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Mohawk Grandwood Waterproof Vinyl Planks

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This product has been discontinued.
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T-Molding / Reducer
T-Molding / Reducer
1-3/4" x 78.75"
Functions as a T-Molding or Reducer
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$42.99 ea.
$42.99 ea.
  • Anti stain & scratch.
  • 100% waterproof and petproof.
  • 30 year warranty.
  • Uniclic easy install technology.
  • Realistic look and feel.
  • Fewer plank pattern repeats compared to other brands.
  • Up to 30% faster installation time with Uniclic Multifit construction.
Description - Mohawk's Grandwood vinyl planks feature a realistic wood look visual and feel that is sure to impress. Built with Mohawk's Solidtech design, these planks look better longer, while being anti-stain, anti-scratch, 100% waterproof, odor resistant and pet proof. Grandwood is backed by a 30 year residential warranty, ensuring you love your floor for decades to come.
Material – Grandwood planks are from the SolidTech hard surface flooring collection. 100% waterproof vinyl plank flooring is constructed with 100% virgin vinyl, containing no recycled content, has a high density core and Uniclic Multifit system for faster installation.
Size – Grandwood Vinyl Planks are 6" x 48".
Thickness – 5.5mm
Wear Layer – 12 MIL (0.3 mm).
Radiant Heat Approved – Yes
Weight – Each case weighs ~37 lbs
Recommended Uses – Grandwood's 100% waterproof and petproof guarantee make them perfect for any room of the home, including basements, entryways, mudrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and more.
Vinyl tiles and planks are easy to keep clean and maintain. Maintenance of the floor typically includes:
  • Daily or weekly vacuuming or dropping of dirt, grit, dust etc.
  • Use felt pads under chair and furniture legs to prevent scratching of the flooring surface.
  • Place door mats at all entrances to prevent tracked in dirt, rocks, moisture, and other debris.
  • Avoid using rubber backed mats as they can stain the flooring surface over time.
  • When mopping, use a damp and never a wet mop.
  • Clean up spills immediately to prevent damage to the floor.

For more detailed maintenance instructions, please Click Here.
Installation is simple, and is commonly done by our customers. Installation of interlocking vinyl planks is as follows:
  • Complete any necessary floor prep.
  • Start with the tongue side facing the wall.
  • After the initial starter board, press the end seam of the second plank into the end seam of the first plank, and then lock them together by laying the plank down. Continue working left to right.
  • Install the first plank in the second row by inserting the tongue into the groove of the plank in the first row. This is best done with a low angle of the plank.
  • Insert the long side seam at a slight angle first. As the top surfaces meet, rotate the plank down into the locked position. Engage the end seam, using a rubber mallet if necessary.
  • Planks may be cut with a utility knife using the “score and snap” technique, or with the use of a crosscut power saw.
  • Continue installing planks removing any gaps using a tapping block and a scrap of flooring to cover the tapping block. Be careful not to damage tongue and groove.
  • Protect all exposed edges by installing wall moulding and/or transition strips. Make sure that no plank will be secured in any way to the subfloor.

For more detailed installation instructions, please Click Here.

Extra long planks

  • Perfect for large, open areas

Mohawk’s Grandwood waterproof vinyl planks are beautiful and give a look you are sure to love. At 6” wide and 49” long, these large format wood look vinyl planks and comparable to the real deal hardwood flooring as far as looks, but are more durable.

Construction You Can Count On

  • A multi-layered wonder

Mohawk’s Solidtech collection features a durable wear layer to stand up to the hard stuff in life and a high quality printed vinyl later to closely resemble real wood. The core is 100% waterproof, making it suitable to be installed anywhere in the home, and truly versatile.

Waterproof benefits

  • You can rest assured

100% waterproof, and built to repel stains and liquids, you can remain at ease if anything gets on your floor. Even pet friendly, Mohawk lets you spend more time enjoying your floors than worrying about them.

Easy living

  • No buyer’s remorse here

These planks are super easy to clean and maintain, ensuring you don’t spend all your time scrubbing and getting soapy. Mohawk flooring is safe and kid friendly, so you don’t need to worry about anything scary with your little ones. Life happens, but Solidtech products are resistant to dents and scratches so you have less to stress on.

Versatile installation

  • Easy breezy

These waterproof planks are approved for installation on any level of the home, including basements! This wood look vinyl can go where traditional hardwoods can’t, making them more versatile than the original stuff. Dimensionally stable, you don’t have to be worried about expansion or contraction like other floors have issues with. Floorscore certified for indoor air quality.

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How will this hold up in a house with kids and a dog?
This flooring is made with families in mind. They are anti-stain, anti-scratch, 100% waterproof, odor resistant and pet proof. They also have a 30-year warranty and can be used throughout your home.
Is Grandwood Waterproof vinyl Plank floor score certified?
Christa Simmons
Yes it is.
If the cork or foam gets wet does the board show a sinking like other products do.
The product should not perform like that, we have never seen this issue with any of our products.
how would this hold up in a restaurant
This product is rated for a high traffic area and would hold up to the everyday use of a restaurant. It comes with a 6-year commercial warranty covered by mohawk.
What's the recommended furthest width you can install this flooring?
Douglas E Sepe
This product is a width of 6" and needs a 1/4" expansion gap when installing in any location.
Is it slip-resistant?
Dianna Elizabeth LeCompte
They have a protective wear layer for scratching but not slip preventative. Keep your floors dry to avoid any slip / accidents.
Can this flooring be used in an outdoor setting? Will it fade in sunlight?
Jeff Mar
This product is not approved for outdoor use.
I have a scratch on a plank from a painter who moved some furniture on our new flooring and scratched one plank. How do I remove that without replacing the floor piece? Also, where can I see the specific color indicated on the WPC box to reorder for another room? When I look at that box of extra planks, I don't see a specific number to use for reordering more flooring.
James p Huey
You may be able to smooth and buff out the scratch by using medium-coarse sandpaper, but be careful not to damage the finish of the vinyl. Once done, you may use a mix of dish detergent and water to clean the area and remove the dust left behind by the sandpaper. Call us directly so we can help figure out the color, or you may also send us an email with a picture of the box.
Does Mohawk Grandwood Vinyl flooring include a sound barrier or does that need to be purchased separately? Recommendation?
This product does not come with attached underlayment. We recommend the use of a cork or foam underlay.
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Visual representation of average product rating from all associated reviews using stars

Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  Wood upgrade
Carey from St. Louis wrote...
Our friends and family definitely love our new floors. We have has several parties now T our house and the floor is easy to clean up and looks great even months later. Happy with our choice :)
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  New floors
Carey from Boston wrote...
Samples came fast so I was able to make my decision without waiting too long. Seems to have good protection against scratches so I like that.
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  Looks great
Installed in Living room
Anonymous from Newark, NJ wrote...
I was originally going to go with wood, but so glad I picked this instead! Customer service was on point!
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