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Please note: trim images are an example of shape and size. Images are not necessarily specific to this particular product. Moldings are not created to be an exact match, but as a complement to the overall color & finish of the floor. Grain and color variation should be expected.

COREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks

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19 reviews
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Sale price: $4.19 /sqft
Covers 28.84 sqft
In Stock - Ships between Jul 25 - Aug 5
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Chesapeake OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Galveston OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Copano OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Monterey OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Belmont HickoryCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Biscayne OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Duxbury OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Laguna OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Quincy OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Roswell HickoryCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Springfield OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks
Flagstaff OakCOREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks

Product Highlights

  • Waterproof with rigid core.
  • Cork underlayment attached.
  • Micrbevel edges and ends.


Quarter Round
Quarter Round
.71" x 94"
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
Learn More
$72.95 ea.
$72.95 ea.
1-1/4" x 94"
Joins two floors that are the same height
Learn More
$94.95 ea.
$94.95 ea.
Baby Threshold
Baby Threshold
1.375" x 94"
Transition hard surfaces to carpet, sliding doors, & more
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$94.95 ea.
$94.95 ea.
1-1/2" x 94"
Transitions a taller floor to a lower floor
Learn More
$94.95 ea.
$94.95 ea.
Flush Stair Nose
Flush Stair Nose
2.07" x 94"
Absorbs impact & protects your stairs
Learn More
$99.95 ea.
$99.95 ea.
Stair Cap
Stair Cap
2.12" x 94"
Absorbs impact & protects your stairs
Learn More
$99.95 ea.
$99.95 ea.
  • Waterproof with rigid core.
  • Cork underlayment attached.
  • Micrbevel edges and ends.
  • Can be installed on any level of the home.
  • Approved for residential and commercial use.
  • Lifetime residential warranty.
  • IIC 57, STC 50.
Description - COREtec Pro Plus if the newest addition to the revolutionary product line by USFloors. Pro Plus has many of the same wonderful features as the standard Plus collection, except that this line has a lower profile, at 5mm thick, and features rigid core construction. With the same lifetime warranty that USFloors is known for, you are sure to love these beautiful wood-look floors for a lifetime.
Plank Width 7”
Plank Length 48”
Attached Underlayment Yes
Edges Micro Beveled
Thickness 5mm
Phthalates None
Gloss Low
Installation Type Float, Direct Glue
Installation Location On, Above, Below
Waterproof Yes
Locking System Tounge & Groove Interlock
Greenguard Gold Yes
Core SPC Core
Style Wood look
Wear Layer .5mm (20 mil)
Residential Warranty Limited Lifetime
Commerical Warranty 15 Year Limited
Pattern Repeat 5 Planks
Recommended Uses – COREtec Pro Plus planks are waterproof and highly durable, making them perfect for installation in a variety of high moisture or high traffic environments, including office buildings, cafeterias, retail stores, bathrooms, mudrooms, kitchens, basements, and more.

In Stock - Ships between Jul 25 - Aug 5

Luxury Vinyl tiles and planks are easy to keep clean and maintain. Maintenance of the floor typically includes:
  • Always use plywood or other boards when moving heavy objects across the floor to avoid scratching of the floor surface.
  • Use felt pads under chair and furniture legs to prevent scratching of the floor surface.
  • Place walk off door mats at all entrances and doorways to collect debris from shoes such as dirt, rocks, and moisture, from being tracked in and onto your new floors.
  • Avoid using rubber backed area rugs or floor mats as they can stain the flooring surface over time.
  • Use non-staining floor protectors underneath heavy furniture, chairs, and tables.
  • Daily or weekly vacuuming or dust mopping to remove dirt, grit, dust etc. Do not use treated dust mops.
  • When mopping, use a damp and never a wet mop.
  • Clean up spill immediately to prevent damage to the floor.
For more detailed cleaning instructions along with commercial cleaning instructions, please Click Here.
Installation is simple and is commonly done by our customers. Installation of USFloors planks and tiles is as follows:
  • Complete any necessary floor prep.
  • Start with the tongue side facing the wall.
  • After the initial starter board, press the end seam of the second plank into the end seam of the first plank, and then lock them together by laying the plank down. Continue working left to right.
  • Install the first plank in the second row by inserting the tongue into the groove of the plank in the first row. This is best done with a low angle of the plank.
  • Insert the long side seam at a slight angle first. As the top surfaces meet, rotate the plank down into the locked position. Engage the end seam, using a rubber mallet if necessary.
  • Planks may be cut with a utility knife using the “score and snap” technique, or with the use of a crosscut power saw.
  • Continue installing planks removing any gaps using a tapping block and a scrap of flooring to cover the tapping block. Be careful not to damage In*Step tongue and groove.
  • Protect all exposed edges by installing wall moulding and/or transition strips. Make sure that no plank will be secured in any way to the subfloor.

