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Home Wrestling Mats

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38 reviews
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Product Highlights

  • Flexible roll out system for easy setup, transport, and storage.
  • Perfect for home wrestling and MMA.
  • Purchase multiples to create larger areas.


6' Gym Wall Padding Corner
6' Gym Wall Padding Corner
6' x 6" x 6" Nail Margin Wall Pad Corner
6' x 6" x 6" Nail Margin Corner
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$246.65 ea.
$246.65 ea.
2' x 6' Wall Pads
2' x 6' Wall Pads
Nail Margin
2' x 6' x 2-1/2" thick
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$99.99 ea.
$99.99 ea.
  • Flexible roll out system for easy setup, transport, and storage.
  • Perfect for home wrestling and MMA.
  • Purchase multiples to create larger areas.
  • Low cost, portable, and easy to store.
  • Can also be used for some floor home exercises.
  • Mat tape sold separately.
Description - Our durable Home Wrestling Mats are perfect for beginners practicing their moves or for general fitness and exercise in the home. Lightweight and portable, these roll out mats can easily be moved from space to space, allowing you to practice in the best environment for your needs. The built-in roll up system allows for quick and easy installation, transportation, and even easier storage when not in use. Home Wrestling Mats are also shock absorbent and the easy to clean vinyl top surface is ideal for use inside the home, basement, garage, and even on the go.
Note – If ordering more than one mat, there may be slight variation in surface color shade, texture, and nominal size due to the production process.
Material – Crosslink Polyethylene Foam bonded to a tough 24 oz. vinyl top.
Size – Available in 3' x 6', and 5' x 10' mats.
Thickness – Available in 1-1/4” or 1-5/8" thicknesses.
Weight – 3' x 6' mats weigh ~9 Lbs. each, and 5' x 10' mats weigh ~23 Lbs. each.
Rolled Size
  • 3' x 6' x 1 5/8" mats: 14" x 14" x 36".
  • 5' x 10' x 1 1/4" mats:16" x 16" x 60"
Recommended Uses – Home Wrestling Mats are recommended as a home practice judo mat, karate mat, or home wrestling mat. They can also be suitable for some low impact floor exercises and workouts.

