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Coin Flex Tiles Reviews

Coin Flex Tiles
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Looks Great!
Self-installed in Garage
Scott A. from Townsend, DE wrote...
Looks Great!
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Garage floor
Installed in Garage
Angie King from Columbus GA wrote...
I have a 3 car garage and it seems to get a lot of use. I tend to think of it as an extension of my home and like it to be clean and tidy. I have been re-painting the garage floor with a stain each year but it continues to stain and flake. I was out of choices other than tiling the floor. I measured the floor and called to discuss measurements. It was easy to get estimates and then place my order. I received it very quickly and curbside delivery was fine. I had ordered the dark gray and I am very pleased with the color. I also ordered the trim pieces to finish off the floor. I had it professionally installed and the floor looks great! However, I did not like the trim pieces. They are made of a flimsy plastic and made the floor look cheap. I had the installers cut the tiles to make a finished edge and I found this to look much better. The dark gray color was a good choice but it shows any dust(or pollen). I am sweeping the floor regularly with a Swiffer and this seems to do the job. The floor seems to be of high quality and I expect it to last a very long time. I was skeptical about water from the tires penetrating the seams but this does not happen. Overall, the floor exceeded my expectations and I would say I am a perfectionist.
Customer review image of  in Made garage into sports bar
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Self-installed in Made garage into sports bar
Tony Hill from Aledo, Tx wrote...
I got to these folks from the images I saw on Google. I called them and gave the lady my measurements and she took over. She figured it up and gave me the best price possible and even helped me cut some corners to get an even better price to boot. The customer service is second to none with these folks. The lead time was excellent. We had our product in five days from purchase and it would have been four days except Fedex had to reset delivery because of a tailgate situation. The product was just as it was described in their online site. In fact it was even better than we hoped for. The texture of the tiles is hard to explain but so cool and soft under your feet. We installed a 20x20 garage in less than 2 hours. I am now trying to find some other surface that we can do to order some more product. I definitely recommend this company and product to anyone thinking about adding some flair to their floors... easy as pie....Note: rubber hammer is a plus.
  Laundry Room Install
Self-installed in Laundry Room
Anonymous from Duluth, Ga. wrote...
These tiles worked great in our Laundry Room and finished off the space perfectly. They were easy to install and cut. Have recommended this product to others already.
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Steve's new garage
Self-installed in Garage
Steve Schwemer from Arlington, TX wrote...
Started on moving everything out of the garage at 11:00 in the morning and moved everything back in at 9:00 that evening. Tiles were easy to install and easy to cut. It was time comsuming but at age 60, there were a lot of breaks taken. Everyone that has seen the floor says it looks like something you would see in a car magazine. May have to go but a sports car now.
Customer review image of  in Basement & Kitchen
Customer review image of  in Basement & Kitchen
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Basement & Kitchen
Henry K. from Holland, MI wrote...
We are totally delighted with the floor, the color, and the ease of installation.
  Easy to install clean look nice
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from Lovleand, CO wrote...
Order samples first and them placed order. Easy to install. Very nice tile Hoping they clean up well from dirt and grime from the road.
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Neighbors are envious of our garage floor
Self-installed in Garage
Charlie Overly from Columbia Maryland wrote...
We live in an active adult neighborhood and with Covid many neighbors are walking around the development for exercise. During my DIY installation, which was so easy, over 10 of my neighbors stopped at my house and all wanted to know more about my new garage floor. We have become the talk of the development and I would bet many of my neighbors will be ordering your garage tiles. Creative and colorful designs, easy installation and reasonable cost make your garage tile products a very good choice. I am an advocate for your products.
  Easy to install
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from Youngstown, NY wrote...
The floor looks great was easy to install but the edging I'd rate 2 stars. There is a gap between each one and its shorter then the tiles.
Self-installed in Office
Will from Virginia wrote...
It is wonderful for our application
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Hayward, Wisconsin wrote...
i installed the diamond flex tiles in my 2 car garage floor..the installation was flawless, the tiles fit perfectly. upon completion i installed 3 coats of the specified sealer. I live in Wisconsin and do NOT recommend this product in areas, of ice, snow, sand and salt. I wash the floor 2 times a month and am very disappointed with the results . I have several stains and also tire stains which will not clean off even with scrubbing. I used the gray tiles with black tile boarder. I guess I should of used all black tiles which do not show the stains as much as the gray tiles. I would recommend this floor in the south and West.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Garage and laundry area
Ventura Exit from Oxnard, CA wrote...
I think this is great product. It is definitely not scratch proof. It is easy to replace tiles though, so if your car jack wheels scratch any of the tile, they are easy to replace. I ended up wrapping my car jack wheels in electrical tape and that solved the problem.
  Cargo Trailer Flooring Project
Self-installed in Enclosed Cargi Trailer
Anonymous from Newhall CA wrote...
Love the product! Installed it in our 8.5 x 16 foot cargo trailer within a few hours. It was a fraction of the price compared to having the floor sprayed with truckliner. We were able to choose more the one color to create a checkerboard pattern. We have already recommended it to many friends! Thank you for a great product!
  Great garage floor!