For more detailed installation instructions, please Click Here.
For detailed staircase installation instructions, please Click Here.
For printable warranty information, please Click Here.

Attractive yet durable wood look

  • Looks great anywhere

COREtec Pro Plus 7” planks are 7” wide by 48” long. These engineered luxury vinyl planks provide a stunning and rustic look to any space and come with the durability of a rigid core. They can be installed anywhere in the home as well as in most commercial environments.

Revolutionary Construction

  • A multi-layered wonder

The revolutionary construction of USFloors’ COREtec products is something to tell your friends about. Simply amazing from the ground up, the foundation layer of these engineered vinyl products is the attached cork underlayment, which provides insulation, sound dampening properties, and also saves time and money on installation. The core layer is 100% waterproof and high density, meaning that it can be installed anywhere! And don’t forget about the high quality luxury vinyl top layer - the realistic look of wood or stone is enough to fool even the most knowledgeable flooring expert. This durable floor is complete with a superior wear layer built to withstand heavy foot traffic, even in commercial spaces.

Floors you’ll love to live with

  • Making your house a home

COREtec flooring is 100% waterproof, kidproof, and petproof, making it the perfect flooring for any full home complete with furry friends. The added underlayment on each plank helps to reduce noise, keeping little ones asleep for longer and ensuring you get a little break. Providing scratch resistance, you can rest assured your beautiful floors will look new for years to come.

Reliable Installation

  • No buyer’s remorse here

COREtec products install easily without the need for messy glue, mortar or perimeter bonding like other floor types. These rigid planks are also specially built so that they won’t expand or contract under normal circumstance, ensuring your installation is reliable for years to come. You can even install these planks over most existing hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, hardwood or laminate, and imperfect subfloors. The rigid plank technology helps to eliminate ripples and waves that are often caused by uneven subfloors.

GREENGUARD Certification

  • Identifying Healthier Products

By choosing a product that has been GREENGUARD Certified, you are choosing a product that has been tested and approved to meet some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into indoor air. Indoor air quality is incredibly important inside businesses and for families, and you can rest assured that this product can be trusted for lower chemical emissions, providing sustainability, and an overall healthier choice.

