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Black EVA Foam Underlayment

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BlackBlack EVA Foam Underlayment
Black Black EVA Foam Underlayment Black

4' x 25' roll
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Description - Our Black EVA Foam underlayment is a high grade underlay perfect for floating laminate and wood floors. Featuring self adhering strips and an attached aluminum moisture barrier makes this underlay great for areas that need moisture protection. Our floor underlay will help reduce the 'hollow' sound in your floor and also add warmth.
Material - Black EVA Foam is comprised of closed celled EVA foam with aluminum film attached.
Width - 4 feet wide per roll.
Length - Our foam underlayment comes in 25’ lengths.
Thickness - 2mm (~1/12”).
Weight - 2 Lbs.
Recommended Uses - Our Black EVA foam underlayment is great for floating wood and laminate floors. This underlay has also been used as underlay for luxury vinyl, bamboo flooring, engineered wood flooring, hardwoods, linoleum, and much more.

Available For Order - Ships between Jul 26 - 30


  • Quality underlayment and moisture barrier in one.
  • Moisture resistant aluminum film attached.
  • Self-adhering for easy installation.
  • Reduces 'hollow' sound in a floor.
  • Great under floating floors.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • IIC 66, STC 69.




Foam Underlayment

  • Why foam underlayment?

Black EVA foam underlayment is a wonderfully affordable underlay product that provides some sound dampening qualities. This inexpensive solution can be used underneath any floor surface, but may not be idea in situations where you need to add a lot of height, as you are limited on options for thickness. Foam underlay provides excellent moisture protection, is mold and mildew resistant, and is easy to install, however, may not provide the ideal sound resistance compared to other underlay types.

Do I REALLY need underlay?

  • Yes, most definitely.

Underlayment is an amazing invention created by the flooring gods out of necessity. Underlay has an impressive list of benefits, including: adding warmth to your floors so your feet aren’t so cold on new tile flooring, adding comfort and a slight ‘give’ underneath wood or vinyl floors, reduced sound transmission (great for houses with noisy teenagers!), as well as reducing in room step noise. The image to the left is a very simplified example of using underlayment versus not using it, but as you can see the benefits greatly outweigh any reason not to.

Making your house a home

  • Products that work together

Foam underlays are incredibly versatile, since they do not contain any materials that could leak and stain a flooring surface. Foam is the perfect underlay option for virtually any floor, including underneath laminates, vinyl, engineered wood, cork, and bamboo. For tile flooring, a different type of underlayment is typically recommended.


  • What does it mean?

Foam underlayments are typically around 2mm or 3 mm thick. If adding height to your floor is important to your installation, we recommend choosing another product type such as rubber or cork, which come in substantially thicker options for your needs.

IIC / STC Ratings

  • What do they mean?

IIC stands for Impact Insulation Class, which refers to impact sounds such as shoes hitting the ground, dropping a cell phone, or other scenarios where something it dropped or impacts the floor. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class, which refers to any audible noise (not an impact) such as music playing aloud, a conversation, or a loud television, for example. With both of these ratings systems, the higher the number rating is for the underlayment, the better it will suppress sound, and the quieter a room will be. You may want to pay close attention to these ratings when shopping for underlayment if sound reduction is important to you.

Underlayment + Moisture Barrier

  • 2-in-1 protection

2-in-1 underlayments are an amazing, low cost underlay option that meets the simplest of needs for any flooring project where moisture may be an issue. With a 2-in-1 product, you save money and installation time by not having to buy and install an additional item before your floor is ready to go down.

Customer Questions & Answers

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Do you have the sound test results for this underpayment tested on 8 inch concrete over a non-suspended ceiling?
SOUND & IMPACT PROPERTIES: Impact Insulation Class (IIC): 66dB. Field Impact Insulation Class (FIIC): 65dB. Sound Transmission Class (STC): 69dB.

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  Black foam
from Las Vegas; Nevada wrote...
We had the installers use this underneath our new vinyl planks and they didn't have any complaints. It seems to help keep the sound down.
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