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Product Highlights

  • Great for ballet, jazz, modern, tap and many other styles of dance.
  • Includes 1 roll of matching Rosco floor tape.
  • "Limited slip" grip for a range of dances.
  • Great for ballet, jazz, modern, tap and many other styles of dance.
  • Includes 1 roll of matching Rosco floor tape.
  • "Limited slip" grip for a range of dances.
  • Rosco rolls are used by professional touring dance companies and competitions around the world.
Description - Get your home practice space set up in a flash with Rosco's Marley Mat & dance tape package. Marley Dance Mat is designed for small spaces for at home use, and feature the durable Adagio Tour roll you've come to know and love.
Material – High quality Homogeneous PVC vinyl sheet with 1 roll dance tape 2" wide x 108' long
Mat Dimensions – 63" x 72"
Thickness – ~1 mm
Installation – Temporary
Floor Speed – Medium-Fast
Shoe Style – All shoe styles, hard or soft
Use With – Vinyl Tape, Heavy Duty Cleaner and All Purpose Cleaner
Recommended Uses – Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Irish, Flamenco, Lyrical, Drill Team

Available For Order - Ships between Jul 30 - Aug 6

Vinyl rolls are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning of this flooring typically includes:
  • Sweeping or vacuuming any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the floor when necessary.
  • Light damp mopping to remove light staining or spills. Remove scuffs and excessive soil by carefully scrubbing.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as discoloration may occur. We recommend closing blinds or drapes during peak sunlight hours to prolong the life of the floor.
Note: This is not a stain proof product. Leaving certain harsh chemicals or spills on the floor for an extended period of time may cause some staining and/or damage. Always clean up a spill immediately to reduce the chance of staining or other damage to your flooring.
Here are the instructions for installation of your Rosco brand Marley Mat:

  • First you will want to clean your sub floor so that it is free of all dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Inspect both sides of your Marley Mat closely. You’ll notice one side is textured and uniform in color, while the other side is smooth with a dappled mix of color gradients. Your mat should be laid out with the textured/uniform side up, and the glossy/gradient side down towards the floor.
  • Position your Marley Mat in place and use the included Rosco Floor Tape to tape around the perimeter of the mat and secure it in place.
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We have a cement floor, will this flooring with tape adhere to a cement surface?
Becky S
Yes that would work but we would recommend using a subfloor tile if possible.
Hello, I was wondering if this is meant to never be moved or if it would be OK to roll/unroll as needed (I share the space with others that use shoes that could ruin the marley).
That would be fine.
Can this be used for pointe work?
Sarah Michelle Miley
Yes, this can be used for pointe. Yes you would need to add a subfloor over your concrete to reduce likeliness of dancer injury.
Can this be used over carpet?
You could use this over dense, low pile commercial carpet but we really don't suggest doing that. We recommend adding a more suitable subfloor option to avoid possible injury and damage.
Is this safe for hardwood floors? Including the tape?
You can safely use the Rosco Marley Mat and tape over a hardwood floor.
Would this work over carpet? If not, what do you suggest?
You can use Rosco Marley Mats directly over carpeting without any issue, but we do recommend adding an underlayment to provide additional support for dancers. You can see all our options for underlayment and subfloors here:!filter=889
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