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Rubber Floor Ramps Reviews

Rubber Floor Ramps
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  Won’t stay, but helpful
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Radford, VA wrote...
I’ve stubbed my toes on the edges of mats far too much to not try this. The ramp helps prevent the toe stubbing but it doesn’t fit snug or clip in place. Therefore, it comes off too easily and constantly.
  Nice finishing touch
Self-installed in Home garage
Jim Moscardini from Gainesville, VA wrote...
Very nice way to edge my rubber tiled garage floor. They would be perfect if they ″Latched″ onto the tiles instead of needing to be glued.
  Great Product
Self-installed in home gym
Rob from White Plains, NY wrote...
Easy to cut with tin snips, makes the tile installation totally look professional, clean and provides for safe transition. Great customer service too.
  great product, just what we needed
Self-installed in gym
ESTHER from Philadelphia area wrote...
Awesome product. Used it in our gym that gets used many times a day. It is very sturdy. Only reason I took one star away was that it is very hard to cut. It is doable but be ready to use a lot of exact blades! Enjoy. I would also love to know how to clean this product….?
  The ramps works
Anonymous from Suitland, MD wrote...
Gotta say I like the ramp piece because it ties off the tile edge facing the door. I'm using it in the lobby of my store, and I am always concerned about people tripping. For the money it's definitely worth it!
  Easy peasy
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Woodshop
Graham from New York, NY wrote...
The rolls are heavy by themselves but installation was really easy. Yes, you'll need to scribe the ends in order to have a good joint with your wall but a utility knife makes quick work of it. A little double-sided carpet tape underneath and I was done after a few hours (room size about 14' x 15'). The weight keeps it from sliding around on you and the flexibility of the material itself allows for easy manipulation when placing it and a good tight seal afterward. Great product!
  Simplicity as its best!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Jackson, MS
Joe Curry from Bay Springs, MS wrote...
I recently installed rubber flooring to the workout room. It was exciting watching the room change from just plain, to wanting to invite friends over to see what it looked like. In ordering the mats, I also tried the rubber floor ramps. I must say, absolutely awesome. The ramps fit like a light bulb in its socket. I appreciate Rubber Flooring Inc. for such great products. This was so easy to install, I almost felt if I was a contractor! LOL!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Houston, TX wrote...
Love the transition element to the rest of the floor. With this adhered to the floor and the rest of the tiles floating it locks the flooring down. I adhered it with some concrete compatible poly-U construction adhesive. I'm really glad I got the ramps.
  Wish it came with directions on how to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Maine wrote...
I like the product but don’t have any experience installing something like this and there was no instructions on how to attack it to the tiles.
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from 61550 wrote...
Product looks great and was very easy to install as long as you have a sharp knife and a t-square. Very happy with the finished product!
  Easy install, great quality.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Antonio R. from Palm Springs, CA wrote...
Decided to replace the cheap foam floor tiles in my garage gym. Over time, they became brittle and any time I walked on them barefoot, the bottom of my feet would be covered in black powder. Ordered five 4' × 18' rolls of the ? rubber flooring. They arrived via freight, well packaged on a pallet. Was able to install myself in about 4-5 hours. I added 4 coats of sealant to give it some shine. Make sure you install it so that the ends of the rolls curve down. Helps keep the seams down. You will need plenty of blades for your box cutter. You'll also need a large T-Square to cut straight edges. Each roll came 8-12″ longer than what was ordered and the short edges were not sqare. Very happy with my purchase. would recommend.
  Easy conversion
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in entrance to the garage
John from Auburn WA wrote...
When I ordered my flooring, I didn't think I would need the ramp edging as a 1/4″ thickness of the tiles I thought shouldn't be a problem when rolling tools out of the shop and back in. I soon discovered wheels would hang up and required extra effort to get over the hump. The edging is great and tool carts now roll smoothly back into the shop. Great product!
  Perfect addition for gym floor transition
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gym
Brad from San Antonio wrote...
Perfect addition for gym floor transition!!!
  Give gym floor a finished look.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage gym
Anonymous from Jacksonville, Fl wrote...
Good quality and easy to work with. I used it on 2 sides (meeting at a 45 degree cut. Looks good, but even with floor tape, the pieces contracted some so there are small gaps (1/4″) where the pieces meet. The contraction was in summer so not weather related. That's the only negative I've noticed.
  Floor transfer strip.
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from GA wrote...
Great product, does exactly what I need with a neat and professional look.
  Easy to Install / Fit Perfectly Upon Cut
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Raheem from Colorado wrote...
This edging is great! I simply lifted up on the edge of the title, slid the edging onto the tile to start, tap with rubber mallet, slide, tap, slide, tap, and slide, tap [from corner to corner] before cutting off the excess with razor and trimming the final corner edge to fit.
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  Happy Customer
Anonymous from Farmingdale NJ wrote...
Happy Customer
  Rubber Floor Cover
D Rusch from Custer, WI wrote...
Overall this product performs well for what I needed. I'm using in an enclosed deer hunting stand. With this it provides; floor insulation, a quiet floor surface, durable and easily removed and reinstalled for cleaning.
  Floor ramp
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Kentucky wrote...
Floor ramp was well constructed nice heavy piece that payed flat and was easy to install really gave they flooring a professionally installed look. Only thing I would suggest is to make it available in longer lengths so you don’t have to splice to or 3 pieces together.other than that a great product.
  Easy to install, but does get scratched easily
Self-installed in Garage, transition from Garage to cement
Anonymous from Canal Fulton, Ohio wrote...
I like having the transition from the garage to the outside with the rubber floor ramps, but what I notice is anything that drags a little that wouldn't normally impact anything can cause these to show scratches though most come out with a rubber protector, like you use for vehicle plastic or tires.
results 1-20 of 43
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