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6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles Reviews

6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles
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$174.79 Case
reg: $7.99 sqft
case $233.05
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  Wow, am I impressed.
Self-installed in Garage
Dale K. from Mountain View, CA wrote...
I recently removed some old roll-out rubber flooring that had wrinkled and stained beyond repair in my garage gym and replaced it with your 6.5 mm coin flex tiles. Wow, am I impressed. The product is sturdy, fits so snugly you can't see the seams and looks amazing. I was able to remove my old product and install the new coin flex flooring in about 3-4 hours. It surprised me how easy and accurately the flooring went down. I had no assistance, it was just me and the tiles. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a combination car/gym floor. I needed the flooring to be tough enough to handle my vehicle and to set my weights on. I also needed to cover some big cracks on my concrete floor. This 6.5 mm flex material is great for hiding ugly floor cracks.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in garage
Rick Sabarese from Stuart, Fl. wrote...
Tiles are heavy duty and fit together well. Best thing I did for my 3 car garage...My Viper, Porsche, and 1978 restored FJ40 Landcrusier sit beautifully on my new Rubber Flooring....getting lots of compliments from all my neighbors and friends. They go together fast and fit well...Had fun installing them. The 6.5mm coin flex rubber tiles are the best and look like they will hold up for many years. Oil,grease,dirt and water clean up fast and easy. Keep up the good work......I will be purchasing more for other projects....
  Outstanding Product
Self-installed in Creamery
Adam from Portland maine wrote...
The 6.5mm coin flex tile were extremely easy to install and alsmost seemless when the floor was finished. They are very durable and so far are standing up to both heavy traffic (pallet jacks and people) and normal wear and tear cleaning. Highly reccomended but you will probably need only about 5% overage instead of the 10%
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  Love it!
Installed in Garage
Lyn A from La Mesa, CA wrote...
Love it! Everyone envies me. :)
  Good Stuff
Self-installed in On my front porch.
Mavis from Inland Empire, CA wrote...
The reviews I read said these tiles could be cut using scissors. Not with any scissors I have! That said, a hack saw and a vise worked quite well. Easy to put together, looks fabulous and easy to clean.
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