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6mm Custom Cut Rubber Underlayment

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Confetti6mm Custom Cut Rubber Underlayment

Product Highlights

  • Can be used with natural stone, hardwoods, laminate, engineered wood, real wood, and tiles.
  • Do not use with VCT, vinyl, or linoleum.
  • Can be adhered with a polyurethane adhesive, nails, staples, or double sided tape.

  • Can be used with natural stone, hardwoods, laminate, engineered wood, real wood, and tiles.
  • Do not use with VCT, vinyl, or linoleum.
  • Can be adhered with a polyurethane adhesive, nails, staples, or double sided tape.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant.
  • Made from over 80% recycled material.
  • IIC 60, STC 55.
Description - Our 6mm custom cut rubber underlayment is about a millimeter thicker than our 5mm underlayment, but offers an increased amount of sound absorption comparatively. Our rubber underlayment is the perfect thickness for both commercial and residential flooring projects and provides all the benefits of any other rubber underlayment. You can install this over both concrete and wood and can be loose laid as well as adhered using glue, tape, nails or staples. This flooring underlayment also features an antimicrobial additive which aids in the inhibition of mold and mildew which are properties already associated with rubber. This underlayment also helps reduce the “hollow” or “pingy” sound that you hear with many laminate, hardwood, and engineered wood floors.
Material - Our 6mm custom cut rubber underlayment is comprised of more than 85% recycled rubber.
Width - 4 feet wide.
Length - Rolls can be custom cut free of charge to any length 15’ or longer. All lengths need to be in whole foot increments such as 15’, 16’, 17’, etc.
Thickness - 6mm (Approx. 1/4”).
Weight - 1.00lb/sqft.
Origin - Made in the USA.
Recommended Uses - Our 6mm sound proofing underlayment offers a solid surface underneath your flooring surface, and is a popular choice for hard surfaces such as hardwoods and natural stone. But it has also been successfully used under ceramic tile, laminate, engineered wood, real wood, marble, brick, pavers, parquet, carpet and tiles. It is NOT recommended for VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile), vinyl, and linoleum.

Available For Order - Ships between Dec 20 - 27

For complete rubber underlayment installation instructions, please Click Here.

Rubber Underlayment

  • Why rubber underlayment?

Rubber underlayment offers superior sound resistance, is versatile and resilient. Comprised of recycled materials, this environmentally friendly product provides cushion underfoot as well as reducing sound transmission and impact sound such as footsteps. Amazingly, a 2mm thick rubber underlayment has similar testing numbers in sound resistance as compared to a 6mm thick cork underlayment.

Do I REALLY need underlay?

  • Yes, most definitely.

Underlayment is an amazing invention created by the flooring gods out of necessity. Underlay has an impressive list of benefits, including: adding warmth to your floors so your feet aren’t so cold on new tile flooring, adding comfort and a slight ‘give’ underneath wood or vinyl floors, reduced sound transmission (great for houses with noisy teenagers!), as well as reducing in room step noise. The image to the left is a very simplified example of using underlayment versus not using it, but as you can see the benefits greatly outweigh any reason not to.

Making your house a home

  • Products that work together

A favorite for use with hard plastic garage tiles, hardwood flooring and stone floor tiles. Rubber underlayment should never be used with vinyl flooring, VCT, or linoleum flooring as it could potentially stain these materials.


  • What does it mean?

Underlayment with a thickness of up to 5mm thick are great when it comes to residential or commercial use, with all flooring types. When you get to more than 5mm thick, these are really great for installations where you need to add thickness to match up with an adjoining/existing floor surface.

IIC / STC Ratings

  • What do they mean?

IIC stands for Impact Insulation Class, which refers to impact sounds such as shoes hitting the ground, dropping a cell phone, or other scenarios where something it dropped or impacts the floor. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class, which refers to any audible noise (not an impact) such as music playing aloud, a conversation, or a loud television, for example. With both of these ratings systems, the higher the number rating is for the underlayment, the better it will suppress sound, and the quieter a room will be. You may want to pay close attention to these ratings when shopping for underlayment if sound reduction is important to you.

Don't see what you're looking for? 
For what type of floor/ceiling assembly do you provide acoustical characteristics? (IIC)
Our rubber underlayment is tested under the following conditions — rubber underlayment over a 6" concrete slab with a drop ceiling assembly.
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Average Rating
Visual representation of average product rating from all associated reviews using stars

Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  Happy customer in Florida
Self-installed in attic/work
Happy customer in Florida from Florida wrote...
I placed the underlayment on top of plywood flooring in a second floor attic/work room newly created out of raw attic space. This room is over the den area of my home so it was a concern that noise from that area would be heard downstairs..including the use a stationery exercise equipment. We mostly followed the instructions on the packaging making it very easy to install. Where we short cut was to lay it out in the air for a period of time before installation. The result is terrific.. The underlayment provides an excellent sound barrier for downstairs and a cushion for working in the room. It did have a distinct..not repulsive..odor for a couple of days and we laughed about partially following the instructions. Working wit the company, i ordered the correct product and the correct amount for the space...creating little waste. I am very pleased.
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  Under Carpet
Self-installed in Under Carpet
Nan K. from Escondido, CA wrote...
We purchased the rubber underlayment for under carpet tiles in my home office. The purpose was mostly to add a little height so it would be closer to the adjacent hall wood floor. The very slight added cushioning and insulation is a bonus. I was initially concerned about the strong rubber tire smell but I washed it down with soap and water and aired it outside for two days before my husband easily installed it. With the dense industrial carpet tile that cover it, there is not a hint of odor now.
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  attic storage room
Installed in storage room
Anonymous from Englewood FLorida wrote...
I made a new store room out of attic space over my often used den so I wanted ease of usage to move items out of the way, but not hidden away. I also wanted the flooring to provide some sound proofing. Starting with the salesman, who helped to chose the underlayment product and determined the required amount, the company provided excellent service. We had almost no waste in the installing. Two people layed it all down on one Saturday morning. The soft tiles were used as the room might be used occasionally as a mini playroom for grandkids. I think both are great products. I had used the soft tiles before in a small laundry room.
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