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3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor Reviews

3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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  Fantastic I’m in love
Self-installed in Home
Ari from New York wrote...
I did recommendation with my group of flamenco dance they will buy it I’m so happy.
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  Thank you
Laurie from Fayetteville, NY wrote...
My son has been greatly enjoying his tap floor! He’s pretty new at the dance, and he’s in a production of Newsies currently. It’s working so nicely to let him practice at home without damaging our wood floors. Thank you so much, FlooringInc!!
  Great practice space
Jess from CA wrote...
Easily set up at home and can put out of the way when I'm done.
  100% recommended
Jennifer G from Danville, IN wrote...
We purchased this dance floor tile for my daughter. She has been dancing since she was 3. She is constantly practicing her turns and it is difficult for her to do so on the carpeted areas where she normally spends her time. This dance floor tile is the perfect solution for her. She can move it on her own and use it wherever she wants. She also uses it to practice her newest tap steps. I would 100% recommended this product to any aspiring dancers!!!!!
  Good dance floor.
Self-installed in Office
David from Vancouver, WA, USA wrote...
Wish it wasn’t hollow. Bought it to bounce balls on. Have to throw balls harder to achieve the same height.
Self-installed in Living room
Anonymous from Sacramento ca wrote...
Needed Rosen because a little too slippery. Other than that surface was great on tile, wish it was easier to move. The edges come off when going between upstairs and downstairs but over all good.
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  More confident
Jennifer from Westport, CT wrote...
Mmy daughter is enjoying her new dance floor. She is finally able to practice her tap routines at home and feels more confident with her performance.
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  Thanks for a great product.
Anonymous from Norton, MA wrote...
I absolutely LOVE the tap floor! I am a tap dancer and instructor. It was easy to assemble and I put it in my music room at home to practice and choreograph on. The tap sounds are awesome! I bought two and plan to put them together when I finish my basement. Thanks for a great product.
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  She loves her dance floor!
Kristen from Ada, MI wrote...
She loves her dance floor! It is in her bonus room - over the garage My 11 yr old practices her tap and uses the bar to stretch
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  I love the flooring
Sarah from Martinez, CA wrote...
I love the flooring. So much. I use it in my apartment as a little practice space and to work on choreographic ideas when I’m not in the studio. And my kitties seem to love it too. 😉
  Tappy Happy
Self-installed in Home
Dee from Boston MA wrote...
Love this portable floor. Taps sound fantastic! It’s great for practice at home when not at the dance studio. Easy to assemble & transport. I bought TWO to put together.
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  Would recommend
Ayesha from Raeford, NC wrote...
I love this tap floor for my 4 year old daughter! It definitely serves the purpose, and she enjoys practicing her ballet as well as her tap dance on it. I feel that she can grow with this particular floor as well. She has a long career ahead of her! It has great quality. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get more practice in at home!
  Looks as like picture
Self-installed in bonus room
ALEX WELLS from Portland, OR wrote...
I purchased two of these, pretty simple to click together, nice 3x3 large plastic/vinyl (I don't really know, just not wood) tile. Comes with the black border you click on. I have mine on top of carpet, the carpet has rubber padding, so resulting dance floor was a bit squishy (for a large adult), but works great for my 11 year old practicing her tap dancing. Pros: Large single tile, easy to put together, visually appealing Cons: not actual wood, a little spongy ontop of carpet (probably be just about right on a hard surface.
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  Happy Customer
Angela M S from Apple Valley, CA wrote...
This is how we use our floor!
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