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3/8" PowerPlay Rubber Tiles Reviews

3/8" PowerPlay Rubber Tiles
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$11.96 Tile
reg: $3.99 sqft
tile $15.95
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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  Great product
Self-installed in Home gym/basement
Pastor Mark from Yorktown, VA wrote...
I put down over 1000 square feet in my basement for an exercise room, everyone loves it. It's a little tough to cut but that is expected it's rubber! It is more heavy duty than you might think and it goes together almost seamless. Because of this sometimes you have to really work at it to get it together, gives your thumbs a real workout. But finish product looks like a champ. Pastor Mark
  Easy to install
Self-installed in home gym
Anonymous from Punta Gorda, FL wrote...
Easy to install, looks great & is functional.
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
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  Floor Photo Entry
Lannie S. from Tucson, AZ wrote...
Love the finished product! - Lannie
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  High quality product
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from St. Louis, MO wrote...
Very thick, high quality. Perfect for new home gym.
  Great gym flooring
Self-installed in Gym
T McCoul from Casper wrote...
Great looking gym flooring! Easy to install!
Self-installed in Home - Garage
MIke Bohi from Stockon, CA wrote...
I love these rubber tiles. I installed 120 sq ft by myself and I can't stop staring at it and running all over it. My older boys love it as well. This replaced a few random kids' tiles that we had. It's great for protecting the garage floor from weights and its great for preventing slippage when doing other exercises. Installation was very easy and I'm already looking at filling in some more blanks with additional tiles. I highly recommend this product.
  Best Rubber Tiles On Market
Self-installed in Garage
Bryan from Portland, OR wrote...
These are very high quality. Easy to assemble. Gym quality. I wish I had ordered more.
  Great addition to basement gym
Self-installed in basement gym
Anonymous from Belleville, IL wrote...
Very easy to install and looks great. We installed the flooring in a few hours directly over the existing wood flooring. Cuts easy just be sure to have a good blade in your utility knife and replace the blade if it starts to get dull. Now the gym has a nice safe workout surface and no more unsightly mats under all the gym equipment.
  Excellent product
Anonymous from Boston suburbs wrote...
We ordered this for a basement exercise room. It is very heavy duty and perfect for the room. A bit challenging to install but we are so pleased with our purchase.
  Just as described
Self-installed in Basement
Lindin from D.C wrote...
The tile thick and very heavy. It is also durable. Just as described. Just be weary of the weight of this product, it is somewhat difficult to move from the shipping drop off, to your desired location. But overall great product.
Customer review image of  in Personal Fitness Training Studio
Customer review image of  in Personal Fitness Training Studio
Customer review image of  in Personal Fitness Training Studio
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  Excellent Tiles
Self-installed in Personal Fitness Training Studio
Transformation Fitness Studio Inc. from Staten Island, NY wrote...
These tiles look great! They are perfect for all my clients to high impact cardio exercises on and they look great. Cutting was a little difficult but these tiles were worth it. Will definitely be ordering from rubber flooring Inc. for my other fitness rooms.
  Great Flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Mustang, OK wrote...
I've wanted to get rid of the carpet in our small workout room for some time. Researching online I found your site, requested samples, and made my decision. I ordered the 3/8 inch thick tiles. They were perfect! the install was easy, even though I had to cut some to go around windows and a built-in bookcase(workout room was supposed to be home office). I did go to the freight company and pick the tiles up, because we live on a very narrow gravel road. The box was completely destroyed, but no damage to the tiles.
  Large Room Looks Great
Self-installed in Large Gym/Weight Room
Anonymous from DeKalb, IL wrote...
We covered a room 50'x70' and it looks great.
  both client and myself are happy!
Installed in Home gym
Anonymous from New Rochelle, NY wrote...
It is most important to me that I satisfy my client. Everyone was helpful towards getting the order placed properly and according to my clients' needs. The product came when expected and as expected. Easy to install, 1-2-3 and I have a satisfied client. Most important of all.
  Great product
Self-installed in home gym / play area for kids
Aron from Boston wrote...
I ordered a little under 1000 sq ft of this flooring for my basement for home gym/play area purposes. I installed this with ease and the tiles are cut with such precision that it is almost impossible to see the puzzle interlock between tiles. I custom cut many of the tiles to fit around support columns and walls which was easily done with a cardboard cutter with sharp blade. I do not know about its durability as I have just recently installed this, but at the present time, I would highly recommend this flooring to other people.
  Great Deal
Self-installed in Loft home gym for a customer of mine
Jim from Albany, NY wrote...
I live on the east coast and was told these tiles would get to me fast and they did. I guess they are made over here somewhere. The tiles look great and I couldn't be happier. I tried ordering another tile from a competitor initially who promised me he would get me some rubber tiles in 5 days flat. They lied and before you know it I was scrambling to get the job finished in time for my customer. I decided to cancel that order and call rubberflooringinc back and see what they could do. They pulled some strings and were able to get me these tiles pretty quick. The best thing was they didn't BS me at all and seemed like straight shooters.
results 1-16 of 16