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Slate Flex Tiles Reviews

Slate Flex Tiles
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$54.00 Case
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in garage
Customer review image of  in garage
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  Easy to to use!
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from Northern California wrote...
I decided to turn my 3 car garage into a gym....but still have the ability to use it as a garage. Slate Flex Tile was the perfect choice for flooring. Two of us installed it in one day.
  Easy as pie
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Boston, MA wrote...
We are finishing a basement and wanted a durable, easy to install floor. Carpet is a no-no (been there done that), if you ever have any water problem, even a small one the carpet has to be pulled. Wood is a no-no for same reason. We preferred not to have to install a sub-floor so that left tile out --- and tile is cold in basement. A floor with some insulating factor is a great plus in a basement. We were going to go with a floating floor cork tile then stumbled on slate flex rubber floor. Met all the criteria, floating installation, some insulating factor and impervious to any water. Installed it in the bathroom yesterday. It was an easy installation, even in a bathroom where there was lots of cutting to fit around shower, toilet drain, etc. It looks great, not as high end as cork or tile would have looked but very good for what it is. We will be putting silicone sealant around the seam where the tile meets the shower, on all other edges we installed a baseboard on top of the tile to cover the expansion gap. I am giving the product a 4 (not a 5) because I do not yet have enough experience with how it holds up over time.
  new basement
Self-installed in basement
Alan from Bellmore, NY wrote...
great product. neat and clean floor after Sandy rebuild.
  Slate Flex Tile
Self-installed in Laundry Room
Anonymous from Stanwood, Michigan wrote...
Good product so far. I installed it in our laundry room. If it wears good I'm happy. Looks good. Easy to install. Good company to work with.
Customer review image of  in Laundry room
Customer review image of  in Laundry room
Customer review image of  in Laundry room
Customer review image of  in Laundry room
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  New Laundry Room Floor
Self-installed in Laundry room
William Kocik from Garfield Heights, Ohio wrote...
I found the flooring on the internet and looked at a lot of tiles but choose the Slate Flex Tiles. The order arrived early (Thursday just before Easter) and the floor was installed by Sunday. The hardest decision was how to start because the room is not square. Once that was determined the tiles went in very easily except for the intricate cuts required around the bathroom. My wife gave me a suggestion that worked very well to cut the cardboard boxes to the 18 X 18 tile size and use them to create a template for the actual tile. It worked great. The tiles only assemble one way and that caused some concern about having enough tiles because cutting off 12 inches from one side can not be used on the other. I finally found a way to cut the pieces at the correct spot to use the wide cutoff pieces in other ways. The only issue is the seams won't line up any more, but since it was on edges behind the washer and dryer it did not make and difference. Finding a way to use cut edges was key for me to get the job done with the tiles I purchased with only 3 full tiles to spare. Everyone likes the job and it solved my floor problems in the room without repainting every couple years.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Bathroom
Anonymous from Alabama wrote...
This tile was used in a much older home where the floors had some flex in them so whatever went down in the bathroom had to give a little bit. Cuts easily with a sharp utility knife and goes down very easily. The bathroom floor where it was used looks great. I would recommend this product to others and intend to order more for the utility room since the bathroom turned out so well.
  My utility room
Self-installed in Utility room
Kerry Sneddon from Forked River, NJ wrote...
I needed a resilient and durable floor in my utility room. I have seven giant breed dogs (Newfoundlands and Great Pyrenees) and normal wear and tear on any other floor surface other than tile or slate is accelerated. These Slate Flex tiles went down impeccably and I put a bead of silicone sealant down along all the seams before tapping them in place. It provided a waterproof joint and excess silicone in the seam peeled right off after a few hours. The surface has provided good traction for the dogs and clean up is simple with just a damp sponge mop. I am seriously considering putting this resilient flooring down throughout the major traffic patterns in my house, it's that good!!!
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Perfect Solution
Self-installed in Basement
Suzanna V. from Tacoma, WA wrote...
Here are some before and afters. I'm so pleased it looks and feels great !!! Perfect solution for a basement.
Customer review image of  in Stairs and stair turnaround.
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  Stair project.
Self-installed in Stairs and stair turnaround.
Chris J from San Diego, CA wrote...
I removed the carpeting from my stairs and replaced it with wood risers and brown Slate Flex tiles for the treads and stair turnaround. I decided to use the Slate Flex tiles instead of wood treads/flooring for the stair treads and stair turnaround after receiving a sample and deciding it would offer better grip for my two large dogs to get up and down the stairs while still looking good. So far it looks great, the dogs can get up and down pretty easily and it is holding up very well. I left the flooring for the turnaround as a “floating” floor, it stays in place nicely with the inter locking feature and the side walls holding it in place (with a proper gap) , the stair treads are interlocked and cut to fit (10” x 40” step tread), then bonded (using flexible adhesive) and nailed in a few places using a 18 gauge brad nails from a nail gun with the pressure set correctly.
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Looks Great!
Self-installed in Basement
Daniel M. from Highland, NY wrote...
The floor looks great! Thanks.
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
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  Works and looks great.
Self-installed in Kitchen
Richard from Tampa, Fl wrote...
