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7mm Coin Flex Tiles Reviews

7mm Coin Flex Tiles
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  Garage Floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Mark from Dayton, Ohio wrote...
The first time I ordered samples, I received a torn envelope with no samples. After requesting samples again, they were promptly resent. I found a pattern that I liked and mixed three colors. The 7mm flex coin tiles were in my garage six days after I ordered them. The next day I installed the appr. 17' square area in about 8 hours. I put full pieces just inside/along the garage door and centered the rest, requiring me to cut border pieces on three sides. I had a ball game to go to so I did not install the edging until the next day, which did not take long. I am happy with the tile material and the look of my garage floor. My wife likes it so much she showed it off to our neighbor.
  Great Flooring
Self-installed in Garage
Susanne from Philadelphia wrote...
Love my garage floor! Looks clean, easy to sweep away debris and will insulate when the weather turns cold again. Totally easy to install - I’m in my 60’s and did 30 tiles from inner door to garage door in one hour. I’m seriously thinking about doing the whole garage floor.
  Excellent quality control
Self-installed in Garage
R. Harris from St. Charles, IL wrote...
I just finished installing a 22 X 24 ft garage floor (light and dark grey tiles). It took about 4 hours to install the whole pieces and another 3 hours to make and install the edge cuts. I used the center-cross method to start the installation and simply filled-in the quadrants. Each tile fit perfectly with its neighbors. And, there were NO defective tiles. I found that cutting 7mm samples with a utility knife was extremely difficult and, therefore, dangerous. I contacted customer support and was told that another option was to use a shear cutter. I bought one on Amazon for about $130. I may never use it again. But, it was the right tool for the job. One caution. In extended, direct sunlight, the darker tiles will expand and buckle. The dark grey tiles at my open garage door rose about 1/2 inch off the floor after an hour in the sun. However, after closing the door to block the sun, the tiles returned to their normal dimensions in about 20 minutes. This is manageable. I highly recommend this product and the company's customer service.
  It really easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in My shop
Anonymous from Norco ca wrote...
My floor looks amazing in my new shop.
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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Self-installed in Garage
Arthur N. from Westerly, RI wrote...
I will say that the order came in within a week from ordering.The 7MM coin design is what I ordered. I installed a lift on it and it works beautifully. Using the schematic from the order template made it easy to put the design together. The 24x24 car garage took me 3 hours to install not including the trim around the walls. I'm considering ordering more for the basement storage area. This was a great choice after considering between the Recycled PVC or Epoxy on the floor.
  Great product! Delivery dates were told 3 days, b
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Bakersfield Ca wrote...
Great product.
  Beware of Actual Tile Dimensions!
Self-installed in Storage shed/playhouse
Tom from Sammamish, WA wrote...
Although I haven't installed these tiles yet I'm going to give them a high rating initially because they appear to be a very good product that should work extremely well in my storage shed/playhouse. That said, the dimensions of this product are extremely misleading. They are advertised as 19-5/8 x 19-5/8. Please note this is the actual outside dimensions of the tile including the tabs... as if they were placed end to end without interlocking. Once you actually connect them the overall surface area covered is less. The linear dimension when assembled is approximately 19-1/4, which is the dimension from the solid edge on one side of the tile to the outer edge of the tab on the other side of the tile. For tiles on the end of the row the linear dimension is approximately 18-7/8, which is the dimension of the solid surface of the tile, assuming you want to cut off the exposed tabs at the end of each row. Hope this helps others avoid ordering too few tiles as it can really make a difference.
  Coin Flex Tiles for Son's Bedroom!!!
Self-installed in Bedroom
Christina from Cloverdale, CA wrote...
Wanted to design 8 year old bedroom in a 'locker room' style. Something fun - and that would transition the room to an ALL BOY environment. Found this locker room style furniture -- next was flooring. Saw online the Coin Flex Tiles -- Ordered in Dark Gray and Navy Blue -- did rows of the colors. The website was easy -- the measurement/order guide was RIGHT ON!! I ordered 'extra' not trusting and really didn't need!!! But now I have some extra for closet. Easy to install and LOOKS GREAT!! For Bedroom - great way to add variety vs hard wood. Son Loves. Only word of advise - little challenging to cut-- but just what it is if you want the 7mm - thicker for floor. But we love it -- and have received great feedback from friends/family. Now we are talking about doing our garage!!