Available For Order - Ships between Aug 7 - Sep 4

  • Wrestling mats are very easy to clean. Each mat is constructed of durable closed cross-linked polyethylene sports foam with a tough vinyl top surface.
  • If the mats get something spilled on them or appear dirty, simply wipe the mat with a damp cloth and your wrestling mat will look like new.
  • Wrestling Mats are very easy to install. The built-in flex rolling system makes it easy and quick to roll each mat out for use and then roll it back up when finished for convenient storage.
  • These portable and lightweight Wrestling Mats can be rolled up and easily transported, making them suitable to be installed in virtually any room or practice space quickly and without fuss.
  • Two or more mats can be adjoined using mat tape to make a larger wrestling practice area.
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I live in Hawaii so do I still get the free shipping?
Free shipping is only available for orders being delivered within the contiguous 48 states.
do mats meet BOTH standards: ASTM F355A & ASTM f1081?
Our 5' 9' x 1-5/8" Home Wrestling Mats meet both of these standards. Our 4' x 6' x 1-5/8" and 5' x 10' x 1-1/4" mats do not.
Do the mats float on water?
Our Home Wrestling Mats do float in water.
Could you bond several together and make a rolling hot tub cover. If so how would you create an 8'x12' waterproof surface?
You can connect several mats using our mat tap or glue. We would recommend using a pressure sensitive glue to connect them.
What is the thickness of a rolled up mat?
The rolled up sizes for our Home Wrestling Mats are as follows: 4' x 6' x 1-5/8": 14" x 14" x 48", 5' x 9 ' x 1-5/8": 17" x 17" x 60", and 5' x 10' x 1-1/4": 16" x 16" x 60".
I want to cover a cement garage floor within a side area which happens to have an octagon shaped wall where the mats will need to flush-up against. This being the case, I will have to make several cuts/slices to the mats. Are these OK to slice? I do not desire to go with tiled mats because my son wants the nearly extra one inch of cushion these mats provide versus the one inch cushioned tile.
You can cut our Home Wrestling Mats with a sharp utility knife and straight edge. You may have to make a couple passes to cut through the mat.
is there a "limit" to the time these can be rolled and unrolled?
There is no time limit to how long these rolls can be rolled or unrolled.
I have three boys wrestling, and we have limited space in our living room 7' by 11' would these mats work well for wrestling training?
Our Home Wrestling Mats are great as practice wrestling mats. These mats are very easy to clean and maintain and are just as easy to roll out and roll up.
I have a min-gym I've set up in my living room, but I have neighbors downstairs. Will this mat help reduce the amount of sound that passes through when I do burpees or mountain jumpers and such? I intend to have a jig-saw 1" mat under this one, and there's carpeting and a hardwood floor under that. Please let me know. Thanks!
Kartik Chandrasekhar
Adding our Home Wrestling Mats to your current set up will help to substantially reduce the amount of sound transmission to your neighbors below you. Our Home Wrestling Mats are very impact resistant and will transfer the noise from impact throughout the mat.
Do these mats come with Velcro to connect two together? If not, is there a way to add this accessory?
Since our Home Wrestling Mats feature a vinyl top, you are not able to use velcro to keep them together. To keep these mats together, we recommend using our Mat Tape. You can use this on top of the mat without damaging the mat, or you can use it under the mat, as well. We recommend using it on top.
Can you install on a cement garage floor where the temperature could be about 30 degrees sometimes?
You can install our Home Wrestling Mats over any hard flat surface such as concrete, plywood, asphalt, and the like.
Can I use it as a cushion for an overground pool (framed pool)?
You can use our Home Wrestling Mats as padding under an overground pool. These mats are non-porous and will not harbor any mold or mildew.
Can this mat be left outside? Will it stand up to rain?
Keith Dillard
Our Home Wrestling Mats can be used outdoors and can withstand the elements. Since these mats have a vinyl top, leaving them outdoors will not affect them in any way.
Are these mats flame/spark retardant/resistant?
Josh Whittington
Home Wrestling Mats have a Class D fire rating with a Flame Spread Index of 365 and a Smoke Developed Index of 300.
Will work out equipment damage the mat? I have a Bowflex lateral X, a freestanding pull-up bar, and contemplating adding a bench, and fight camp bag.
Deanna Kitchens
Home Wrestling mats are a great addition to any exercise room and can be used with heavy equipment on top of it. Because the mat is made of foam it will indent slightly from the weight of the equipment. For stability it is suggested that the legs of the workout equipment be placed on sliders to help distribute the weight.
How well would this mat hold up to plyometric jump training wearing sneakers?
The Home Wrestling Mats are made of a vinyl bonded foam that can handle repeated impact and would be great for all kinds of exercises including plyometric training.
I enjoy jumping rope but live in an apartment building with neighbors living below me. Can this mat muffle the sounds of jumping?
Our wrestling mats will absolutely help you with sound during exercise. The foam-backed vinyl mats are great at dampening sound that radiates through flooring.
It says it can float in water. Will mat get waterlogged or ruined? Will water get into the vinyl casing?
Our Home Wrestling Mats will not get waterlogged if placed in water, and water will not get in the vinyl casing. The vinyl on the surface of the mats is a one-piece vinyl sheet made specifically for wrestling. So there would be nowhere for the water to get in between the vinyl.
Is this a good mat to practice back flips on?
Our Home Wrestling Mats work great for tumbling and flipping moves. We also recommend our Folding Mats( and Crash Mats( which have thicker foam padding to provide even more cushioning.
Do these pads soak up any liquid from either side? Trying to find a closed cell pad so that nothing speaks into the pad.
Our Home Wrestling Mats are made out of Crosslink Polyethylene Foam bonded to a tough 24 oz. vinyl top. Since the foam is a closed-cell foam it will not soak up any liquids on any of the sides.
Is the vinyl surface of these mats waterproof? How is the scratch resistance?
The vinyl used on our Home Wrestling Mats is highly water resistant.
Does it come with a carrying bag
Karen West
Our Home Wrestling Mats do not come with any carrying bags.
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  These Mats Are Awesome!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Calvin from Kankakee, IL wrote...
The wrestling mats I ordered from FlooringINC are awesome! I have a 2.5 car garage with very little room, so storing these mats is very easy and convenient. When I’m done using them, the mats are rolled up and put in the corner of the garage, out of the way. I train a group of police officers so they can have an active and more healthy lifestyle. The wrestling mats allow us to have 4 people grappling at once. The officers work on takedowns, ground control, and other grappling techniques. They wear their duty belts and use blue guns to work on gun retention as well. The mats have not shown any signs of wear or punctures from the hard plastic holsters attached to the belts. We also do our core workouts, use kettle bells, and jump rope on the mats. They are still holding up. I am probably going to buy one more, just so I have a little more room to work with. Attached are pictures of me rolling with the only Dalmatian I know that is a police dog.
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  A little stiff when it arrives
Anonymous from Boulder, CO wrote...
We got this mat for my son and husband doing jiu jitsu and aikido practice at home. The mat is a great size for small bodies tumbling around but is a little tight for my 6'2″ husband to do forward and backward rolls. When it arrives it is a bit stiff and we think it will break in soon. It also came with an epoxy smell that we let air out in our garage before bringing it into the house. All in all it is well made and a great price.
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  OK but...
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Midwest wrote...
Bought this because they were advertised as ″home wrestling mats″. Even though a person could probably use them for that purpose these mats are much harder than real wrestling mats. Not really what I was looking for although the quality of these mats are good they are not true wrestling mat quality and/or consistency. John
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