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UltraDeck Portable Event Flooring

Our Price
$5.85 sqft
$11.70 tile
reg: $7.80 sqft
tile: $15.60

Ships between Feb 26 - 28
Selected Color: 
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Perforated - Light GrayUltraDeck Portable Event Flooring
Perforated - Light Gray UltraDeck Portable Event Flooring Perforated - Light Gray
Smooth - Light GrayUltraDeck Portable Event Flooring
Smooth - Light Gray UltraDeck Portable Event Flooring Smooth - Light Gray
Perforated - Dark GrayUltraDeck Portable Event Flooring
Perforated - Dark Gray UltraDeck Portable Event Flooring Perforated - Dark Gray
Smooth - Dark GrayUltraDeck Portable Event Flooring
Smooth - Dark Gray UltraDeck Portable Event Flooring Smooth - Dark Gray

1 tile cover 2 sq ft
Accessories for UltraDeck Portable Event Flooring
UltraDeck Male Edge Piece
UltraDeck Male Edge Piece
3-3/4" x 11-5/8"
$3.49 $4.65
Weight: 0.50lbs
UltraDeck Female Edge Piece
UltraDeck Female Edge Piece
3-3/4" x 11-5/8"
$3.49 $4.65
Weight: 0.50lbs
UltraDeck Expansion Joint
UltraDeck Expansion Joint
11-13/16” long x 9-1/4” wide (up to 12-1/4")
$8.99 $11.99
Weight: 1.00lbs
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Description - UltraDeck Portable Event Flooring provides superior protection for natural and artificial grass for any outdoor event. Requiring no tools or special training to assemble the floor, this modular event flooring is perfect whether you are putting together a small area for a backyard wedding or a floor the size of a stadium. UltraDeck is available in two options: perforated for use over natural grass to allow sunlight and liquids to flow through, and smooth for use over synthetic grass to stop liquids from flowing through. These modular event flooring tiles can be used indoors as well, but are wonderful for protecting grass surfaces and can be reused for multiple events several times.
Material - High impact polypropylene with UV inhibitors added
Size - Each section is 12" x 24"
Thickness - 1.125"
Weight - 2.88 lbs each, 1.44 lbs per square foot
Recommended Uses - UltraDeck event flooring is recommended for use in high traffic environments, such as concert events, weddings, conferences, festivals, graduations, car shows, and more.
  • Portable Event Floor tiles are typically in stock and ready to ship within 5-7 business days of the order being placed.
  • An email will automatically be sent to you with your tracking information as soon as your tiles ship and tracking information becomes available.
Event Decking tiles are easy to clean maintain. Cleaning of these versatile tiles typically includes:
  • Sweeping any loose dirt, dust, or debris from the tiles.
  • Simply hose down the floor and let the self-draining design allow for the dirt and debris to be swept away. You can also use standard cleaning products with a brush or a pressure washer for dirtier spots.
UltraDeck flooring is easy to install. Installation of these floor tiles typically includes:
  • UltraDeck is designed to be installed over grass, gravel, sand, dirt, and mud.
  • Each set of tiles can be easily connected by simply aligning the T connectors with the T receptors on each tile.
  • These can be connected horizontally, vertically, or can be stepped to create a unique pattern.
  • As a rule of thumb, begin installation in the upper right hand corner of the space, working your way out to the left. Continue connecting tiles going from the right to the left to assure correct alignment of the tiles.
For more detailed installation instructions, please Click Here.


  • Heavy duty modular system for stadiums, arenas, concerts, trade shows, conferences, and more.
  • Snaps together quickly and easily for faster setup compared to other event flooring types.
  • Can handle loads up to 20,000 lbs per square foot.
  • Great for tent events over natural or artificial grass.
  • No tools or training needed for installation.
  • Hides cables and wires underneath the tiles.
  • Easy to disassemble, transport, and reassemble for multiple uses.


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