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4'x8'x2" Folding Mats Reviews

4'x8'x2" Folding Mats
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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  Love It!
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from mI wrote...
My daughter loves this mat for gymnastics.We are pleased with the quality and will order another one.THANKS
  Great value for an almost perfect product
Self-installed in Home Play Room
Adam from Orlando, FL wrote...
I ordered 2 mats so I could create an 8'x8' padded surface. The Velcro on the edges holds tight and I am happy with the overall result. There are only three things I don't like: 1. You have to air-out these mats before putting them inside. The smell is crazy strong. 2. The corners of the material form a sharp point because of the way the material is folded over. The material itself is soft so although there is this sharp point it is not a great concern. 3. There is a large warning label painted on the top of the surface instead of the bottom. You just can't beat the overall value of these mats. They arrived quickly and met my needs. I'm a happy customer!
  Great mat
Self-installed in Play room
Anonymous from Mississippi wrote...
Got the mat for my kids play room. I like the 2″ thickness and the blue color. It's not a squishy type of foam it certainly holds it's shape and does not ″give″ when you walk on it. I'm sure after time it will give a little bit. The kids said it was ″too hard″ but I think it's fine. They were expecting a bed mattress feel. Also the new smell of the mat was not too bad. I put it on our covered porch for 24 hours to air out and it was fine.
  Great Mat
Anonymous from Millbury, MA wrote...
The folding mat is firm, yet springy. Great for practicing tumbling, dancing, gymastics, acro.
  worth it
Self-installed in Basement exercise area
Anonymous from Seattle wrote...
I bought this to exercise on what's basically a cement basement floor. I'd hoped it would be like the small mats at the gym. All in all, I'm happy with it, though it's not as firm as I'd hoped. Basically if I'm flat footed, the weight is distributed enough that there's no give in the mat, but if I'm on the balls of my feet they sink in to the mat a bit (I weigh about 150, for reference). I've decided that provides a little core workout, so I'm OK with it. It feels quite firm if I'm lying on it. Other than that, my only complaint is there's more play than I'd like in the material covering it. Again, not quite like the mats at the gym. It did take a few days to air out and lose the smell, but not a big deal. Overall I'm happy with it.
Self-installed in Home gym/Wrestling room
Anonymous from Wyoming wrote...
This is a very versatile mat. Wrestling, karate, exercise. We use it for all. Rubber Flooring is fast and effective with getting the product to the location.
  really like these mats
Installed in home gym
Anonymous from Johnson City, Tennessee wrote...
We use these mats in the nursery at our church, so I decided they would work great in my home exercise area also. I'm very pleased with the quality and the colors and the shipping was prompt.
  Folding mats
Self-installed in Dojo
Mongoose International from Marfa, Texas wrote...
these mats are great and very sturdy for what I need. I will be ordering more in the weeks to come. thank you and keep up the great work. your truly, the staff of Mongoose International.
Self-installed in Garage
Joel from Keller, TX wrote...
Both my boys are really in to MMA. With that they wanted some mats for the garage so they could train at home as well as in the gym. I ordered three mats with my very first order to this company. I placed my order over the phone and it was effortless! The rep was polite and professional during the ordering process. I liked the mats so much I ordered one more mat the following week! The mats are the same thickness as they are at their gym where they do MMA. I've had as many as 4 adult size people on the mats at the same time using four of these mats which fit together with VELCRO. Now lets talk about Price and Quality. If you've been shopping around for mats then you already know this company has the best prices pretty much on anything you want to order. When you factor in FREE shipping you're ahead of the pack! Let's face it, most people not all though, hunt for the lowest price especially when you're spending several hundred dollars. Some are willing to sacrifice a little quality in order to pay a lower price. HERE'S the good part. You DON'T sacrifice quality and YOU still get the lower prices, AWESOME!! I don't do reviews often. I received an email from this company asking for me to review the mats. I decided to post a review because the ordering process along with the quality of the product was great! So if your on the fence about ordering from this company, go AHEAD and climb over the fence and place an order! And NO I don't work for this company nor do I know anyone at this company. Anyhow, I hope someone maybe benefited from this post.
  Knee saver
Self-installed in on my deck
Anonymous from Danville, IL wrote...
I have used it for about 4 weeks now, excellent. Especially while doing YOGA, down dogs etc....
  Love Our Folding Mats
Sheri from Tooele, Utah wrote...
These are perfect for our fitness studio!
  Perfect Mats for our Aerial Studio
Sheri from Stansbury Park, Utah wrote...
This is our 2nd purchase .... Very happy with the quality and service! We will be back when we need more!
  Great mat with caution spots
Self-installed in Therapy gym
Patricia from Arlington TX wrote...
This mat appears to be exceptional quality. It's not too soft. It's not too hard. It seems very durable. It appears to positively perfect for my therapy gym. The one thing I would love to change is the ″Caution...″ that's printed on each mat. If I buy enough mats to cover the area I would like to cover, I'll have ″Caution....″ printed on my floor 12X. Not exactly the aesthetics I hoped for. :/ I wish the mats were longer or I could opt out of the caution sign. I know there's rollout mats but I don't want that surface. Still considering if I want to buy more of these mats or if I'm going to just put this one in a smaller area.
  Better than described
Self-installed in Moves around the house
Charrise lemus from Fresno ca wrote...
This was the perfect mat better than I had hoped for definently professional grade gymnastics grade gym Mat would recons only this a live all others.
  Perfect for what I needed
Self-installed in Living room
Anonymous from Tucson, Arizona wrote...
Bought this mat for home Jiu Jitsu drills. The thickness and firmness have been perfect. Will most likely get one more section for our space.
  Just Perfect!
Self-installed in Basement
Regina from New York wrote...
We purchased two of these mats for our granddaughter. We have a nursery school quality jungle gym with slide in our basement and wanted something safe in the event she fell off. She chose pink herself and loved them so much she used them for gymnastics, etc. initially. We then placed them under a small trampoline for her safety and it again is just perfect. Covid 19 has prompted many parents and grandparents to help keep kids active since all schools are closed. These mats are durable, just the right thickness for our needs and am very happy we found this company. I recommend them without hesitation!
  Excellent Product
Self-installed in Training Room
Joe from Conroe, Texas wrote...
This is exactly what we needed. It arrived quickly and as described.
  Looking for a smaller size!
Installed in Seen at friends home.
Asa Bjurulf from Cincinnati, OH wrote...
These are awesome mats and I was looking for something similar for my granddaughter, but they live in an apartment, so are a little limited on space, so was looking for a smaller size foldable mat, both for the purpose of storage and usage. Would you consider a smaller mat at some point, which might be of interest to a lot of people both for the size and possible slightly more affordable cost?
  Happy Customer
Venkat R. from Frisco, TX wrote...
I bought 4'*8'*2' folding mats for my daughter's gym practice at home. It is so convenient. I bought 2 of them and I can join them together so easily. As you can see my daughter is so easy to perform back bend in home. It is a great product and great price. See attached video
  Perfect Mats!
Self-installed in Pool deck
Anonymous from Annapolis, MD wrote...
While most people wouldn't use the mats for the same reason as I am, they fit my needs to a tee!. I have several large breed dogs, and a very rough pool deck. Add the mats and no more uncomfortable dogs! My requirements were large, well padded, and more or less water-proof. This mat rocks!
results 1-20 of 146
1 2 3 … 8