The ceramic tile in my kitchen was popping up because of improperly installed appliances. They didn't put the feet of the stove down 2 years ago. So had to remove the tile. Was using a rubber mat over the tile, but the cat loves to tear that up. Got samples of the red and white tile, but that would be overkill in my kitchen so went with black. This tile with 2mm foam underlayment is almost just as comfortable on the feet as the mat was and the cat does not even think about clawing it. Kitchen looks great and fixed the floor for under $400 including a toe kick saw from harbor freight ($60) and a few other bits and pieces. After a 20% discount and free shipping think the tiles were just over $200. Very easy to install. I could have saved some time if I had gotten new razor blades before I started. A metal T-Square or straight edge would help too. I used a wooden yard stick, still worked but the right tools make a big difference.
  white rubber tiles
Installed in washroom/mud room, back home entry
Maggie from Signal Mountain, TN wrote...
I love these large rubber tiles! I have had large black and white alternating rubber tiles in my washroom/back entry for the past 10 years and love the look, insulation and cushioning they supply over a cement floor. A few of the white tiles had discolored due to heavy use and improper cleaning products so I had to replace them.. WE just popped up the old tiles and inserted the new -- and bought the proper cleaning agents. Good as new! The black tiles are still in perfect condition.
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Kitchen
Janet L. from Pompano Beach, FL wrote...
Very Happy!
  Good product and responsive customer service
Self-installed in Kitchen, breakfast room
Anonymous from Akron Ohio wrote...
I had tiles in my kitchen from another company. The white ones were a pain to keep clean. The original company no longer made 18x18 tiles that I could replace with a darker color. Two years later I had to do something. I found Slate Flex Tiles who sent me samples, allowed me to buy 1 tile to see if it would interlock (which it did) and then order an odd number of replacement tiles I needed. Thank you Slate Flex Tile for saving my kitchen floor. The dark gray tiles look fabulous with my older light gray ones and are a breeze to keep clean.
  The new office
Self-installed in Office, bath, closet
Tony from Camarillo, CA wrote...
This was the last room to be remodeled in our late 50's home. The house was moved to the site in 1961 and needless to say, we have some issues in the house with the ″not so flat″ sub-flooring. This product was the answer to the ″issues″ we had. 2 days and the install was complete (did it myself). Take your time, be patient and measure twice. We covered the office, into an attached Bath and walkin closet. The floor is laying flat on a not so flat floor and no lifting at any seams. It's easy to clean and so far, shows no marks. The only down side is the noise from the office chair rolling across a textured surface. 3 quick install tips: 1, change blades often on the box cutter or tile knife. It will make the cutting cleaner and much easier. 2, Place an old white sock over the head of the rubber mallet used to set the seams. This will not only help the mallet slide a little, but prevent it from making any black marks on the tiles. 3. Order more than you think you need. There is lots of waste due to the tile being installed in one direction only. Great product.
  Great floor covering.
Self-installed in Garage
Tony C from Niagara Falls, NY wrote...
I have been wanting to do something with my peeling and cracked garage floor for a couple of years now. I used that paint with the specks but it didn't really stick well on some spots. I used a patching cement on some cracks but it just made some rough patches. Sanding and refinishing was almost $3000. So I was watching I Want That and it had these tiles. We thought about it for about 2 minutes and went on their site, figured out how may tiles and what colors and some pattern. A few days later it arrived. Took 2 of us a couple of days since the floor's not really flat. A nice flat floor would be quicker. I used a multi tool to make cuts. Really easy. Now, I have a living room floor in my garage that's easy to clean and looks great. I would do it again!!!
  Great bathroom floor
Self-installed in bathroom
Anonymous from Pulaski, VA wrote...
I needed something for my bathroom floor that would be easy and quick. This was the best choice by far. I love the floor. It looks great. I would recommend it to anyone.
Customer review image of  in 3 car garage
Customer review image of  in 3 car garage
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  Garage flooring makeover
Self-installed in 3 car garage
Kent H. from Cedarburg, WI wrote...
After having terrible results using the ″epoxy″ solution, I saw the flex slate tiles on HGTV and decided to give it a try. Well, after a day and a half, my 3 car garage looks great. Installation was easy, the hardest part was cutting the tiles. I would have given the rating 5 stars, but I still have to see how the tiles hold up to the Wisconsin winter.
  Sturdy with good looks
Self-installed in attached covered patio
Anonymous from New Iberia, LA wrote...
With two large dogs we were looking for a durable floor for our covered patio. After discussing our options with a service rep, we opted for the vinyl slate tiles. Turned out to be an excellent choice, looks great, a little tougher to cut with a utility knife, but worth the effort. Threw the paint roller away!
  Hallway in Beach House
Self-installed in First level hallway/laundry room
Anonymous from Corolla, NC wrote...
This was our second purchase of this product. We have a vacation home on OBX and did a remodel recently leaving the vinyl flooring in downstairs hallway looking very bad. It is glued down to concrete so a nightmare to remove so we used the Slate Flex to go on top of it. It is thin enough to avoid issues with thresholds, heavy enough to stay put when laid down, and tough enough to stand up to the wet and sandy feet that walk on it. Easy to clean up and in the unlikely event it is damaged then a piece can be pulled up and replaced. This is a perfect product for the climate etc. and it looks really good on the floor. We bought an electric shear/cutter to assist in the long cuts and it made fitting a breeze.
results 1-20 of 42
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