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What is Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, also referred to as SPC vinyl flooring, is known for its 100% waterproof core and structural rigidity. It is waterproof vinyl flooring 2.0. Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is perfect as both residential and commercial flooring.

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best in the vinyl flooring world and is especially popular in commercial spaces. Rigid core has the look of traditional hardwood, but without the maintenance. Rigid core vinyl flooring can handle the wear and tear of even the busiest of commercial spaces.
New Standard COREtec Pro Plus Adventure II Lux Haus II Envee
New Standard 2 COREtec Pro Plus Adventure II Lux Haus II Envee Rigid Core
Interlocking / Floating
Interlocking / Floating
Interlocking / Floating
Interlocking / Floating
Drop Lock
Waterproof 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Attached Underlay
Price $$ $ $$$ $$$$ $$$
Overall Thickness
Wear Layer Thickness 12 MIL 20 MIL 22 MIL 22 MIL 20 MIL
5 yr - 25 yr
10 yr - Lifetime, Residential
Lifetime, Residential
25 yr
Acclimation Time Needed? No No No No No
Dimensional Stability
Added Warmth Underfoot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hides Subfloor Imperfection
Installs Over The Hard Surfaces Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

What Does SPC Mean?

SPC stands for stone-plastic composite or stone-polymer composite. Both of these terms are used interchangeably. SPC is also referred to as Rigid Core luxury vinyl flooring. That’s because the stone-plastic composite core in this luxury vinyl is ultra-dense. This core makes SPC vinyl more stable in a larger temperature range: no expansion and contraction here!

Layers of Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Rigid core vinyl flooring is typically comprised of 4 layers*
  • Wear layer. Just like with traditional vinyl, the wear layer is what protects your flooring from scratches and imperfections. The thicker the wear layer, the better protection.
  • Printed vinyl layer. This is where you get your gorgeous photo imagery that makes the vinyl look (nearly) identical to natural materials like stone and wood. Rigid core offers some of the highest quality images on the market.
  • SPC core. This is the important part! SPC flooring contains a solid, waterproof core. It won’t ripple, swell or peel. This core is ultra-dense and very durable.
  • Backing layer. The backbone of your tile.
*Can vary between products.


There are so many factors that make rigid core luxury vinyl exceptional. It’s not just the fully waterproof core, it’s also the high quality image and thick wear layer. All this equals up to one tough and beautiful vinyl flooring.

For realistic looks, durability, and the best in stain and scratch protection, rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is where it’s at. Rigid core is high traffic and commercially rated, so it can stand up to just about anything.

Lucky for you, rigid core vinyl flooring can be installed basically anywhere: in offices, homes, commercial spaces and other high traffic areas. Here are some other great benefits of rigid core:
  • It’s 100% Waterproof
  • Perfect for Imperfect Subfloors
  • Realistic Wood and Stone Looks
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Easy Installation


Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring comes in both tiles and planks in sizes mimicking the trends of natural wood and stone.

Popular Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring Sizes

Something to consider when buying vinyl planks is the size of each plank. Plank size can really determine how much flooring you buy, as well as the overall appearance of your floor.

Wider, longer planks make your room look bigger and less busy. They are especially helpful in small spaces. The most common sizing for planks if 5”-8” wide with 5” and 7” planks being our most popular.

Popular Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring Sizes

SPC vinyl floor tiles come in a rectangular shape. Tiles are a great for stone-look flooring and can help create the illusion of a real stone floor.

Larger SPC tiles make your room look bigger and less busy. They are especially helpful in small spaces. The most common sizes for luxury vinyl tiles are 12” x 24” in rectangular tiles.


It’s important to find the right floor for your home. Not only is functionality and durability important, but also appearance.

At the end of the day, your floor needs to match the look of your home. Luckily, there are so many looks to rigid core luxury vinyl flooring.

From wood-look to stone-look, there’s an option for you at several different price points. With so many different options, it’s easy to have 100% waterproof flooring in any room of your home.

Wood Look

The most common look for SPC vinyl planks is wood-look. Back in the past, wood-look vinyl didn’t looks so great, but with technological advancements, it’s now the most popular vinyl flooring appearance.

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring even has the feel of real hardwood, complete with the look of graining and knots that have been given an emboss following the pattern in the print.

The big difference is that this wood-look flooring is 100% waterproof.

Stone Look

Let’s be honest, stone flooring is cold and hard on your feet. It’s not the most comfortable flooring underfoot. With vinyl, you can get the look of stone, but with the warm and resiliency of rigid core vinyl flooring.

Stone-look SPC flooring is shockingly realistic and looks stylish in any modern home. Homeowners typically choose vinyl over ceramic tile to get the aforementioned warmth and resiliency. Vinyl, like tile, is ultra-durable; however, vinyl is way more comfortable underfoot.


There are so many color options with rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. It mimics the most popular wood flooring colors, and more. Find gray flooring for an ultra modern look, or a blonde wood to create a bright and sunny space. Need help? Filter your search by color to find the right choices for your home.

*Tip: Lighter colors will make your room look bigger. Check out the blonde wood looks.


Thickness and the wear layer are two factors that determine the quality of your vinyl flooring. It’s pretty simple, thick vinyl + thick wear layer = higher quality. Of course, not everybody needs the thickest of planks, but it’s something to consider when shopping for vinyl flooring.

Even the highest quality SPC vinyl floor needs protection. Think of the wear layer like your vinyl’s bodyguard. It’s going to protect your floor from getting beat up by kids, pets, and the rough and tumble nature of Life.

A thinner wear layer means your floor is much more susceptible to scratching, scarring and damage. If it’s in a low-traffic area, you can get away with it, but on a floor that will be lived on, we don’t recommend skimping out on the wear layer.

If you need some ultra tough vinyl flooring, rigid core is also commercially rated for high traffic areas. It’s got you covered.


All our rigid core luxury vinyl flooring options come in super DIY-friendly interlocking options. Interlocking vinyl floor tiles and planks are commonly referred to as a floating floor. You simply float them on top of your subfloor, interlock and enjoy. Rigid core can be installed even over imperfect subfloors and other hard surfaces.


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