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Coin Nitro Rolls Reviews

Coin Nitro Rolls
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$1,564.50 Roll
reg: $1.99 sqft
roll $2,086.00
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Average Rating 4.7/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Garage
Gary R. from Emmaus, PA wrote...
I recently retired from Snap-on Tools after 30 years and the renovated garage was a ″to me, from me″ gift. The flooring turned out really great and it is the ″wow″ factor when I show my garage to my friends. I installed it myself and am very proud of it. Thanks for a great product.
Customer review image of  in Bathroom
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  Bathroom Flooring
Self-installed in Bathroom
Kelli from Bancroft, MI wrote...
We ordered this after seeing a blog about rubber flooring in a bathroom. We were looking for something that wouldn't be cold and that wouldn't cost a ton of money to install, and options besides tile were not recommended for a bathroom. After the research I ordered a sample and we loved it. I ordered a roll of the black and we installed it in our main bathroom. It was so easy to cut and place. It is seamless and so easy to keep clean, and we have extra to use! Love Love Love this product!
  Not Anti Slip when wet
Self-installed in Indoor Cement flooring
K9TS from Frankfort, IL wrote...
Customer Service is spectacular with RubberFlooringInc.... in regard to the floor I think the product is of decent quality although I purchased them for the anti slip purpose. When there is condensation on the ground or it is humid the flooring is extremely slippery! I was told it was anti slip, although I failed to ask if it was anti-slip when humid or wet. I do not recommend this product for anyone that has floors that condensate or if it will be in humidity... you will fall! Other then that during dry weather they are very anti slip.... just don't get them wet!
  Coin Nitro Rolls
Anonymous from Detroit, MI wrote...
We are very happy with your flooring, the job went well and the finished product looks great, we will be using it again, my biggest problem was the weight, I did not consider that a 140' roll would weigh 1000lbs. next time I will have extra hands on deck..... Thanks again for a great product and prompt service Larry muzzarelli Kennico exteriors
  nitro rolls
Self-installed in garage
james baliker from ormond beach, fl wrote...
my choice of the coin nitro rolls over epoxy paint was a winner.
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Garage
Dorothy H. from Anniston, AL wrote...
May we tell you how much we are enjoying the coin nitro roll flooring. The floor had been previously painted with little success where the cars are parked. We have had the flooring installed for one month. We installed the rolls ourselves according to your explicit instructions and had absolutely no problems. The adhesive we used took awhile to dry, but it was okay. Thank you for the courteous help with the ordering process and the prompt shipping. We will recommend your product heartily.
  Great Product
Installed in Garage
Bud from Ocean City, NJ wrote...
Hurricane Sandy is what prompted my search for a product that I could replace the ruined carpet and tile on my garage floor. This one fit the bill perfectly. The price was right the delivery quick and it went down easily. I did not want to glue it or tape it down and I am hoping that when the warm weather comes the edges will lay flat.
Customer review image of  in Basement Stairs, Hallway, Stairs
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  Outstanding Coin Nitro Roll, Shiny !
Installed in Basement Stairs, Hallway, Stairs
Mark from Harrison, New Jersey wrote...
I was surprised how my basement stairs and hallway came out with this material. It was just enough for my stairs running from the 1st Floor into basement. I love the quality of the material and the thickness is just enough. Also I would like to thank Floor INC for such great product for such a low price; basically you cannot beat it. Thank You ! ! =) The installation was a little hard I got a good heavy duty commercial glue at my hardware floor store locally in Jersey City fewer than 75 Bucks a two gallon drum. The install was a little complicated for my guys installing because of the air bubbles creating and stripping down, cleaning the old clue from tiles but doesn’t look bad looks great and professional.
  Decent roll, but there are some issues.
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Vestal, New york wrote...
The roll was easy to install, and I am overall satisfied with the final result. Following are my concerns that led me to give a three-star for this product. First, the material of this roll is very thin and soft. After the installation, the tiniest rock left under the roll looks very bad, and it feels like it can tear it. Despite cleaning the garage floor very carefully before the installation, there were still some little rocks left under the roll and they look pretty bad over the surface of the roll. Long story short, this roll needs to be installed over super clean and smooth surfaces. Second, there were damages on the surface of the roll at delivery. The packaging material was ripped and some parts of the roll were exposed. I contacted the customer service regarding this issue, but nobody replied to my emails. If you have any issues with this product, I am worried that you may have difficulty with getting the help you need.
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Just what I wanted
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Austin, TX wrote...
I got this stuff to line the floor of my apartment garage - since I'm renting and I don't want to destroy the fresh concrete. I work with cars/motorcycles and random spills are bound to happen. This product was exactly what I was looking for. I got two 7.5'x25' rolls and rolled them out next to each other with a 6″ overlap. Did some light trimming and boom a custom fit. I changed some fork seals yesterday, and happily sprayed fork oil all over the ground just because I could. Wiped it right up no problem. Very happy with the purchase.
  Awesome dock cabana floor
Self-installed in Cabana floor on our dock
Nancy H from Lake of the Ozarks, MO. wrote...
Very happy with this product. Have had a lot of compliments too? Using on our dock on the floor of our cabana. Wanted something waterproof, slip resistant, but kind to ″bare feet″.
  Garage floors service
Anonymous from Jamaica Plain, MA wrote...
Would like to comment that service was terrific tiki fix an error. Andrea Simmons was excellent.
  flooring made easy
Self-installed in commerical kitchen
larry from detroit mi. wrote...
we have just completed our 2nd major flooring project using coin nitro rolls. It is great to work with and the results are wonderful. thanks for a quality product and prompt delivery Larry
  Great stuff
Anonymous from Reno wrote...
Lined my race trailer floor. Worked great!
  Beautiful finish
Self-installed in Conex
Fernando from Reno NV. wrote...
Is amazing product , very strong with a great finish.
  Love the Coin Nitro Roll Mats
Self-installed in Basement
Dana Lockett from Nashville Tn. wrote...
I have purchased 4 Coin Nitro Roll mats Commercial grade, over the past year. Love them. Look to purchase more in the future.
  Real easy to install
Anonymous from Charlotte, NC wrote...
Great way to give a concrete floor a nice look and make it more friendly to use and look at.
Self-installed in Nano Brewery
RJ from SE Michigan wrote...
This product is perfect for a brewery floor, easy install, easy cleanup and very durable and nice looking!
  Easy enough
Self-installed in Bedroom floor over concrete foundation
Benjamin from Chandler AZ wrote...
If installing indoors, just make sure the flooring is on the cool side as it does shrink especially at the seams. I unrolled the flooring outside in the heat, cut it to size. Installed one length inside, went fine. Cut second side, but them up carefully with floor tape under seem. Looked perfect. Installed home gym. A week later separated over 1/8th disappointed.
Customer review image of  in In our garage
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  My toy’s new home
Self-installed in In our garage
Gene from Lake Junaluska N.C. wrote...
This is absolutely perfect for my need. My second 1954 MGTF needed a new home and since nearly all British Sports cars of that vintage drip oil, the Coin Nitro Roll is the perfect solution. I am easily able to wipe up the small drips and not risk ruining the concrete floor.
results 1-20 of 150
1 2 3 … 8