about for outdoor / patio - would this work?
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles would work as flooring in an outdoor patio. These tiles are made of foam and will not last as long as our rubber or plastic flooring products. In the elements, these tiles will be susceptible to the following: fading and tile degradation. These tiles have been installed for this purpose successfully by many of our customers and can last for several years before needing to be replaced.
How many tiles come in a box?
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles are sold by the tile, so you can order as many tiles as you need.
Is this mat safe for kids? I heard the foam mat releases some fume that is not healthy for babies. Will you give some information?
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles are very safe for children of all ages and have and are tested to ensure this. To get a copy of our testing, please feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heroes via email, chat, or phone, and they will be more than happy to send it to you.
Can the tiles be placed over carpeting? Looking to convert a spare bedroom into a yoga/meditation room but don't want to rip up the carpeting.
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles can be installed over commercial-grade low pile carpet easily. When placed over plush carpeting, there is potential for separation to occur with the tiles. We recommend when installing these tiles over plush carpet, that you use 1/4" plywood boards over the carpet to create a hard, flat surface. This will prevent the separation.
Could these be hung up on a wall for soundproofing/sound caring?
You can install our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles on a wall as soundproofing. To install these tiles on your wall, we recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Can these tiles be installed over ceramic flooring? Would it make any difference whether the 3/8' thick or the 5/8" thickness is used?
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles can be installed over ceramic or any other hard, flat surface in your home. These tiles can also be installed over commercial grade carpet, but if installed over plush carpet, they may separate causing a tripping hazard. Either thickness of our Soft Wood Tiles works perfectly for any installation.
I’m thinking of using your product over an existing deck on our screened porch. It would get wet on one side when it rains, and the wind is blowing. Is your product ok to use in this application? We love the wood look. The existing surface is Azek poly boards.
You can install our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles on a screened porch. Since they will be exposed to the elements slightly, they may become worn quicker than if in an enclosed room. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant and are very easy to clean. All you would need to do is sweep any large dirt and debris off the floor and mop with a mild soap and water solution as need be. If a tile were to become damaged, you could easily replace it.
What is the size of these tiles?
Fermin Ibanez
Our Soft Wood Tiles are 2' x 2' in size.
Is it safe to lay the wood foam flooring over a concrete floor that has radiant heat? Will it give off any odor once it warms up the tile?
You can install our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles over a floor with radiant heating. Since these tiles are non-porous, you will not get the full effects of the system. The tiles will not be affected in any way by radiant heating and will not melt.
Can your 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles be installed in an enclosed trailer?
B. Sherra
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles can be used as flooring in RV's or enclosed trailers that will not be used as transport for vehicles. If you are looking for flooring that will handle vehicle traffic on it, we recommend checking out our trailer flooring page for all of the flooring that is great for toy haulers and enclosed trailers.
Is the 3/8 Soft Wood Tile good for bathrooms?
You can install our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles in a bathroom, but we don't recommend it. These tiles are made with foam and have a laminate top on them which can become slick when wet. Even though they are non-porous and are resistant to mold and mildew growth, their lack of slip-resistance makes them an inadequate floor for bathrooms. If you would like to get that wood look, but in a product that is more slip-resistant, we would recommend purchasing our Impact Rolls - Wood Series.
I want to use this tiles, do you sell half tiles? Or should I just cut the tiles to the right measurement?
We don't sell half tiles our of 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles or any other tile. To get your new flooring to fit your space, we recommend cutting the tiles to fit with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Do the edges come with the tiles?
Each 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles comes with two removable edge piece that allows you to turn any tile into a corner, border, or center tile.
Are these tiles weather resistant? Can I use them to line the floor of an outdoor tree house?
Tony Lan
Soft Wood Tiles would be great for an outdoor tree house! These tiles are waterproof as well as UV stable so they wouldn't fade from outdoor sun exposure. Foam tiles can handle inclement weather and can be washed easily.
Can these tiles be installed on an outdoor covered patio?
Soft Wood Tiles are made from a closed cell EVA foam and are waterproof and UV stable. They are soft foam and can be punctured with sharp objects that can be tracked in onto the flooring if used on a patio, but if one becomes punctured it is easy to replace simply by swapping out the tile with a new one. They would be great on an outdoor patio.
We would like to wipe down the tiles with some sort of cleaner to disinfect since our infant is crawling on these. I can only find the use of water alone to wipe down. What do you recommend? Are most floor cleaners acceptable? Or just mild soap? Thank you
Brenna Simons-Petrusa
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles have a durable surface that can be cleaned with any common household disinfectant. We would suggest reviewing your disinfectants to make sure that they would not cause any discoloring the the tile surface, which one probably wouldn't want to use on a surface that a child would be in close contact with anyway. Child-safe disinfectants on the surface of these tiles would not harm the tiles.
Are the wood-looking tiles slippery? Do they have a bit of a grip?
The 3/8" Soft Wood tiles have a nice bit of texture to make them more grippy than just flat foam. We try to ensure that they are safe when wet but it always smart to take precaution if they get wet and dry them off with a towel.
Can they be used outdoors on a deck?
Hedy Taranto
Our 3/8" Soft Wood Tiles are not only waterproof but UV stable, making them great for outdoor use. The EVA foam is susceptible to puncture from sharper objects so it is suggested that you keep the surface clean to avoid walking on top of objects that could puncture the surface.
Hello. We are reopening a children's classroom that has your foam tiles. What do you recommend to clean and sanitize while not causing problems for the tiles.
Any floor cleaning products that you would use on a surface would be great for the Soft Wood Tiles. They have a durable surface that is meant to be cleaned with standard household cleaners. You would not want to use harsh chemicals on them, but you would probably not be using any of those in your environment anyway!
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Average Rating

  needs better edge
Self-installed in trade shows.
Diane from Novi, MI wrote...
I have used these tiles for years. The thing that is really needed is a sloping edge. When used and trade shows the flat edges can be a tripping hazard. Please consider offering a sloping/slanted edge. I would offer as a separate purchase to up-grade to. Offer them by the piece or bundled for 10 x 10 foot space minimum. I have sent more than 50 trade show customers to you over the last 8 years. People step into the booth and bounce on the floor because it's cushy. Better for feet over 3 or 4 days, easy to install.
Customer review image of  in lanie
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  Foam tile
Self-installed in lanie
Jenny from Ormond Beach, FL wrote...
Excellent quality and service. Had a problem with 2 tiles, customer service responded immediately, replaced tiles promptly.
  pay the extra $ for the 5/8 thickness
Self-installed in Basement
Carrie from Wisconsin wrote...
This flooring is OK. We put it in a rec room area. The tiles do not stay perfectly together (gap) and I fear the the top film will tear easily. They arrive wrapped in groups of 4 tiles with plastic, and it causes the edges of the puzzle pieces to compress down so when you try to lock it up to another piece, the puzzle pieces are not perfectly level to each other. I had ordered a sample of the 5/8 thick in Dark Oak and we decided that we would save some money and get the 3/8 thick Dark Oak. Don't make the same mistake we did and assume the color would be the same for either floor. Dark Oak in the 3/8″ is much more yellow/orange toned. Unfortunately, I had already painted the room to match the sample of the 5/8 flooring. It will work for now, but I don't expect the flooring to last. The foam core is much softer in comparison with the 5/8 inch flooring. Buyer Beware.
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