  Great product, slow shipping
Installed in garage
Anonymous from Palo Alto wrote...
We ordered the 7mm Coin Flex Tiles (total of 250 tiles) for our garage. They tell you it usually takes up to 10 days for shipping your order. We called and asked if there's a way to expedite shipping as our garage remodeling was towards its end. We were told that they'll do their best and actually were given a virtual date for shipping, which was a few days short of the original 10 days. However, the order was not shipped after 10 days, not even after 20 days.. apparently the production facility went on a week vacation, and our order was just delayed more and more. Kamila, the Sales rep, was very nice, she was very responsive and kind, she admitted the production facility guys have dropped the ball and expressed her frustration from this situation. I mean, it didn't help in getting our order sooner, but at least we were not completely in the dark and were given some hope by her communicating with us. Eventually we received the order exactly a month later.. the whole project was on hold until the tiles have arrived. Other than this trauma, the tiles are very durable (we chose the 7mm ones), very easy to install, we chose light gray, and sprinkled with a few dark gray tiles, and a few blue tiles. It came out beautifully, it actually has a nice smell to it as you enter the garage. Our garage looks amazing now, it's our multi purpose room, and the tiles helped the add the final touch to it.
  nice floor
Self-installed in bathroom
Anonymous from rochester,ny wrote...
installation tips on web site..nice
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Boston, MA wrote...
When I took my old, dark garage and turned it into a wood shop, the first step was to install the 7mm, solid PVC, coinflex flooring. It took about a day to complete the 500sf project and the transformation was amazing. From a dark, damp, stained asphalt floor, to a clean, bright PVC floor, this was a huge upgrade. The garage floor itself was not too flat and the 7mm PVC was just flexible enough to absorb all the bumps and dips. Assembly was easy and making custom cuts for various posts and edges was a breeze. I highly recommend this material to anyone looking for a solid PVC flooring solution.
Self-installed in garage floor
Anonymous from Sun City, AZ wrote...
The product seems to fill the need I required. Time will tell as to its durability. So far it has met my expectations. I have already had interest inquiries from friends and have passed on your web site to them.
  What a product!
Self-installed in garage
Sid from Boardman,Oh wrote...
We have a 50 year old house with a cracked, chipped garage floor and a pending graduation party. My idea was to either replace it or use a an adhesive product to cover it. My wife found the coin flex tiles and 'convinced' me it was the way to go. She was right. The time spent cleaning out and cleaning the garage seemed endless, the time spent laying the tiles seemed so brief I would have done it again. It reminded me of playing legos with my children. The tiles go down easy, it took about an hour to do a 22″ by 22″ garage. There were 14 cuts to be made which were done using a fine blade on a mitre saw. This took about about 2 hours and a few beers with my Canadian neighbor. Judging by him beer is the underground currency of Canada. The result was a great looking and practical floor. The guests at the graduation party were impressed, I gave your website out repeatedly. The mess from the party cleaned up easily with a mop, next time I'll just hose it out. Great product, I may end up using it on my laundry area as well. I called in to rubber flooring with questions and talked to friendly helpful people who gave me tips on the product and how to work with it. The result was surprisingly great.
  great product
Self-installed in boat
Anonymous from Patchogue, NY wrote...
Ordering was easy. The product is great. We used it on our boat and it withstands all the fluids and people it encounters. Delivery was free and quick.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Laundry Room
Amy from Kansas City, MO wrote...
Purchased these tiles to use in my laundry room. I wanted something durable, easy to clean and that came in bright colors. These tiles were a perfect choice! My order arrived very quickly and installation was so easy! The floor looks great and I actually love going into my laundry room!
  My fantastic new floor!
Self-installed in Garage
Sally from Minot, ND wrote...
I am the envy of all my neighbors with my new flooring! It was so simple to lay down. I got it down in one Saturday. Makes sweeping and cleaning so simple. Looks like it's going to be a very durable product. Nice to walk on and just makes the garage look like a showroom. Never realized how much plain concrete brought down the look of my garage. Shipping was really fast and the customer service was excellent. Their price is the best around too!
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
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  Basement office
Leslie J from Northampton, MA wrote...
We added an office in our basement. We have a platform on the left side to hold file cabinets. The floor was just put in by our builders. It’s so cool. See photo - just about complete.
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