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1/2" 4' x 6' Mega Mats Reviews

1/2" 4' x 6' Mega Mats
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$43.99 each
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Average Rating 4.6/5
Customer Reviews
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  Satisfied, but ...
Self-installed in Home gym
Jeff K from Iowa wrote...
Overall, very pleased with this product. Provides a cleaner look versus the tiles with inter-locking sides. A word of caution: the pieces don't always have a perfect straight edge and there is some variance to the thickness as well. Some pieces will be exactly 1/2″ thick and some will be thinner, which means you'll have to lay something underneath in attempt to level the edges where the seams meet.
  Mega Mats
Anonymous from Pasadena, TX wrote...
Awesome quality and perfect for our grinders.
  Good Product
Self-installed in Audit Area for electronics
Anonymous from Dallas, TX wrote...
Have purchased this product before and it works very good for us. The only thing keeping it from being 5 stars, is it always seems to be cut smaller than the 4'x6' size. it's not off by much, normally 1/2″ to 1 ″. We use these as a pad for tables we work on and tables are exactly 4'x6', pads are always a tad short
  Problem solved
Self-installed in 1959 Chevrolet Apache Truck, stepside
Chuck Williams from Phoenix, Arizona wrote...
The 1/2″ thick rubber flooring was the perfect solution for my high end truck restoration need. The added speckled colors option allowed me to match my color scheme as well. With fresh new oak boards adorned in stainless steel edging in the truck bed made it too pretty to use as a normal every day truck bed. Adding your product in the truck bed over the top of my oak flooring not only protected it from the harsh Arizona weather but also from the abuse of hauling miscellaneous items. Problem solved!
  Perfect home gym nats
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Lehi UT wrote...
Perfect mats for my home gym. I have a rack and do a lot of oympic lifts. No damage whatsoever to the concrete slab underneath.
  Half inch mat primeo
Self-installed in On back porch under cover
Louis from FL wrote...
Best mat around,they sold me just what i needed no over kill, Kim was great to talk she really knows her stuff, the mat is great and heavey as hell, Louis
  Exercise Room Mat
Self-installed in Home Gym
Catherine from Newburport,MA wrote...
I did a ton of research for the right exercise mat at the right price for my basement exercise room which has the basic cement floor. I checked Amazon and the web and found this company on web. My first mat arrived which I loved so much that I ordered a 2nd to complete the room. Warning: this mat is heavy to move! My husband had to bring inside and downstairs for me. The 1/2 in is thick enough for me to do some cardio workouts (protecting knees and hands) or drop a 5 dumbbell which just bounced. When the floor gets a little damp from sweat it's not too slippery. The mat doesn't move during workouts. It's a small room but it only had a very mild new mat odor. Only downside is the mat is shedding still. It's not a lot but enough to be annoying on my hands during workout. This is why I have 4 stars. Overall I'm very happy with my mat...can't wait for 2nd mat...Buy American!
  flattens out nicely
Self-installed in living room over wood floor
Anonymous from San Francisco, CA wrote...
for shipping the floor mat is rolled and tied, the ends wrapped in plastic withing a couple of days of unrolling, the curled edges of the mat lie flat on the floor customer service was good enough to re-fulfill my order after FedEx lost the first shipment
  Excellent Quality Mat
Nancy from Methuen, MA wrote...
I use this mat for my dogs to play on so they have traction because I have all hardwood floors. Any accidents or spills wipe up easy and don't penetrate through to the hardwood floors.
  Great product,price and company
Self-installed in commercial building equipment areas
Anonymous from Denver Colorado wrote...
Customer service was fantastic. Product was exactly as advertised. Shipping was quick, I will be spending mymoney here again for any future flooring products.
  Workout Mat
Anonymous from Champaign, Illinois wrote...
Shipped quickly, had them in less than a week. Ordered to put over/protect carpet while working out doing T25. Does not slip and is sturdy enough to give support as well. Some reviews complained of the odor, but it is minor, smells as you would expect rubber to, and goes away after about a week. I needed to vacuum up small rubber particles after each use for about a week then only about once a week since. I ordered 2 to give my wife and I a total area of 6' by 8' to workout together in, If working out alone, only one is needed. We roll them up and put them away when done. They do take up a bit of room even when rolled and are fairly heavy. Good product.
  Not what I expected.
Anonymous from San Antonio, TX wrote...
I ordered this mat for a bedroom that we use as an exercise room. First of all, I didn't think the mat would be so dense! I was looking for something with more give like a yoga mat. I should have know it was bit the mat for me but hoped it would work! The return process is not user friendly at all and shipping charges and re- sticking fees made it prohibitable to do! I luckily found a friend that wanted a mat like this for their garage!
Anonymous from Illinois wrote...
I purchased the Mega Mat to place on top of carpet in order to keep from wear and dripping sweat all over it down in my basement when I work out. I couldn't be happier! It's heavy enough it doesn't move when I do side to side movements and cushions my landing very well. The only thing that would be better would be if it could have been manufactured in a 6x6ft square, however I would buy this again if I needed to and I could always buy another and tape it to the other one...
  Great for medium sized workout room!
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Camas, WA wrote...
I usually don't write reviews but this mat is amazing! Having spent time trying to do intense cardio activities on everything from yoga mats that tear, to mats designed for equipment that wont stay in place, I was at my wits end. Then I found the mega mat. Its durable enough to stand up to my repeated burpees and floor sprints while being heavy enough to stay in place. Perfect for my medium sized carpeted man room. The only draw back I've seen is that my mat came with quite a few tiny black particles that seemed to shed off the mat in the first few weeks. I chalked this up to the manufacturing process and they are easily vacuumed up. Great job on this one, well worth the money!
  Great service;OK product
Self-installed in home gym
Anonymous from Connecticut wrote...
Telephone service was excellent in providing advice on the product. It took a week longer than promised to arrive. The mats seem to lose rubber granules; is this a quality control issue in manufacturing? It's not the end of the world, but requires sweeping around the mats weekly.
  Great Mats
Self-installed in Home gym
Garrett from Kansas wrote...
I bought these mats for a very small workout room. They arrrived in a very timely manner and got them with free shipping so I couldn't have been happier with that. The only reason they got 4/5 was me just being very picky. They lost a lot of their rubber granules and made a mess wherever they were transferred prior to being laid. They were also not very rectangular with up to 2 inches of difference on certain pieces. However, they were very easy to cut with an exacto knife and they could not look any better as I got the white and blue speckled. The blue specks are hardly noticeable but add a little to the white room as a whole. I am very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend this product.
  Simply the Best
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Middletown, NY wrote...
These 1/2″ mats are perfect. Rubber Flooring Inc. provides the best products, best price and best service.
  Exactly what I needed
Self-installed in Garage gym
Peter from Keller, TX wrote...
Awesome product. Looks great in the garage. Easy to move when needed. Very strong. Love it!
  Works for me
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from San Francisco,CA wrote...
I got a better product than I anticipated. Thanks!
  1/2" rubber flooring
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
Great product! Bought four sheets for my workout area in my garage. Sheets fit together nicely and have a great feel to walk on. Definitely worth the price (with free shipping)!
results 1-20 of 44
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