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Stone Flex Tiles - Classic Collection Reviews

Stone Flex Tiles - Classic Collection
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Customer review image of  in Living, Dining Room, Kitchen, Covered Porch, Foyer
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Installed in Living, Dining Room, Kitchen, Covered Porch, Foyer
C L Hart from Wichita, KS wrote...
After spending months online researching various flooring products, reading countless reviews, and visiting numerous retailers, we decided to go with the black marble stone flex tiles in our new home. So far, overall, we couldn't be happier with the ultramodern appearance, ease of installation and clean ability. Three weeks after placing our order via telephone with A.J., our 72 cases of tile arrived via truck, in stellar packaging, on pallets, for easy handling and stackability in our garage. Per instructions, we acclimated the tile to our home's temperature. The tiles installed easily, clicking together with a rubber mallet or simply by stepping on them. We have a slab home, no basement, just concrete floors. Our concrete crew did a great job of leveling, so the tile didn't need any filler prior to placement. Using a straight edge and utility knife, we creased the tile; folded it back and forth a bit; and installed it. In order to make the complicated cuts, we marked the tiles with an ink pen. Wet wipes erased all traces of the marks. One tip: the warmer the tile, the easier it cuts. The tile's warm and soft underfoot, noise absorbent and doesn't sound hollow or click clack when walked on. As for the tile's durability, only time will tell, but so far...A+ on all accounts!
Customer review image of  in lower level living at lake home
Customer review image of  in lower level living at lake home
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  Lake House
Self-installed in lower level living at lake home
Charlene from Barnstead, NH wrote...
The walk-out lower level of our newly purchased lake home had Berber carpet. As direct entry from the water and Jacuzzi - that I did not consider practical or sanitary. We did many renovations to our new place and I did much research on flooring that could be easily installed, durable and suitable for being placed on cement flooring. 20x18 room installed in a few hours. Clicking together nicely. Hardest part was cutting the rubber product which I left for my husband. All pieces (even the small cut edging) held together perfectly. It has a nice honey-combed underside to lead the cement breath and is not hard on the bare foot like tile. I love, love, love it! And it looks great too.
  stone tile
Self-installed in on back patio
joe from irwin pa wrote...
tile went down in a 20x13 area in less than 3 hrs and looks wonderful recommended to my friends i see where one guy had issue with utility knife and blades used i used a pair of Wiss tin snips and it cut like butter even when i had to trim a couple of pieces, used a number 2 pencil to mark tile and it will wipe off with soapy water.
Customer review image of  in Patio
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  Easy installation
Self-installed in Patio
Robin Ellis from Riverside California wrote...
Very easy to lay down and each tile connects without force. Very good quality and flexible. Cuts easily with table saw. My wife likes the look of the stone flex completely made our patio very inviting. Waiting to see how it holds up in a covered patio. I believe with the quality of the product it will last for a long time. The only flaw is that there are no matching reducers the only color is black. That's why I only gave 4 stars other than that it would be 5 stars
  Not Bad, Looks Good, Not hard to install, But pric
Self-installed in Dinette,Galley type Kitchen. Washer and dryer aera
Karl from somewhere in Florida wrote...
So being a 50 something dude, with some abilities and trying to be different than the usual homeowner i considered this flooring product. Yeah I'll admit Porcelin,Ceramic and other traditional flooring could have been used and is cheaper, outside the box was for me. I used this Tile in a Sandstone flex tile to match or fit in color wise with hardwood floor in adjacant room. Took off the wall moulding and went at it.Took my time and with plenty of razor blades and sore wrists and forearms it came out nice. Really nice. Under the stove,Refirgerator,dishwasher and even the mud room with washer and dryer. Liked it so much i bought more and did the guest bath,even replacing the toilet with a dual flusher. It came out nice with the paint job on the walls already there. As said pricey but if 10 years is the average warranity, this will properly be down and in good use for a long time. If a tile gets screwed up, peel it off and replace.Just get enough to have spares on hand. One thing to watch for, is depending how you want the grain to run (if your tile has one)take from all the same box and move froma box to box. Don't scatter them out and grab randomly.
Customer review image of  in Lunch Room
Customer review image of  in Lunch Room
Customer review image of  in Lunch Room
Customer review image of  in Lunch Room
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Lunch Room
Rick G. from Bolivar, NY wrote...
Customer review image of  in Bathroom
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  Stone Flex Tiles feedback
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bathroom
William O. from Oak Lawn, IL wrote...
I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the wonderful experience and fantastic product. My wife and I are thrilled with our new bathroom floor. It’s so easy to use and install. You have terrific customer service and I really appreciate how you reach out after I inquired about samples. Just great, will definitely recommend to anyone who asks. Thanks!!!!
  Finally a Durable Floor
Self-installed in Kitchen
Mary from White Bear Lake, Minnesota wrote...
This is the 3rd floor we have installed in our kitchen and finally one that is durable and looks amazing. We have a dog and past traditional floors have always discolored from the sun and scratched up terribly. This floor is amazingly durable and has kept its original color a year later. It was so easy to install my husband made all the measurements and cuts and I put it together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. He has bad knees and I can't measure so together we made a good team. We loved the fact that there were no messy glues or tape to deal with; I would do this again in a heart beat. We have an older 50's style home and the tiles were thin enough to match up with the traditional wood floor in our living room with no need for a transition piece just a little caulk and it looks good. I might add that I've dropped breakable items on the floor and they don't break, they don't guarantee that but its nice to know that you have that hidden protection. Very happy with our decision to go with the Stone Flex tiles.