Installed in Garage
Angie Larkey King from Columbus GA wrote...
We purchased the flex coin tiles in 2004 at our previous home. We have loved the product since that time. The floor is easy to install and keep clean. We moved in December and the buyer of our house requested that we leave the garage floor for them. I purchased the same flex coin tiles for this new house. We love the floor here at the new home. It finished off your garage to feel more like your home.
  Nice product, installs easily
Anonymous from Walnut Creek CA wrote...
Bought this to put under my car lift so that it is easy to clean up any spills Like that it installs with ease Just installed and it lays flat with out curling up Most of seams look to be water tight but some have tiny gaps where spills might get under tiles if not mopped up right away
  From total madness to total beauty
Self-installed in Home garage floor
Marco carcich from New York wrote...
Great to see an American product that surpasses any similar product made in another country ! I first painted my garage floor with a two part epoxy, which I may have not mixed as directions, which wasn’t drying, even after two weeks. Then I rolled out 15 lb. roofing paper so I can enter my garage. That’s when I found your company, which solved my problem and installed it. Now the wife says I don’t have to take off my shoes to enter our house any more ,just wipe I on a Matt. I do a light sweep and I’m done, what a great product and ease of instlation. Thanks
Anonymous from Louisiana wrote...
Everything, great product easy to install.
  A Satisfying Decision
Self-installed in Home shop
Paul from Condon, Montana wrote...
I started looking into garage flooring this past spring and ordered several different samples. I originally wanted the 7mm Coin Flex tiles but due to the fact that part of my flooring was going to extend outside of the garage door I figured the 4.5mm tiles would work better without leaving a gap under the door seal that would allow mice or cold air to enter. After a phone call to the company to get some questions answered, I spent time on their website using the Custom Design feature. Once I had that done I called and spoke with one of their customer service experts who answered my final questions and helped me put the order together. She was very pleasant and our interaction was productive. I wound up going to the trucking company’s dock to pick up my order as we live out in the country and delivery can be difficult due to inaccessibility for trucks. The product arrived in perfect condition in boxes that are somewhat difficult to open but that may be a good thing as it prevents the tiles from inadvertently falling out of a poorly sealed package during transport. A wide putty knife solved the problem getting the boxes open. I was excited to try the product so the evening I got home with the tiles I started to assemble them, doing a couple of short rows before dinner. I was immediately impressed with the ease with which they go together. I will say that of the two rubber mallets I own, the one with the steel handle carries a bit more weight which, in my opinion, helps put the tabs in place better and with less effort than the wooden handled one. I also would recommend that, when you finish pounding the tabs into place along the second edge of each tile, go back to the first side again as it seems they want to pop back up a bit. It’s not a big thing but this happened pretty consistently so I just made it a habit. The factory rep warned me about the possibility of color variations in the black and light gray but I was not concerned about that and they all looked great. The dark colored tiles sure do show dirty footprints however. During assembly, I found myself walking on the light gray tiles to keep the floor looking cleaner when moving from the raw concrete floor onto the tiles. I can see lots of mopping in my future if I want the floor to continue looking as fantastic as it does now. At this point the edging still doesn’t lay as flat as I would like but I’m thinking that I’ll give it time to relax and see if it settles down (I just finished yesterday). If not I’ll use some double-sided tape to help. My original design circumvented the floor drain and left it completely open. In the end, however, I placed a tile over it and cut out a nice round hole for the floor grate. The tiles are flexible enough that I can see the new flooring sloping along with the concrete so I anticipate no issues with drainage. I would really love it if the company would produce edging/corner pieces for inside corners as I have a few in my design. I’ll have to see what I can come up with on my own. All in all I am very impressed with the entire project: Quality of materials, quality of help from the company and, of course, the fantastic appearance of the finished floor. Now I am going to do my best to convince my wife that we need to spend more money doing the other side of the garage to include the car, the motorcycle, and my workshop area. Thank you for a great product. You can be proud of what you manufacture. It is high quality and it is nice to know we are supporting American workers with our purchase!
Customer review image of  in Garage concrete floor
Customer review image of  in Garage concrete floor
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  Coin flex tiles
Self-installed in Garage concrete floor
Steven Nachman from The villages florida wrote...
I love the way my garage floor turned out. It took me by myself about 25 hrs to install an 850 square foot area. Cutting the edges was the most difficult. I used several blades and and a t square. I was actually under I tile after installing the floor and I managed to piece a couple cut pieces that I was going to toss to finish the job. This is my second floor I installed myself. Nothing is better. It stays clean looks great. Easy to mop up.
  Perfect Shop Flooring
Self-installed in Shop and office
Jim from Visalia, CA wrote...
Purchased the vinyl tile flooring after evaluating other flooring option. Quick and easy to install with very little preparation versus painted or epoxy floorcoatings. So easy I had my 10 and 9 year old grandkids help install it, they had a ball. Vinyl tile cuts easy with a utility knife, it helps to clap a straight edge for a cutting guide. Layout is important when using the edge pieces. I layed out and pieced together both ways first one line of tile and could move the tiles to get it exactly where it needed to be then marked and snapped the lines.
results 1-20 of 131
1 2 3 … 7