Don't see what you're looking for? 
Can you install cabinets, island, appliances on top of this floor?
Yes you can, it is recommended that you glue those areas down.
How is this different than the COREtec Plus 7"? I see that this is 5mm thick, and the COREtec Plus is 8mm, but is that the only difference? What difference would the thinner or thicker plank provide?
Andrew Ter Haar
The two products have different core construction. The Pro Plus product is a rigid core SPC product, which means that it is denser while also being thinner. Pro Plus is approved for high traffic commercial spaces. The regular Plus products are wood polymer / waterproof core, and have a foaming agent which makes the planks thicker. Coretec Plus products are more suited for use in the home and light traffic commercial spaces.
Can this be used in a sunroom that is open underneath and has windows all around with a 3 foot wall area that is beneath the windows? I live in Missouri and the temperatures get very cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
Evelyn Turner
COREtec Pro Plus is stable between -20 and 150 degrees.
What is the STC Rating .Need to install on a 2nd floor condo
ASTM E90-09 Airborne Sound Conduction STC 50. ASTM E492-09 Impact Sound Conduction IIC 57.
Can Coretec Pro Plus be installed in an unheated sunroom in Ohio? Temperatures are cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Thanks
COREtec Pro Plus is stable between -20 and 150 degrees and can still be floated in these temperatures.
Can this be used in a home that is not climate controlled all year round?
COREtec Pro Plus is stable between -20 and 150 degrees and can still be floated in these temperatures.
Can I put an additional underlayment?
Adding any additional cushioning will void the warranty. If you have a wooden subfloor, you can add a layer of plywood to raise it up. Over concrete it gets a bit more complex, but it would need to be something rigid, like a layer of cement on top or a cement board.
Is this phthalate free?
COREtec Pro Plus product is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and verified to meet strict emission levels of pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and phthalates.
Why is this product not recommended for a sunroom? I live in a desert climate and often keep the a/c set at close to 90 degrees when traveling. Would this be a problem? And why we have plantation shutters some rooms get ample sunlight.
ProPlus is absolutely recommended for 3 season rooms, but not porches. It needs to be a room with a climate control, not a screened in porch that will be exposed to the weather.
Do you need a moisture barrier under this product?
As an extra precaution, we recommend 6mm plastic. However, if you choose not to use a moisture barrier, with will not void your warranty.
Can this be put in a bathroom? Thank Penny
Can these planks be used in a garage?
COREtec Pro Plus is stable between -20 and 150 degrees. You should not drive over these planks.
Is it Ok to use swiffer heavy duty dusters with fabreeze scent? They are not wet they just have the smell.
Yes, that is fine.
Room is complete. There is a plank that has a hard bubble. How do I replace that plank.
Joel Jones
The best way to replace a plank is to undo the angle tap installation back to the plank and replace it properly. The angle tap helps keep the floor waterproof and doesn't allow moisture to get under the floor.
Can the coretec Pro plus rigid core vinlyl planks be used on a screened in porch in a climate with harsh, snowy winters and hot, humid summers?
Denise Brecher
COREtec Pro Plus is stable between -20 and 150 degrees.
The product description says 8mm thick, but when I click to order it, the dimensions say 5mm thick. Which number is correct?
The thickness of this product is 5mm.
WPC planks will always be better to walk on versus rigid core flooring. Check our Tritoncore 7" Waterproof Vinyl Planks. If you're looking for products other than planks, carpet is a good option too.
What method should be used for a total staircase install, understand the horizontal boards will be held down by baseboard but what about the vertical portion? I am forced to lay that piece on top of vertical piece due to sizing.
Please see detailed instructions for total staircase installation on the COREtec Pro Plus Rigid Core Vinyl Planks product page under the "Installation" tab.
If installing this product in a sun room with particle board subfloor, is the 6 mil Poly Film Underlayment suggested (per the instructions)? I have read that you should avoid a vapor barrier with a wood subfloor but due to the setting and the instructions, it seems like the underlayment is a good idea.
When installing COREtec Pro Plus Rigid Core Vinyl Planks over particle board, underlayment is always recommended. However, our advice for you would be to reach out to your particle manufacturer and seek their recommendation on which underlayment to use and follow their guidance on how to install vinyl over the particle board. You may also read our installation instructions that are available on the "Installation" tab on the product page for more details.
Where are the CORETEC products manufactured?
Aaron Scott
Coretec is manufactured in China.
Is COREtec Pro Plus Embossed In Register technology?
Please see the Coretec Pro Plus HD which features embossed in register technology.
What is the difference in the pro rigid and pro plus rigid?
Patricia Amadeo
Pro Plus rigid usually means added layers for stability, and often comes with a thicker wear layer.
What is the best Coretec product for rolling dining chairs? What is the durability for it with rollers?
For rolling chairs, we highly recommend using chair mats under the chairs, irrespective of the flooring underneath. The rolling chair will scratch the floor with time, and hence it is important to use mats under them.
These planks are best installed over a hard surface but may be installed over a low-plush carpet.
Where is this floor made? I need flooring Made in USA.
This flooring is made in Vietnam. Please see our "Made in USA" page, found under "Deals" under the "Category" option on the website to shop for our US-made products.
Does the listed product thickness of 5mm include the cork underlay layer?
Yes. The product overall is 5mm thick. The planks are 4mm and the cork underlayment is 1mm.