  Quality Tiles
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Yacolt, WA wrote...
Patterns consistent. Product has nice flexibility and thick enough to provide a strong floor covering. For the most part, tabs fit together very well. (Be aware, when cutting for corners, etc., that tabs along one edge won't match tabs along the adjacent edge - just keep the tile orientation the same and you won't have any problem.) I looked at a lot of alternatives for covering a concrete basement floor in a utility room, and this turns out to be the best option for me. Definitely recommended.
Self-installed in Bathroom
Anonymous from Fort Morgan, CO wrote...
This is the first time I've ever tackled a flooring job by myself. I was very pleased at how easily this went together and the best thing is NO GLUE!
Customer review image of  in Enclosed porch
Customer review image of  in Enclosed porch
Customer review image of  in Enclosed porch
Customer review image of  in Enclosed porch
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  Just what we needed!
Self-installed in Enclosed porch
Anonymous from Terre Haute, IN wrote...
We had a really hard time finding a flooring that we thought would work to cover an old stamped concrete floor in our enclosed porch. It isn't climate controlled, so it can get very cold in the winter, and we were worried about possible moisture issues. There also were old grooves we didn't want to have to fill, and it wasn't entirely level, which was going to be very hard to fix in this particular situation. This flooring was the perfect option. It's flexible enough to compensate for slightly unlevel areas, firm enough that the grooves aren't showing through, and durable enough to put up with moisture and a wide temperature range. We installed it ourselves, which took some time and planning to think through how to minimize waste from partial tiles, but it wasn't really hard. We found warming the tiles a bit with a hair dryer before cutting them made the cuts even smoother and easier. The only small negative we had was that one tile did not have the image printed all the way to the edge, so there was a line of the underlying color that stands out at the seam. Also, be aware that there is definitely color variability from batch to batch, so make sure you order all you need at once. We noticed the sample we ordered really doesn't match the final floor. They are close, and we weren't super picky about the color being exactly what we expected (the sample seemed like it had a slight brown undertone and the final did not), but I think it would have been noticeable if we had had full tiles from the two batches. (I will submit photos of both these issues, but it's harder to see the color difference in the photo than in person.) All in all, we are very happy with how it turned out!
Customer review image of  in Barn
Customer review image of  in Barn
Customer review image of  in Barn
Customer review image of  in Barn
Customer review image of  in Barn
Customer review image of  in Barn
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Barn
Karen D. from Mount Airy, MD wrote...
I'm so glad we shopped at Flooring Inc, we are thrilled with our Stone Flex floors in the tack room of our barn. I wasn't sure what we were going to do when we took up the old flooring and tried to put down peel and stick vinyl tiles -- the adhesive would not set because the Tack Room (while it does have a wall heater), is not thermostatically controlled and that was impacting the integrity of the adhesive. Interlocking stone flex flooring was the perfect solution. It looks nice, yet is very durable for a tack room. It was very easy to install. We started by making one horizontal and one vertical row in the middle of the room and then filled in from there. Just like putting together a puzzle. The floor feels good and we have not had any issues. I would definitely use this product again. Thanks for all of your help
  Stone Flex Tiles
Self-installed in Kitchen
Marlyn from Gloucester City, NJ wrote...
This floor looks beautiful and was so easy to install. I have a historic house, with additions so only half my kitchen is over a basement and the rest is over a slab making the floor anything but level. The flexibility of the tiles hides that and evens out the temperature and feels comfortable underfoot.
  Love it
Self-installed in Kitchen
John m from Webster NY wrote...
Best floor ever!!! So. Simple to install we were done installing it in about 5 hrs everything just snapped together we are going to order more for our laundry room.
Self-installed in kitchen
Jack from Denver colorado wrote...
Great Product and professional looking. Did a black and white checkerboard pattern
  Looks great!
Self-installed in Music Room
Scott from Hensonville, NY wrote...
Installed it ourselves in less than a day and a half. The stone look is excellent and the soft feel under foot is much better than actual stone. We laid down 62 tiles in one room, then bought 6 more tiles to create an entry way in another room. We are very pleased with the results.
  Love it
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Fenton, MI wrote...
WE did 2 rooms love it. we are considering putting the products in teh church that we go to, because it looks like real slate tile.
  Really Nice Floor
Verified Purchase
Martha Lewbel from Columbus, OH wrote...
This floor is just beautiful. It was purchased to cover an area in my basement so that my son could expand his Lego environment. It is more comfortable for him to sit on (rather than on the concrete floor). It does not smell when you install it.
  Great looking, easy to install!
Self-installed in Garage
Vicki Powers from Bonney Lake, WA wrote...
Our garage looks SO MUCH BETTER! This floor appears very durable and easy to maintain, but most of all it’s beautiful. It took no time for my husband to install & much of it didn’t require working on his knees. I love it! ( so does he)
Customer review image of  in Greenhouse
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  Photo and video review
Installed in Greenhouse
Marylou Z. from Poulsbo, WA wrote...
I purchased Atlantic Slate tiles for use in my new greenhouse. I wanted a product that would stand up to temperature extremes and water and had previously used these tiles in a sunroom. Installation was quick and easy, done in an afternoon.
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