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Polyurethane Adhesive Reviews

Polyurethane Adhesive
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  How to store partially used container
Anonymous from North NJ wrote...
One reviewer commented on the hassle of re-opening container. Read the DnTac 3000 installation instructions available at The instructions says to cover top edge of container with plastic before replacing lid.
  Great Glue
Self-installed in Lunch Room
B Q from Illinois wrote...
DUH it supposed to be sticky DUH as one customer complains it sticky and hard to get off your clothes DUH . GOOD GLUE
  Works great
Dale from El Cajon, CA wrote...
I am a contractor from california I have placed a few orders with rubberflooringinc, I have used the glue on two different jobs and it works really good its also nice when I dont have to go looking around to find it locally. I would recommend ordering this glue if you are looking for a good quality and a easy to clean up product.
  Its good, but get the remover too!
Self-installed in kitchen
David from Pinehurst, NC wrote...
Glue came shipped in its own container, just placed a sticker on it and it arrived just fine. Metal bucket was easy to open and since it was a 2 day job, had to seal it for the night. It gets a 4 star not 5 because the glue is so sticky it literally sealed the bucket shut. Took 2 of us to pry it open and begin day #2. There wasn't that much adhesive on the side, but what little was there, caused it to stick closed. Also giving 4 stars because you should also buy some adhesive remover at the same time. When I placed my order with a live person, he never mentioned it and I didn't even think about it. I figured thinner or something would work, it did not. When you get some on your hands, clothing or on the floor, it is impossible to remove.
  sticks like glue
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in boat deck
Thomas Scola from Gloucester MA wrote...
Its pretty thick, little hard to spread but worth the work. I put a little extra than recomended. By no means is it coming up any time soon. Good product works well !!
Customer review image of  in At my home
Customer review image of  in At my home
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  Polyurethane Adhesive to install rubber floor in t
Self-installed in At my home
John from Carthage, Missouri wrote...
Great product. Installation of flexible vinyl floor mat using polyurethane adhesive work perfectly. Having never used these products before I was absolutely thrilled with the finished project.
  Polyurethane Adhesive
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from 85749 wrote...
We were very impressed with the quality.
  Adhered and dries quickly
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Side yard as a floor for children’s yard furniture
Terry from Flushing, NY wrote...
Excellent product. Adhered quickly to cement, once it dries cannot be pulled apart. Provides a cushion floor and protects children at play. Very happy with the way the finish product looks. Definitely adds value to the property.
  Messy buts works well
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in garage floor for a gym
Anonymous from 04074 wrote...
This product worked great but was very messy to install. Make sure you only use the specified amount (1/16″ ) otherwise the rubber doesn't stick very well.
  Pro very sticky Con, very sticky
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in clinic
Anonymous from nc wrote...
It was easy to apply, but it made such a mess. Dripped on the floor and does not wash off skin.
  pretty good
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in doggie daycare
Anonymous from dallas, tx wrote...
I ended up not needing the adhesive this time. However, I have used this product in the past for other unique applications in my doggie daycare operations and it works very well.
  Great Adhesive Product!
Verified Purchase
Installed in Home Gym
Jerry B. from Atlanta, GA wrote...
This adhesive worked great on our 3/8″ rubber roll flooring. Did a fantastic job, and our professional installers did a bang-up job of making sure that the floor was properly prepped for the adhesive and the rubber roll to be laid down. This finished product looks great and the flooring is laid down perfectly and is very solid!
  Works Great
Verified Purchase
Kurt from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
I bought this for our installer to glue down engineered wood flooring and some vinyl planks both as a floor and on stairs and he said it was really easy to work with and the glue is holding really well. We ended up using double sided carpet tape for the rubber rolls we bought for our home gym but I imagine it would have worked great for that too since it seems like this stuff works on just about anything.
  Fast drying high performance adhesive
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Passenger Loading Bridge
Anonymous from Philadelphia wrote...
Provides excellent adhesion with about a 30 minute working time. Little to no odor.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Basement home gym
Anonymous from KY wrote...
Pay attention to the recommended trowel size. Mine was too big and I went through the adhesive a lot quicker than I was expecting. I put down 5 rolls of 16' long 1/2″ thick rubber flooring (320 sq. ft.) on top of my concrete foundation in my basement for a home gym. The label on the adhesive said it would cover 100 sq ft per gallon, but I managed to go through almost 10 gallons of the stuff. When I bought the rubber flooring rolls they recommended I buy two 5 gallon buckets of adhesive and I'm glad I did now.
results 1-15 of 15
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