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Designer Grip-Loc Tiles Reviews

Designer Grip-Loc Tiles
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Shower
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  Great Shower Floor - Grip-Loc
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Shower
Mike from Liberty Lake, WA wrote...
Installed Designer Grip-Loc Tiles in our open shower to reduce slip danger and improve overall appearance. Fairly easy to install and cut to size using utility knife. Wife was very happy and loves the shower which is great, but now I have to share my shower. Will be a great advantage when my physically impaired Mother visits.
Customer review image of  in 22' C Dory Cabin and Cockpit
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  22' C Dory Cabin and Cockpit
Self-installed in 22' C Dory Cabin and Cockpit
Michael E. from Port Orchard, WA wrote...
22' C Dory Cabin and Cockpit
  Tiles work great for shower
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in RV shower
Marcia from Seattle, WA wrote...
We used these tiles to line the shower floor of our trailer/RV. They work perfectly, exactly what I wanted. I used a pair of scissors to trim them to fit around all the nooks and corners. Once I figured out how to snap them together it was a ″snap″ to do. The only reason they didn't get all 5 stars is because of the limited color selection. I really wanted either a pure white or bright apple red. But otherwise, product is great.
  great product
Self-installed in Mud Room
Anonymous from Burlington, VT wrote...
We purchased these tiles for the mud room entry of our home to go over the concrete floor. These tiles met or exceeded all of our expectations. The only hang-up we had was that they were fairly difficult to snap together in place, especially in when you have to join up two sides at once. The locking nubs are pretty stiff to snap in place with your hands. We tried a few different methods and actually discovered that a hammer worked really well for the job. We basically would get the male and the female parts of the locking nubs lined up pretty close, all on the floor, then take a hammer and lightly pound them together. Made the job really easy actually. Other than that, the tiles are an awesome value and I highly recommend.
  Great Flooring
Self-installed in Rabbit cage
Anonymous from NY wrote...
Fast shipping. Great flooring. Using in the bottom of a rabbit cage to keep her of the wire. So far she loves being in it, we increased the amount of tiles in her cage. Easy to clean. May do my basement floor with these tiles. Very happy!!!
  Pool side Fix
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Pool deck
Jacx from Metairie LA wrote...
These are Great Tiles to use pool side. We’ve topped the wooden steps & laid a track to make the transition to a wood Ed deck from the pool. Cool & they look it too. We may need More for the outdoor kitchen remodel soon.
  Works great!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bathtub
Phoebe from Arizona wrote...
I wanted to have some matting in my bathtub when it was time to bathe my dogs. They are 75lbs and 100lbs and would always slip around and scratch the tub. I was really surprised how great this worked! I needed to trim the squares to fit the tub size, but it doesn’t slip! My dogs feel more comfortable on it and I don’t have to worry about them slipping and falling or scratching up the tub!
Customer review image of  in RV/Campervan bathroom
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  New RV bathroom floor!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in RV/Campervan bathroom
Luke from Bozeman MT wrote...
Rubber Flooring Inc tiles work great in the bathroom of an RV. Unlike the crappy floor that came from the factory, the one from Rubber Flooring Inc keeps dust out of the drain and allows the water to evaporate after showering. It also looks way better! Installation was easy... I just snapped together the tiles and traced the old floor with a razor knife. 8 tiles did the trick.
  Rubber Flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in In outdoor shower.
Robert Gomprecht from Cape Cod wrote...
Excellent product. Seems a bit trick to assemble.
  Good Product - Great Price
Self-installed in RV bathroom
Anonymous from Alabama wrote...
Ordered a small quanity of this flooring for use in RV bath. I had previously used Dri-Deck flooring for a bathroom of identical size in another camper (Casita). This flooring is much less costly than the Dri-Deck and is just as satisfactory in my opinion. Would definitely recommend it to others.
Self-installed in Kennel
Tess from MO wrote...
I used these tiles combined with the smooth loc tiles in my kennel. Easy to install and my dogs LOVE IT! Way better than the other brand I had used.
  Easy to use
Self-installed in Showers
Anonymous from Cripple Creek, CO wrote...
Easy to use snap together and put them on the floor.
  Outdoor Shower
Self-installed in Outdoor Shower
Anonymous from Edgartown, MA wrote...
We purchased designer grip-loc tiles for our outdoor shower and love them. They are easy to put together and look incredible. The tiles allow the water to drain right through them and provide a safe surface to walk on. They look great and completely changed the look and feel of our outdoor shower.
  Easy to install!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in In our home shower
Jamie L. from Sutton,VT wrote...
Works great! Very durable and easy to install
  Safety First
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Showers in my home
Mary Flack from San Antonio Texas wrote...
The Designer Grip-Loc Tiles are well made, easy to install and they provide safety while in the shower. I have install these tiles in all 3 of my showers after I fell in my shower 2 weeks after having my knee replaced because I slipped on the wet tile. I feel so much safer now. The tiles are comfortable to walk and stand on. Water drains very well with the tiles installed.
  No more butt busting!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Maser bath walk in shower
Deb from Texas wrote...
Easy to cut to size; easy to install( happy I got the tiles on sale; best of all no more butt busting in the shower with the slippery bath Matt! Happy, happy, happy.
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Shower Stall
Charlie Retcho from 07836 wrote...
Great product, works great in my shower stall at home.
  beautiful and easy to clean
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in in our pool area
Anonymous from 98237 wrote...
The tiles we bought were durable and easy to put together. We are using them in our pool area. Easy to clean and so much easier to pickup and move instead of the old black heavy rubber ones!
Customer review image of  in Sauna
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Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Sauna
Rick C. from Lexington, KY wrote...
Here is a picture of our floor installed in our sauna. It works great and it was easy to install and cut around the legs on the benches.
Customer review image of  in Shower
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  Happy Customer
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Shower
Anonymous from AZ wrote...
Very Happy
results 1-20 of 56
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