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Wood Floor Repair Kit

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Product Highlights
  • DIY Friendly.
  • Fills hollow spots beneath your flooring.
  • Cheaper than using epoxy.
  • DIY Friendly.
  • Fills hollow spots beneath your flooring.
  • Cheaper than using epoxy.
  • Floor can be walked on immediately.
  • Small drill hole easily repaired with wood putty.
Description - Our wood floor repair kit was developed to correct the hollow spots and popping conditions that occur with engineered wood floors. These issues can be very problematic for homeowners and can be very costly to fix. With this repair kit, you are able to fix these issues easily and at minimal cost to you.
Contents – 1 Quart of repair adhesive, 1 60cc plastic syringe, 2 metal applicator tips, 2 drill bits, 8 dowels, and 1 dowel punch.
Weight – 4 Lbs
Recommended Uses – Our Wood floor repair kits are an easy and inexpensive way to eliminate hollow spots in your floors. This repair kit has been designed to be used with engineered wood floors only.

In Stock - Ships between Sep 25 - Oct 1

Our wood floor repair kit is very easy to use for any DIYer or Professional. Below are instructions on how to properly use this for your engineered floor. Note: Do Not Use This With Solid Wood.
  • First, locate loose area(s) or hollow spot(s) in the floor and outline them with blue releasable tape.
  • Prepare the hollow areas at the same time. Doing all repairs in a short amount of time will prevent the syringe from clogging.
  • Make sure to stir the adhesive before using.
  • Next you will want to load the syringe either by pouring the bottle directly into the syringe or by putting the adhesive in an open container and drawing the adhesive into the syringe. Note: The adhesive is thin and will drip without pressure being applied.
  • Drill hole(s) with a 3/32" drill bit in the area outlined by the blue tape. For larger areas you will need to drill two holes on either side of the hollow spot.
  • Place the applicator tip into the hole and inject adhesive until you feel back pressure. If two holes were drilled, you will inject until the adhesive comes out the second hole. You may also have to inject adhesive into the second hole as well.
  • Once the hollow spot is filled do not weigh it down
  • Once the void is filled, use the dowels provided as a plug for the hole(s) drilled. Note: Dowels are slightly oversized and will need to be tapered with a knife or sandpaper to properly fill the hole.
  • Use the dowel punch provided to lower the dowel below the surface of the flooring.
  • Putty the hole with wood filler that blends with the floor color
  • Clean up any adhesive residue with a damp cloth. Dry adhesive can be remove with mineral spirits or safety solvent.
For printable installation instructions, please Click Here.
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