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Home Wrestling Mats Reviews

Home Wrestling Mats
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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  Great mat for Jiu Jitsu practice
Self-installed in Home
Erick from El Centro , Ca wrote...
I'm more than satisfy with this folding mat , great for practicing jiu jitsu at home with this whole covid 19 pandemic going on. I use it to practice jiu jitsu with my brother. All I can say is I love it. Great quality mat! Thank you Rubber Flooring INC.
  Mats are great, as expected
Self-installed in Home Workout Room
Nate from Melbourne, FL wrote...
The mat is a great addition to my home workout room. The quality is about as good as the expensive mats you'd see at a wrestling event or an mma gym. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because when it was delivered, after I took it out of the box and unrolled it, there were traces of footprints from shoes on the mat, and i didn't realize how dirty it actually was until I tried swiping it away, which left my hand completely black, as if I had wiped up a dirty floor with a wet paper towel, but with my HAND. Luckily I was paying attention, because that would've been really messed up if I'd laid on the mat with a white shirt or something. I used lysol wipes to clean it up as best as I could, and its okay now. But other than that, the actual product quality seems very good
  Easy to store.
Self-installed in garage
Norris Thomas from Macon G.A wrote...
Love it. It reminds me of training martial arts right at the gym. And also easy to store. Just roll it up.
  Love it!
Installed in House
Joanna Hennessey from 98277 wrote...
We bought one mat to start to see how the quality is and when it arrived we were excited to test it out. The quality was very nice. I told a teammate about them and he bought 2 and another one is now buying one... :) Once I have some extra funds again I will be buy at least 2 more to mat out my garage. If your looking for good quality mats of any kind this is where you wanna get them and at a reasonable price too.. OSS!
  Great Quality at a GREAT price!
Self-installed in Living room
Shelly L from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
We love our mats! They are perfect. We are so impressed by the quality, thickness, and comfort. They are safe, easy to clean, and light enough for my child to roll up and put away. Right after we purchased our, we referred our family friends... And they bought 2 mats also. Best purchase. Great price!
  Large Exercise Mat
Self-installed in Basement
Ann Marie from Southington, CT wrote...
This was exactly what I wanted. I have a concrete basement and this large mat is perfect because it not only is durable and gives me the cushion I need for kickboxing and exercising but it also rolls up for easy storage if you don't want to keep it down!
  Easy to install, good quality
Self-installed in Home
Anonymous from Philadelphia wrote...
Great product.
  Easy as 1,2,3!
Self-installed in Living room
Anonymous from River Falls, WI wrote...
It is just what we needed to practice jujitsu!
  e.g. Easy to install!
Self-installed in My Mansion
Bryson from Blount County Tennessee wrote...
It’s pretty dope honestly.
  Good quality, too hard for jiu jitsu
Self-installed in Basement
Cameron W from Denver, Co wrote...
We’re reasonably happy for the price, but these mats are too hard for jiu jitsu If you’re putting them directly on concrete. Not what you want to be practicing your double leg takedowns or other throws on. Fast shipping. Arrived in good condition. Good price.
  mat is too small for practicing moves for wrestlin
Self-installed in in our living room and we roll it up when done.
Richard from Orem Utah wrote...
The mat is great and works great for my three boys to practice on. The mat is too skinny to work on moves such as reversals and granby rolls. The mat would need to be at least 9' by 9' this would give them the ability to have room to work on moves and stay on the mat. This mat is good for doing yoga or exercises in place. over all we like the mat and will be ordering another one to give us the ability to do more moves. I would recommend this product to my friends which I have. delivery was in a good timely manner.
Self-installed in portable
Anne from Maryland wrote...
I am using this for alpaca and goat shearing. It has good grip on the bottom, and is not slippery on top. Light and easy to move around, and also very easy to clean off afterwards.
  best decision to get one of these
Self-installed in gym
Newt from San Francisco, Ca wrote...
We were thinking double carpet pad with carpet on top. These things are made out of a very strong material on top(hypalon like) and a very firm pad(1 5/8″). Our is on top of a concrete slab and you can jump up and down without even feeling the concrete. Install/cut was easy. Just cut the top cleanly with a razor utility and straight edge. Then do a few more times going deeper each time. After the initial cut you dno't need the straight edge anymore. There is enough friction on rough concrete that we needed no tape. It also fits perfectly into our 12'x12' space...slightly smaller so needed a cut. I did not notice a strong smell like other said and I am normally sensitive to that.
  Wonderful Product!
Anonymous from Marshalltown, Iowa wrote...
We use them for Taekwondo class. They are just the right cushion and firmness.
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  These Mats Are Awesome!
Self-installed in Garage
Calvin from Kankakee, IL wrote...
The wrestling mats I ordered from FlooringINC are awesome! I have a 2.5 car garage with very little room, so storing these mats is very easy and convenient. When I’m done using them, the mats are rolled up and put in the corner of the garage, out of the way. I train a group of police officers so they can have an active and more healthy lifestyle. The wrestling mats allow us to have 4 people grappling at once. The officers work on takedowns, ground control, and other grappling techniques. They wear their duty belts and use blue guns to work on gun retention as well. The mats have not shown any signs of wear or punctures from the hard plastic holsters attached to the belts. We also do our core workouts, use kettle bells, and jump rope on the mats. They are still holding up. I am probably going to buy one more, just so I have a little more room to work with. Attached are pictures of me rolling with the only Dalmatian I know that is a police dog.
Customer review image of  in Amenity Gym
Customer review image of  in Amenity Gym
Customer review image of  in Amenity Gym
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  Exactly What I Needed
Self-installed in Amenity Gym
Nicole from Livingston, NJ wrote...
We are using your flooring as part of our office building amenity gym free to tenants. Nice warm up area. Durable, attractive, and most importantly easy to clean! Exactly what we needed!
  Best workout and stretching mat
Self-installed in Home
John from Westfield, NJ wrote...
This is by far the best mat in the market. It is thick and high quality. Easily to roll and put away.
  Just what we wanted
Anonymous from Portland Oregon wrote...
These mats are perfect for our in-home gym for stretching, yoga, high intensity exercises with a lot of jumping, everything! We love them!
Self-installed in Living room
Sean from Miami Beach, FL wrote...
Excellent customer service, have the mats set up in the living room by the boxing equipment and they work well for sparing. Fold up nicely when not in use. Excellent product.
  OK but...
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Midwest wrote...
Bought this because they were advertised as ″home wrestling mats″. Even though a person could probably use them for that purpose these mats are much harder than real wrestling mats. Not really what I was looking for although the quality of these mats are good they are not true wrestling mat quality and/or consistency. John
results 1-20 of 33
1 2