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Playground Rubber Mulch Reviews

Playground Rubber Mulch
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Customer Reviews
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  Happy customer
Lonnie F from Washington, Utah wrote...
Self-installed in Preschool playground
Gary Henderson from Las Cruces, N.M. wrote...
Seems like an excellent product. Delivery was timely and worked well
  great product
Self-installed in outdoor landscaping area
Brandi Dingus from Johnson City, TN wrote...
As advertised, beautiful coloring, easy to install.
Customer review image of  in Backyard Play Area
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Self-installed in Backyard Play Area
Jim from Clovis, CA wrote...
The rubber mulch was used to make backyard play area.
  Perfect for the backyard!
Self-installed in Backyard
Anonymous from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
Purchased a ton of this stuff for the kids playground area and to go around our pool. It is perfect and looks great!
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Customer review image of  in Playground
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  Great Product
Self-installed in Playground
Barbara from Temecula, CA wrote...
We had a unique challenge with our backyard playground. A friend gave us a giant, used Congo Monkey 3 Play Set for free. All we had to do was take it out of their yard and reassemble it in ours, with a promise that we would replace all the horizontal surfaces of the apparatus, which had become water logged and sagging. The upright lumber (Polymer coated wood) was perfectly intact. We were able to locate the necessary lumber and as well as new swings, trapeze bar and climbing rocks. We also added the new small deck, which makes it into a Congo Monkey 4. Then we had to figure out how to fit it into the available space, without overwhelming the existing landscape. We had a large kidney shaped lawn, a two-level stamped concrete patio, and two large half-circle garden beds, with cement curbs curving into the lawn. A smaller curved cement curb contained a sandbox. We were able to obtain the measurements of the Congo Monkey structure from the manufacturer, and using the specs and some old tarps, we made a footprint of the structure, so we would try it out in different spaces. It was too large to center it in the lawn area. There would not have been enough of a safety perimeter for the equipment, and the back of the lawn is bordered by a stacked stone and boulder retaining wall. We researched many play surfaces before deciding on FlooringInc Rubber Mulch. Although many options are available, nothing offered the protection from falls that 4 inches of rubber mulch did. The price, although expensive, was competitive, considering it would have taken three times as much of another product to achieve the fall protection offered by the 4 inches of rubber mulch. (12 inches of sand or wood bark.) The company promptly responded to our request for product samples, offered quick delivery and free shipping. The slides empty onto thick rubber mats in the sandbox or on the grass. The entire play structure is surrounded by a 6 inch rubber curb, which is filled with rubber mulch.
  perfect fit
Self-installed in residential yard
doyle nehl from rapid city,sd wrote...
it was just as advertised. it was easy to install and worked great.
Self-installed in PLayground
ALEXANDRA from OHIO wrote...
results 1-8 of 8