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Rubber Pavers Reviews

Rubber Pavers
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  Walking Paths
Self-installed in Yard
Charles from Knoxville, TN wrote...
We decided to use these tiles for pathways around our house. I have been looking for some pavers with different colors so that we could mark each path with a different color. With these I was able to do that. The pavers were pretty easy install and the paths look really cool snaking around my property. I'm hoping to do a few more paths in the coming years. Great product!
Self-installed in Barn
Anonymous from Hersey, PA wrote...
I have these paver tiles in part of our barn so that the animals and trainers have a safe place to walk and work. The trainers really like the flooring because its a lot safer for them. When the floor is wet, they are less likely to slip thus having as much control as possible of their enviroment while they work. It is also nice for the animals when they have somewhere soft to put their hooves on. It helps to relax them. After having these for a little while longer, I may end up purchasing more pavers.
  Great Service
Self-installed in Barn
Anonymous from Dover, DE wrote...
Even though it took forever to get the flooring, at least the service is good. The customer service rep. really worked with me to make sure that I was informed every step of the way and when I had issues with my shipment, the customer service rep. was very helpful in getting the situation resolved. The tiles are very nice tiles, but I just wish they had come sooner. I would have given more stars.
  Horse Stable
Self-installed in Horse Stable
Anonymous from Springfield, IL wrote...
I recently put these tiles in one our horse stables really to just try them out. We had other flooring in there previously, but it had come to the end of its life, so we decided to put something different in there. The tiles seemed pretty nice and I had seen them in a friends barn. The tiles did take some time to install, so I'm not sure if we are going to do them in the other stables I have, but they are very tough tiles. The tiles have stood up to a lot of accidents and lot of traffic. They have held up well and all we have to do is hose them down with water. These are definitely quality pavers.
  Easy to Maintain
Self-installed in Barn
Jane from Janesville, WI wrote...
These tiles are definitely vey easy to clean and to maintain. The tiles have held up well to the traffic they get on a daily basis and only need some water and a shovel to really get them clean.
  Strong Tile
Self-installed in Barn
Anonymous from Hamilton, OH wrote...
I have had these tiles for a bit now and they have really shown their quality. The pavers have seen a lot of abuse from hooves to feces on them and even though we clean them quite often, you would think they would start to show signs of wear and tear. But I haven't seen any yet. Only time will tell how long these will last, but from the bullets and the other reviews, it looks like they will last for a very long time.
  Love these pavers!
Self-installed in Backyard
Bridget from San Diego, CA wrote...
I just completed a huge remodel in my backyard and wanted to make easy walking paths between pool, spa, deck and bbq area. These were a cinch to lay down and look really nice. We've already had rain and these held up just fine and it was easy to just hose them off to remove the mud/dirt. I would highly recommend this product and already have to family members.
  Nice Tiles
Self-installed in Horse Stable
Anonymous from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
Even though the shipping for the pavers was a little high, I really liked the look that they created when installed. I decided to created a pattern with them and install them in one of my barns. I used the different colors to let the trainers know where to put each of the horses by using the colors available which they really liked. They also like the fact that they tiles help to reduce some of the pressure on their feet. I'm very pleased thus far with these tiles.
  Very Slip Resistant
Self-installed in Wash Area
Robert from Fort Wayne, IN wrote...
We installed these tiles in a wash area for some of our animals. In that area previously we had a flooring that got very slick when wet and would cause issues for the animals and trainers. So I decided to install this flooring to help with that. Since having the flooring installed, we haven't had any issues of an animal slipping or a traainer slipping. The trainers really like the fact that they had a very safe enviroment to work in. I should have installed this stuff initially.
  Easy to Clean
Self-installed in Workshop
Rich from Peoria, IL wrote...
These pavers are super easy to keep clean. All you really have to do is use some soap and water and they are good as new. And if they get a little dusty you can just sweep it right off. A very manageable product.
results 1-10 of 10
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