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Wide Ribbed Carpet Tile Reviews

Wide Ribbed Carpet Tile
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$33.53 Case
reg: $1.99 sqft
case $44.71
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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  four and a half stars
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Chicago, IL wrote...
easy to install, fast shipping, and feel and look pretty great. The only caution is that you definitely have to install the ribbed pattern in alternating-facing directions because some tiles are a slightly different shade, and they really stand out if you don't alternate the direction of the ribbing. But we are very happy with the overall look and feel. We looked at a lot of carpet tiles, and these are thick enough to feel comfortable and reasonably padded.
  Great Tile
Self-installed in Spare Bedroom
Phillip from Chesterfield, MO wrote...
Initially I had tried to order the Shaw Berber tile, but it was out of stock. So I was directed to this product by a sales rep and was sent samples. The tile is just as nice as that product and was larger so I spent a lot less time installing this. My spare bedroom looks great!
  Really Good Carpet Tile
Anonymous from Waldorf, MD wrote...
This tile is excellent to apply and sticks very well. Would have given 5-stars if not for some irregular pieces. For the price, I can't complain.
  Very pleased with the outcome
Self-installed in Den
Anonymous from Lake Charles, La. wrote...
We got it in quick timing and we are very pleased with the outcome of the look of the floor.
  Carpet tiles
Self-installed in Laundry
Anonymous from Sarasota Fl wrote...
Affordable easy to use looks great
Customer review image of  in Man cave
Customer review image of  in Man cave
Customer review image of  in Man cave
Customer review image of  in Man cave
Customer review image of  in Man cave
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  Man cave
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Man cave
Bruce S. from Loudon, TN wrote...
The space I finished began as roughed in drywall with a concrete floor. My goal was to make it into a ″man cave″ space with a Corvette theme in which to place many of the items I have collected over the years; while working within a small budget. I turned 71 this month, so I figured ″now or never″! Choosing a flooring finish was a conscious decision not only in wanting it to be black as a background ( my wife's a designer with great ideas), but also thinking of any future use of someone else perhaps wanting it to become a workshop or golf cart storage space. The carpet tiles were the perfect solution and I installed them myself. I love the end result. The ease of installation, the quality of the product and appearance exceeded what I expected for the cost. I have attached two before and three after photos of my project room. I hope to win in the $50 drawing since I did indeed go a bit over budget with accessories :) Thank you very much
  Easy flooring solution!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home bathroom
Robb from Little River, CA wrote...
I ordered samples to make a style/color decision. They shipped promptly. After a day or two of making a decision, I ordered the stick-on carpet tiles. Those also shipped promptly. Because of my schedule, I worked on the floor a little bit at a time. The installation was pretty easy (except for cutting out around the toilet). I solved that by making a paper template and then transferring that to the carpet tiles. BIG help! This is not the plushest carpet out there, but I knew that going in (and by the samples), and it was exactly what I wanted for a bathroom. Get yourself a really sharp box cutter/x-acto knife, and a sharp pair of scissors for the fine tuning cuts. Have some ″Goo Gone″ (or something like it) to clean your blades once in a while... they get gummed up from the adhesive backing. I'm really pleased with this product and FlooringInc.
  Sewer overflow rescue
Self-installed in Converted basement bedroom
George from Colorado Springs, Colorado wrote...
Sewer line got clogged with roots and toilet backed up. Already existing ″every color″ rubber-backed carpet tiles had to be removed and discarded. (It was commercial-quality carpet tile). I searched the internet for replacement tile but it was no longer produced. Your representatives patiently helped search through your 1008 carpet tiles available and recommend a compatible dark-green replacement. I lifted out some remaining tiles in a semi-random pattern and inserted the tile we selected in the ″holes″, using the ones I lifted + some of the new tiles to replace the ones that had to be thrown away. Viola!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Boston, MA wrote...
I wish I had more space to install more of these carpet tiles. Super easy to install and they look fantastic.
Customer review image of  in In mt Boat
Customer review image of  in In mt Boat
Customer review image of  in In mt Boat
Customer review image of  in In mt Boat
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  Great for the Boat Too !
Self-installed in In mt Boat
tenvet from Pensacola, Florida wrote...
I purchased Flooring Inc’s Wide Rimmed Adhesive Indoor/Outdoor Flooring Tile because they stated that it works great outdoors on a deck and let me tell you guys, It works great in my Boat also. I installed it myself and dii all the trimming and as you can see from the Pictures and Video, It came out great and is very durable, even when it gets Wet. I also purchased an extra box just to be sure to have extra tiles, just in case. Just remember to follow the Patter Arrow that Flooring Inc attaches to each carpet square to follow the same exact color pattern when laying. I priced having my carpet installed from a Marine carpet group and it would have cost me Triple the price. The best price quote I received was right at $1,200. I spent barely over 1/3 of that amount in my 28” Boat. Then I trimmed it with an Adhesive White Mold Resistant ¾” trim and it looks GREAT as you will see in the Pictures and Video. Thanks, Flooring Inc. for the Look and Cost Savings. Also, Please enter me into the “Love It, Rate It, Review It” Contest. I used this product in my Boat and it worked out great. Easy to Trim and does not come up when it gets Wet. Awesome Product.
  Ribbed Carpet Tile
Self-installed in patio
Anonymous from San Mateo, CA wrote...
It is very easy to install and the final appearance looks great.
  Great so far
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in on wheelchair ramp
Kathy from Syracuse, NY wrote...
Great and quick service. Looking forward to many years of use.
results 1-12 of 12
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