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9mm Custom Cut Rubber Underlayment Reviews

9mm Custom Cut Rubber Underlayment
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Customer review image of  in Dance Studio
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  We couldn't be happier!!!
Self-installed in Dance Studio
Cristina Kelly from Southaven, MS wrote...
We love our new dance floor. It was ridiculously easy to install.... All by ourselves just my husband and I. We did 2, 42 ft x 20 ft rooms in just 2 days. We decided to use this as a sprung floor and we couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend this flooring as well as the company. Fast delivery and professional, helpful service :)
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  Underlay for old house
Self-installed in Old house
David M. V. from Albuquerque, NM wrote...
We rehabbed an 80 year old house that could be either a single family home or a duplex. It was configured to be either. We set it up to be a duplex. It's a wonderful old house, very well built in all ways except it had very poor sound proofing. After extensive research, we determined that redoing the floor and putting a think rubber underlayment should make a significant difference. We used the 9mm rubber underlayment rolls from FlooringInc on top of the existing 1x10 subfloor, then putting 3/4″ osb over that and finally hardibacker and tile. The difference is remarkable. The rubber rolls are very easy to roll out, cut and glue down. About the only thing challenging about them is that they are pretty heavy (of course this is just what we were looking for as that's a significant part of mitigating sound travel). I give Flooring Inc my highest recommendation. Their customer service folks made selecting the product I wanted easy, delivery was very well handled, and their product exceeded my expectations.
results 1-2 of 2
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