Can the coretec vinyl flooring be used with radiant heat?
Yes, the COREtec Pro Plus 7" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks are approved for installation over radiant heat.
What is the wear layer thickness?
Ron S
The wear layer of this item is .5mm (20 mil).
Can Coretec Pro Plus be glued down, and if so, what glue do you suggest?
USFloors COREtec Plus floors may be installed with a direct glue-down method on approved wooden (or) concrete substrates that are on or above grade only. Use only USFloors Cork Underlayment Adhesive (or) comparable premium multi-purpose adhesives. Please consult with adhesive manufacturer to determine if suitable for use with this material.
Converting our garage to a Family Room. Can your Vinyl Planks be installed on an unleveled and cracked cement garage floor?
COREtec Pro Plus is suitable for installation over minor subfloor imperfections. For further information, please see the detailed installation instructions PDF.
Can this go in a basement? Is a vapor barrier needed if so? Can I put a pool table on this floor or will the weight be a problem?
COREtec Pro Plus can go in a basement and a vapor barrier would be needed. The COREtec Pro Plus will be better able to handle the weight of a pool table, than the regular COREtec Plus; however, we would still recommend putting something rigid 1 1/2 - 2" bigger around than the base of the leg under it to help distribute the weight.
No results found.
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  Absolutely love it
Deborah from Yatesville, GA wrote...
We absolutely love our new floor; so much we’ve decided to carry it into our pantry and laundry area as well. I look forward to talking to your friendly customer service staff soon.
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Verified Purchase
Self-installed in bathroom
Anonymous from Washington wrote...
I wanted to give 3.5 stars. I very rarely give 5 stars cuz it has to be 100% fulfilling to the point of making me cry. So instead of just rating it average with 3 I had to go up to 4. Delivery to my door in expected time in good order. I have never used this stuff before but have installed porcelain, ceramic, bamboo floors and vinyl. Porcelain and ceramic tile floors are getting to difficult for me to since I no longer a spring chicken so I tried this stuff because I wanted a water proof floor that is easy to clean due to dogs. I was very happy with the selection. So many options that selection itself was difficult. I do not like the usual floors (you know the ones that look like real wood in the usual wood colors) and they provided that for me. Now to the installation and product: The product is flexible enough to follow a woncky floor but firm enough to hide a little woncky. You can score and snap in the cross-cut direction. It doesn't work real well in the ″grain″ direction. Scoring must be heavy because if not there is a chance the cut will not follow the score. The material can be sculpted or cut with a sharp blade. I have a rounded shower base and instead of trying to cut with some power device I just carved it out with a blade. Worked fine enough. I did this because precision was important and this stuff is not cheap. The floor must be clean of little floor gremlins (little pebbles, dirt-rocks, shavings etc). I looks great and is easier on the hands and knees than mixing mud and wetsaws with NO seams or grout. I decided to buy this product after getting a sample of it in the mail and then putting it in the sink full of water overnight to see what it would do. It was pretty amazing that yes, it did swell but only a very little bit. I could still put the tongue in the groove and snap it together but it was not happy doing so. I left it to dry and it went right back to its happy little self. I really expected it to look like a sponge but it didn't. Anyway, I am not done yet as I have only completed the bathroom but so far my gripes are the following: The cork base of the tile does what it is intended to do but that quality also makes it stick to the floor if there is any sticky stuff from previous flooring (adhesives n such). That brings me to really the only complaint I have. The short snap cannot be placed and completely snapped at the same time as the long snap. Due to physics it cannot be done simultaneously. Therefore, one has to wiggle-squiggle the short snap as far as is possible (which is not complete) and then insert the long snap and complete that snap. Then you have to go back and hammer bang the short snap together from the other end so that there is no crack space left in both directions. This will lead to some damage to the banging end eventually. Sometimes the banging doesn't work and you have to take it apart and try again. The banging part might have been worsened by the fact that I removed a glued linoleum floor and some tack remained and the cork like it. I still have a room and a closet to do that has carpet so I will find out if it is as difficult as the bathroom was. I would buy it again. I think it will last a while and it floats, is water-tight, relatively easy to install and is just pretty. Oh, as is usual the trim parts are expensive, geez. There is no acclimation period either and is much lighter than ceramic tile OMG! Time will tell though how I feel about it long term.
Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  Quality Product
Installed in basement
Bill from Michigan wrote...
Our installer suggested we purchase a rigid core vinyl plank. After researching a few brands, I decided to purchase Coretec Pro Plus. The planks installed easily, and we are very pleased with the color we had chosen. By ordering online, we saved money, and the person I worked with was very helpful. Delivery was a little tricky. The delivery is curb to curb, which means the delivery person will not place the product in your garage or home. We live on a gravel road, and when we were called about delivery, they were hesitant to come down our road, because delivery is made by a full size semi truck. We had to meet the driver in a parking lot near our town. The driver transferred the boxes to our pick up truck, which worked well. I'm not able to comment on the durability of this product because it was just installed, but it does look great!
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