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Shaw Escape Groutable Vinyl Tiles

Our Price
$3.70 sqft
$44.63 case, covers 12.05 sqft
reg: $4.93 sqft
case: $59.51

kid safe, allergen free
Ships between Oct 26 - 30
Color: roll over image to magnify
Vacation Day
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Date Night
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18 tiles per case
Can be installed with or without grout
Accessories for Shaw Escape Groutable Vinyl Tiles
Covers 172.34 sq ft
EZ-Floor Foam Underlayment
42" x 49.24' x 2mm thick roll
$93.06 $124.08 Weight: 34.00lbs
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
Duracove Rubber Wall Base
2.5" x 3.2mm x 120 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
$195.99 $261.32 Weight: 25.00lbs

Description - If you have ever wanted a trendy, unique, and low maintenance flooring option, look no further than Escape vinyl tiles by Shaw. The attractive stone look replicates expensive Italian stone flooring and it's hexagonal shape adds a rich touch of luxury. However, don't let the look fool you - these tiles are made from durable vinyl which means a versatility and low cost that surpasses the real deal. Escape vinyl tiles can be installed on any level of the home and are backed by a 25 year residential warranty.
Material – Shaw vinyl flooring is constructed with virgin vinyl, also known as DOTP, and contains no hazardous metals or chemicals.
Recommended GroutShaw Array LVT Grout
Size – 10" x 10" hexagon shape
Thickness – 2.5mm
Wear Layer – 12 MIL (0.3 mm)
Weight – Each case weighs ~ lbs.
Recommended Uses – Escape vinyl tiles have been successfully installed in a variety of high traffic spaces that needed a trendy upgrade. Some places include master bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, dressing rooms, walk in closets, hallways, studios, home office, and more.

  • Shaw Escape luxury vinyl planks typically ships within 5-7 business days and typically delivers within 9-11 business days.
  • Once your vinyl flooring ships, an email will be automatically sent to you with your tracking information.

Luxury Vinyl planks are easy to keep clean and maintain. Maintenance of the floor typically includes:
  • Daily or weekly vacuuming or dusting of dirt, grit, dust etc.
  • Use felt pads under chair and furniture legs to prevent scratching of the flooring surface.
  • Place door mats at all entrances to prevent tracked in dirt, rocks, moisture, and other debris.
  • Avoid using rubber backed mats as they can stain the flooring surface over time.
  • When mopping, use a damp mop. Never a wet mop.
  • Clean up spills immediately to prevent damage to the flooring surface.

For more detailed cleaning instructions along with commercial cleaning instructions, please Click Here.

Installation of luxury vinyl flooring is simple, and is commonly done by our customers. Installation of vinyl tiles and planks is as follows:

Glue Down Installation
  • For permanent or high traffic area installations, the glue method may be preferred.
  • Ensure the subfloor is flat, smooth, clean and dust free.
  • Measure the room to determine the center line, adjust that center line in either direction to give a balanced width of planks or tiles on each side of the room and to prevent narrow pieces along the wall.
  • If installing a square shape tile, start installation in the center of the room. If installing a plank shape, start in the left corner.
  • Using our 5900 Series adhesive or another pressure sensitive adhesive for vinyl flooring, begin spreading adhesive using a trowel onto the substrate so that the vinyl will remain fully bonded.
  • Gently press the tiles onto the floor and once you have completed one row, start on the next row.
  • If any adhesive comes up between the seams of the tiles, quickly wipe it up.
  • After installation, allow your new floor to “rest’ for 48 hours before introducing heavy traffic, water or cleaning materials.
Grouted Installation
  • If you are planning to grout your tiles during installation, be sure to keep in mind your grout joint spacing as you glue your tiles down. Common grout joint widths are 1/16", 1/8", and 1/4".

For more detailed information and printable instructions, Click Here.

For more detailed instructions on installing hexagonal tiles, Click Here.

For more detailed instructions on installing grout, Click Here.

For printable warranty information, please Click Here.


  • Hexagon shaped tiles.
  • 10" x 10" x 2.5mm thick.
  • Groutable vinyl tile.
  • 25yr residential warranty.
  • Armour Bead surface finish.
  • Can be installed on any level of the home.
  • Easy to install with our 5900 Series adhesive.

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