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COREtec Plus 5" Waterproof Vinyl Planks Reviews

COREtec Plus 5" Waterproof Vinyl Planks
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Customer Reviews

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Happy Customer
Verified Purchase
from Louisville, CO wrote...
Customer service was good. I didn't need the flooring delivered immediately, so the representative worked out a delivery schedule to suit my time frame. I removed the old floor, prepped, and installed the new floor by myself in less than 4 days. I chose this brand for its looks, but it was tad less easy to install than a different laminate for another project. However, I think it turned out well; here's a photo so you can judge for yourself.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Coretec Plank
Self-installed in Kitchen/Dining
from Pensacola FL wrote...
Product looks great. Self install was pretty straight forward. Product locks together pretty good. Seems very scratch resistant. Had one scratch and after rubbing with a damp rag it disappeared. Love it so far. Feels solid under foot. RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Installed in Bedroom
from SC wrote...
Just had the Carolina Pine COREtec Plus floor installed in one of the bedrooms. It looks great and feels real nice under your feet. It is much quieter than the laminate we have in the hallway adjoining this bedroom. It does look a lot like wood with a slightly duller appearance. I am hoping it holds up the way it is promoted as I am seriously considering installing it throughout the house.
DIY Basement Installation
Self-installed in Basement
from Eden Prairie, MN wrote...
The flooring is fantastic! I installed it in the basement without the help of a contractor and it was pretty easy. There are a variety of patterns in the wood with no repeats across the floor. I recommend this product and would definitely use it again.
Self-installed in Living Room
Verified Purchase
from Lake Ann, MI wrote...
We are elderly and did it ourselves (with a little help) so it took awhile. We had to raise the sub floor so it would be even with our tile kitchen and entry. We also ended up pulling off our old baseboards and stained new ones along with shoe molding. The floor is so beautiful that we wanted to do it right.

It was a lot of work, moving around the furniture and all the construction for several months...but very well worth it. WE LOVE IT!!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Very Happy
Self-installed in Living Room
from Mount Sinai, NY wrote...
Happy Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
New floors
Verified Purchase
from Cary, NC wrote...
The pictures of our new flooring are attached — some with cute dogs as well. :-)
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Looks like wood but easier to maintain
Installed in Everywhere including bathroom!
from Monroe Township, NJ wrote...
I needed a floor for a second level Co-op that would be durable, easy to clean and also quiet! This flooring has the texture and grains of real wood, some great color choices and is WATERPROOF! So dog and pet friendly. The cork backing makes it so much gentler on the knees and legs when standing in the kitchen for long periods and will serve as a sound barrier for the first floor under us. It's life time guaranteed so how can you go wrong!
Kitchen Renovation
Self-installed in Kitchen
Verified Purchase
from North East, PA wrote...
During our kitchen renovation we took a wall down between our kitchen and living room and replaced the old laminate and carpeting. Everyone raves about the look of the flooring and it is also very easy to care for. We plan on replacing the carpeting in our family room with this flooring also.
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
COREtec Plus 5 review
from Riverside, CA wrote...
The flooring was easy to install. The surface of the planks have a slight wood scraped surface that adds character and is slip resistant. The 8 mm thick planks have a cork backing and click together and stay together.
Happy Customer
Installed in Living room and upstairs hall
Verified Purchase
from SODUS POINT, NY wrote...
After I put the flooring in my living room, I liked it so much that I had it installed in my upstairs hall. I love it.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
New Mudroom Floor
Installed in Mudroom
Verified Purchase
from Damariscotta, ME wrote...
Here you go. Doesn't do it justice but no one comes through my mudroom w/o saying ''great floor, wide plank oak? or gee, looks like tile, great oak'' so, thank you. it's perfect.
Excellent floors!
Self-installed in formal dining, study, living room, game room, bed
from Houston wrote...
Classy, easy to clean Rocky Mountain Oak design. Blends well with our front-entry mosaic travertine tiles and classic white tiles.
Very happy with our CoreTec floor
Verified Purchase
from Concord, VA wrote...
My wife had been after me for quite a while to renovate our master bedroom. Part of this was going to be removing the carpet and replacing it with some sort of hard surface flooring. After looking at samples from a couple of different products and colors, we settled on CoreTec Plus Black Walnut. I’m fairly handy at home projects, but had never tackled flooring before. While there was an initial learning curve to the angled tap-lock system, once I got a feel for it, the floor went down pretty quickly, only taking a couple of days. The patterns were varied enough so that repeating wasn’t a difficult issue to overcome, and the cork underlayment was a nice benefit. It kept me from having to spread a separate underlayment prior to laying the floor. I did have to perform some preparation before laying the floor, such as patching seams, sanding high spots and knocking nail heads down, but the end results and ease of the floor installation were well worth the extra effort. If you are not afraid of crawling around on the floor and doing a little DIY, CoreTec Plus is a great choice. The product is slightly flexible and cuts easily with an EAB vinyl cutter, making installation less painful. The planks are a perfect length at about 4’, but I wouldn’t want to try laying planks any longer than this, just due to the difficulty in locking the long side into the mated planks (my arms are only so long). My order came from the company with literally zero damage to the packaging or contents inside and shipped quickly. So far, we are very happy with our CoreTec floor. My wife actually spilled water on it last night and it wiped up easily. We are looking forward to enjoying our new floor with easier maintenance and a beautiful look for years to come. Thank you!
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Great Product
Self-installed in Living/Dining room and hallway
from Santa Fe, NM wrote...
Love this product! It looks great and cleans up beautifully. Installation of the Red River Hickory was easy, even with all the angles in my hallway. I did put 3m cork down under the product for extra installation as I am above garages so the floors were cold in winter and hot in summer previously. I did not order samples first as I saw the product at a local flooring store before ordering. Ordering was simple and the product came timely.
No more allergy problems!
Verified Purchase
from Woodland, CA wrote...
We absolutely love our new flooring! We have gotten tons of compliments and it has definitely passed the test with 7 grandchildren. Planning to install more in the living room and bedrooms. We discovered getting rid of our carpet has also gotten rid of our allergy problems too! Success all the way around!!
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Guest Bathroom
Self-installed in Guest Bathroom
Verified Purchase
from Kalamazoo, MI wrote...
We installed the floor in a small lower level guest bath. It is much warmer on the feet than tile and easy to maintain.
Verified Purchase
from San Jose, CA wrote...
Here are some good pictures of my new floor
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Vinyl Plank flooring
Self-installed in Basement
from Clinton CT wrote...
Very happy with the whole process. The ordering was painless, delivery was not a problem. Product looks great and was simple to install. Did almost 1,000 Sf. My client was very happy with. Highly Recomend the product and the company.
Happy customer
from Stanley, WI wrote...
Happy customer Customer Uploaded Photo
results 1-20 of 31
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