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  • Included: (1) aluminum cup, (1) flag pole, and (1) black and white checkered flag.
  • Included: (1) aluminum cup, (1) flag pole, and (1) black and white checkered flag.
Description - What is a putting green with no holes? A lawn. So finish your new putting green with our Cup and Flag Kit. This kit includes (1) aluminum cup, (1) flag pole, and (1) black and white checkered flag.
Weight – Each cup and flag kit weighs about 2.25 Lbs. The aluminum cup weighs 1 Lb. The flag pole weighs 1 Lb. The flag weighs .25 Lbs.
Size - The aluminum cup is 4" high. The flag pole is 32" high.

In Stock - Ships between May 19 - 24

Installation our cup and flag kit is very simple and typically done by the consumer. Typical installation the cup is as follows:

Grading and compaction of sub-grade materials

Grading and compaction of sub-grade materials are very important for the rolling of the golf ball. I recommend placing either chat or decomposed granite below the putting green surface. When the grading is complete, the underlying surface should be equally smooth without any compactor lines or small holes. If the subgrade materials are not smooth, the golfer will complain about irregular “Ball roll”. It is especially important that the area around the putting green cup be consistent.

If you are going to use type II or road base as your grading materials, I recommend placing 1 inch of chat or decomposed granite on top and compact to complete a smooth surface. Type II and road base has too much aggregate (rock) and will cause problems with proper “ball roll”.

When the grading and compaction of the subgrade materials are complete, take a level and check the 3’ radius around where the cup is to be placed to make sure it is flat without any imperfections. The 3’ radius around the putting green cup is very important to be flat, smooth and true. This where the golf ball will need your grading talents to simulate real play without the golf ball stopping or curving away from the hole due to improper grading.

Excavation of the hole

Many synthetic turf contractors place the putting green cups in dirt and compact around the cup. I highly recommend placing putting green cups in concrete mortar. When placing putting green cups in compacted dirt the cups tend to shift due to loosening of the soils caused by rainwater, foot traffic, and excessive pulling the flag in and out of the cup. When the putting green cup is not stable it will allow the cup to move or settle which causes the flags to tilt and/or cause a “volcano effect” (picture below to the right). If this happens you will definitely be called back to remove and replace entire green.

Depending on the cup size, it is my recommendation that the excavation of the hole for embedding the cup should be a minimum of 2” around the exterior of the cups diameter. This will allow for the poured and placed concrete to wrap around the entire cup. The hole should be excavated 1” deeper than the putting green cup height. When excavating the cup hole, I recommend placing weed barrier or a plastic bag to put the excavated soils on. This will prevent the excavated soils from disturbing the compacted subgrade surface.

Concrete Cylinders

Creating a film on the putting green cup and placing concrete around its perimeter will create a concrete cylinder which will allow the cup to rotate for height adjustment when the concrete mortar is cured.

I recommend two options for creating a film around the putting green cup. I recommend WD40/Silicone lubricant or Wax Paper to create a lubricated surface to allow the exterior putting green cup to be able to slide up and down after the poured and placed concrete cured.

  • WAX PAPER – Take the putting green cup and place wax paper around its surface tightly.
  • WD40/Silicone Lubricant – Take the putting green cup and spray the complete surface with WD40/Silicone Lubricant.
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Can an additional cup and flag be added after the artificial putting green is installed?
Clint Patterson
Yes, additional cups and flags can always be added.
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Average Rating

  Perfect way to finish putting surface
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Back yard
Anonymous from Seattle, WA wrote...
Flags and cups are high quality and look great. Installed with quickcrete.
  great quality
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in back yard
JD from 02921 wrote...
appears to be high quality, time will tell. They are exactly what I was looking club quality
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Derry, NH
Anonymous from Derry, NH wrote...
Love these cup & flag kits. Purchased two and decided to purchase a third. Easy to install and they work great!
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